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USS Forrestal

04-__ December 1965

Forrestal led a number of US Navy warships for a nine-day visit.


November 1967

Exact date of visit, and aircraft on board unknown.

McD F-4   ______/104  


January 1970

The following list of aircraft seen on board the Forrestal is comprehensive, but not complete.

D. RA-3B Skywarrior VA_-10 138951/6_/AA  
D. A-4C Skyhawk VA-36 148516/513/AA, 148556/512/AA, 148562/501/AA, 148587/505/AA, 148593/504/AA, 149540/507/AA, 149588/516/AA, 150585/500/AA Additional aircraft from this squadron missing.
D. A-4C Skyhawk VA-66 147836/313/AA, 148311/310/AA, 148467/306/AA, 148525/311/AA, 148543/303/AA, 149492/315/AA, 14963_/302/AA, 150592/304/AA  
D. A-4E Skyhawk VA-216 151137/406/AA, 152019/405/AA, 152035/404/AA, 152050/401/AA, 152058/400/AA, 152083/403/AA, 152089/411/AA, 152090/402/AA  
Gr. E-2A Hawkeye VAW-126 151704/762/AA  
McD F-4 VF-11 150490/107/AA, 151021/100/AA, 152210/105/AA, 152222/113/AA, 152231/114/AA, 152970/102/AA Aircraft should be F-4B version, but type not confirmed.
McD F-4 VF-74 151510/303/AA, 153012/312/AA, 153047/307/AA, 153053/311/AA, 153058/301/AA, 153067/310/AA, 153070/313/AA, Aircraft should be F-4B version, but type not confirmed.
NA RA-5C Vigilante RVAH-13 149311/602/AA, 150839/601/AA  
S. SH-3D Seaking HS-11 156499/007 Visited Luqa Malta on 10.01.70. (Aircraft information courtesy of Godfrey Mangion, from his Aviation MT Facebook page.)


29 Jan – 03 Feb 1971 & 22 Feb – 01 Mar 1971.

Forrestal was anchored off Grand Harbour between the above dates. No aircraft details available.
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