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USS John F. Kennedy CV 67

May 1969

Ship departed on the 12th. No additional aircraft details available.

Gr. C-1A Trader VR-24 Seen on 09.05.69 with Sea Sprite 0181. (Aircraft information courtesy of Godfrey Mangion, from his Aviation MT Facebook page.)
Kaman SH-2 Seasprite 0181 HC-2 Seen at Luqa on 09.05.69. (Aircraft information courtesy of Godfrey Mangion, from his Aviation MT Facebook page.)


08-12 October 1999

Gr. E-2C Hawkeye VAW-123 'Screwtops' 163693/AB-600, 165293/AB-601, 165297/AB-602, 165298/AB-603  
Gr. E-6B Prowler VAQ-131 'Lances' 163398/AB-500, 161352/AB-503  
Gr. F- 14B Tomcat VF-102 'Diamond Backs' 162700/AB-100, 162920/AB-102, 163225/AB-106, 161858/AB-104, 162694/AB-112, 163219/AB-113, 161422/AB-114, 161608/AB-115  
L. S-3 Viking VS-32 'Maulers' 159762/AB-700, 158864/AB-701, 160606/AB-702, 160151/AB-703, 160125/AB-704, 159751/AB-705, 159389/AB-706, 160588/AB-707,  
McD F/A-18C VFA-86 ‘Sidewinders’ 163431/AB-406, 163446/AB-400, 163448/AB-414, 163465/AB-412, 163480/AB-404, 163485/AB-407, 163487/AB-402, 163503/AB-410, 163505/AB-411, 163508/AB-401,  
McD F/A-18C VFA-82 'Marauders' 164952/AB-314, 164978/AB-307, 165172/AB-310, 165198/AB-312, 165200/AB-300, 165202/AB-302, 165203/AB-303, 165204/AB-304, 165205/AB-305, 165206/AB-306  
McD F/A-18C VMFA-251 'Thunderbolts' 164867/AB-200, 164871/AB-201, 164881/AB-203, 164883/AB-204, 164889/AB-207, 164891/AB-210, 164892/AB-211, 164910/AB-212, ______/AB-213*, 164946/AB-202, US Marine Corps. *Newly painted, without Bu. Number.
Si. SH-60F Seahawk HS-11 ‘Dragonslayers’ 164801/AB-611*, 164802/AB-612*, 164803/AB-613*, 165120/AB-614, 165123/AB-615**, 165115/AB-616, 164100/AB-617* *SH-60F, **HH-60H, AB-614 and 616 not confirmed.


26-30 June 2004

The following is a list of some of the aircraft that were visible on deck. Ship not open to the public.

Gr. EA-6B Prowler VAQ-132 ‘Scorpions’ 161350/AA-500, 160788/AA-501, 158032/AA-502, 158805/AA-503  
Gr. E-3C Hawkeye VAQ-125 ‘Tigertails’ 165648/AA-600, 165813/AA-601, 165814/AA-602, 165815/AA-603  
Gr. F-14B Tomcat VF-103 ‘Jolly Rogers’ 162918/AA-100, 162910/AA-101, 161419/AA-102, 161442/AA-104, 161862/AA-107, 161435/AA-110, 162695/AA-111  
L. S-3B Viking VS-30 ‘Diamond Cutters’ 159390/700, 160581/AA-701, 160141/AA-702, 160153/AA-703, ______/AA-704, 160143?/AA-705, 158861/AA-707  
McD F/A-18C VFA-34 ‘Blue Blasters’ ______/AA-200, ______/AA-201, 165216/203, 165401/205, ______/AA-206, ______/AA-210, ______/AA-212  
McD F/A-18C VFA-83 ‘Rampagers’ 164201/AA-300, 164210/AA-301, 164212/AA-302, 164222/AA-303, ______/AA-305, 164225/AA-306, 164226/AA-307, ______/AA-311  
McD F/A-18C VFA-81 ‘Sunliners’ ______/AA-400, 163444/AA-401, 1634__/AA-403, ______/AA-405, ______/AA-407, ______/AA-410, 163493/AA-411, ______/AA-412  
Si. SH-60F/HH-60H Seahawk   ______/AA-610, 164613/AA-612, 165120/AA-615, 163795/AA-616, ______AA-617, 612 & 616 flew to Malta airport to pick VIP’s and members of the media.

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