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HMS Ocean R68

On 4 December 1945, famed test pilot Eric “Winkle” Brown made the first landing on a carrier by a pure jet aircraft, a DH Sea Vampire, on the Ocean. (Strictly speaking, a Ryan FR-1 Fireball - with a mixture of radial and jet engines - had landed earlier in the same year, after its radial engine failed.)

And it was from the Ocean’s deck that a Swordfish aircraft conducted the type’s last official flight from a carrier.



Deployed to the Mediterranean Fleet in late 1945, during which Ocean had embarked a wing of Seafires and Fireflys.

These aircraft were off loaded at Malta, to enable the carrier to transfer troops to Singapore.

Dates of arrival and departure from Malta unknown.


June 1948

Noted during this month, but no other details available.


11 September 1950

Noted on this date, but no other details available.


3 August 1951

The carrier arrived from Portland to join the 2nd Aircraft Carrier Squadron at Malta

Ocean had embarked 807, 810 and 898 squadrons.

Departure date from Malta unknown.


16 December 1951

The carrier was anchored at Malta, being inspected by Lord Mountbatten.

Arrival and departure dates from Malta unknown.



05 April 1952

This was day Ocean departed for the Far East, but arrival date unknown.

She returned from Far East seven months later on the 28th November, being inspected by the Duke of Edinburgh on 30th. Sailing date from Malta unknown.

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