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US Navy – Misc

The following is a list of US Navy helicopters, that were visible on deck or operated to Malta. Occasionally an aircraft may visit in connection with a USN ship in harbour.

Kaman H-2 Sea Sprite

__9017   USS America 01.08.67.
__9771   USS Roosevelt 25.11.67.
__0181/31/HU HC-2 USS Roosevelt 10.04.71
__9770/20   USS Independence 29.01.68
__0175   USS Forrestal 19.09.68
150172/56/HT   USS Galveston Made an emergency landing on shore on 23.09.69. Most probably repaired on site. Helicopter was participating in rescue operations after a tanker, the Angel Gabriel, had run aground at Il-Gzira Point, limits of Marsascala due to a severe north-easterly gale.
152200   USS Springfield At Luqa during Jan-Jun 1966.
155204/124/HU HC-2 USS JFK 14.01.71


Si. SH-3 Sea King

156499/007/AA HS-11 USS Forrestal 10.01.70
156502/___/AA HS-11 USS Forrestal 10.01.70
156500/000/AA HS-3 USS Forrestal 02.02.71
156503/003/AA HS-3 USS Forrestal 01.02.71
156505/505/AA HS-3 USS Forrestal 08.02.71
132700/443/AT HS-5 USS Wasp 09.02.71, ‘A’ variant.
______/442/AT HS-5 USS Wasp 06.02.71, ‘A’ variant.

Si. SH-60 Sea Hawk

163238/HQ   John L. Hall Ship was in harbour to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the awarding of the George Cross to Malta. Helicopter stayed on board ship.
163595/HP-447 HSL-44 'Swamp Foxes' Simpson FFG 56 Operated flights to Luqa on 15.11.00
164848 HSL-48 Monterey  
166322/41/BR HSC-28 Mount Whitney 28.09.09
166778 HSC-28 Mount Whitney 23.09.11
167847/37/BR HSC-28 Mount Whitney The ship entered Grand Harbour on Sunday morning, 09.02.20. Helicopter type is an MH-60S Knighthawk. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)

Various types

?     Donner (LSD 20) 8 helicopters (probably Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw) from this ship stayed at Luqa between 05-13.09.64. Donner would again anchor at Malta with the USS San Marcos LSD-25 in 1967.
B/V UH-46A 150967 Hutron 4 Sylvannia At Luqa during Jan-Jun 1966.
B-V CH-46 153411/10/HW   Concord Noted on 25.10.69
Gr. C-2A Greyhound 162172/26/JM     Seen on 29.06.90 & 05.07.90.
L. C-130 __5314   Kearsarge August 2002
L. C-130T 164996/RU-996 VR-55   c/s CVN 6522, noted on 22.12.22. This may have been in connection with the presence of the USNS survey ship Bruce C. Heezen.
L. C-130 165313     Same day arrival/departure on 29.09.22. This may have been in connection with the presence of the USNS survey ship Bruce C. Heezen.
L. C-130T 165378/378/JW VR-62 USS San Jacinto Aircraft, c/s CVN6527, arrived/departed at Luqa on 27.06.22. Ship had entered on the 26th. This particular aircraft was equipped with the new generation 8-bladed props although retaining the Allison T56 turboprop engines. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
L. C-130T Hercules 165379/379/BD   Mount Whitney c/s CNV6072, arrived on 13.03.12 in connection with the ship, which had entered Grand Harbour for maintenance.
MQ-8B drone helicopter 168441-17, 168452-28, ______-26   Simpson It is believed this is the first time that drone helicopters were seen on board a ship in Malta.
Si. UH-34 Sea Horse __3935/44/HW HC-6   Noted on 07.09.69.
Si. CH-53 ___540 HC-4   Seen on 27.09.91 & 04.10.91.
S. C-26 910502     Same day arrival/departure on 11.02.20 in connection with USS Mount Whitney being in harbour.
S. C-26 900528     Same day arrival/departure on 09.01.19, with another visit as CNV6781 on the 12th, probably in connection with the visit of the USS Arlington
S. C-26 900530     Same day arrival/departure on 19.01.18 as CNV6581. The USS Mount Whitney entered harbour on the same day.
S. C-26 900531     Arrived on 19.01.18 as CNV6593, departing on the 20th as CNV6583. Returned on the 21st as CNV6601, departure date unknown. The USS Mount Whitney was in harbour at the time.
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