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11-__ April 1961.

Shangri-La arrived for a two-day visit.

April 1962.

The following are some of the aircraft on board the carrier. From a report by the late Gordon Blake which appeared in an Air-Britain magazine, Digest 1962.

Douglas A4D-2 Skyhawk VA-106 142417/AK-304, 142833/AK-311, 145000/AK-308, 145011/AK-303  
Douglas A4D-2N Skyhawk VA-46 138532/AK-512, 147741/AK-501 "Nasty", 147744/AK-504 "Short Timer", 147751/AK-51, 148445/AK-505 "Satans Chauffeur II", 148536/AK-508 "White Lightin", 148575/AK-500  
Douglas AD-6 Skyraiders VA-176 134497/AK-409, 134536/AK-400, 134634/AK-41, 139622/AK-408, 139812/AK-406  
Douglas F4D-l Skyray VF-13 134819, 134843/AK-102, 134953, 139050/AK-106, 139104, 139149/AK-107, 139185/AK-111  
Chance-Vought F8U-1E Crusader VMF-251 145468/AK-207  
Vertol HUP-3 HU-2 147613/HU-66, 147622/HU-65 Used for "plane-guard" duties.
TF-1 Trader   136753 Not seen on board, but known to have operated from the carrier at the time.

__-12 March 1964.

Six US warships, led by the Shangri-La, leave Malta.

December 1967.

Ship was open to visitors, but aircraft details available.


March 1968.

Ship was anchored some three miles out. Open to the public, the public being transported to the ship by a launch. No aircraft details available.

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