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United Kingdom – misc

The following ships carried at least one helicopter. Previously listed in alphabetical order by ship name, this section has now been subdivided by helicopter type, which makes it easier to note if a particular airframe was seen on multiple occasions.

W. Gazelle

XX392/B AH.1     Noted at Luqa on 11.09.75. Gazelle was from Dieppe Flight of 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron, and had arrived from a RN ship visiting Grand Harbour. (Information courtesy John Visanich.)


W. Lynx

_____/466/AT     Argonaut In Malta for the 50th anniversary of the awarding of the George Cross. See in Red Arrows 1992 Display page.
?     Diamond Entered harbour on 07.11.18.
?     Sutherland Ship was in harbour between 30.07.18 and 03.08.18.
XZ245/422/SU HAS3GMS   Sutherland Made three flights during the afternoon of 17.06.03. F/f 28.03.78, d/d 17.05.78
XZ245/422/SU     York Visited Luqa on 25.10.05.
XZ245/405/LO HAS.3   London 19.02.93. arrived from Cyprus and departed on the 24th to Gibraltar enroute to UK where it was due to undergo a refit and re-equip with a Sea King in place of its Lynx.
XZ255/375/SM HMA8   Somerset Noted on 22.06.14.
XZ725/412 HMA8   Cornwall (F99) c/n 190. Ship visited Malta between 02-05.02.07.
XZ678 AH7     Noted on 30.11.11.
XZ691/416/LA HMA.8   Lancaster In harbour between 11-14.05.10.
XZ691/DF-454 HMA.8SRU   Defender HMS Defender was in Grand Harbour between 01-05.12.14. Lynx was seen at MIA on 1st December.
XZ692/363 HMA.8SRU   Exeter D89. In port between 21-23.11.05. Accompanied HMS Illustrious for CHOGM 2005 meeting. F/f 08.06.79, d/d 11.07.79.
XZ724/PD W. Lynx HAS.3GMS   Portland Helicopter photographed on ship on 11.10.03. F/f 23.07.80, d/d 05.04.80. W/o on 08.12.04 when helicopter was scrambled after two sailors on board the HMS Montrose claimed they heard cries for help coming from the water off the Cornish Coast. Contact with the helicopter was lost. The mangled remains of the helicopter were discovered by an unmanned submarine in 85 meter-deep waters, 20 miles off Lizard Point. Four crew members killed.
XZ729/426 HMA.8SRU   Portland Ship entered harbour on 19.06.09. F/f 29.10.80, d/d 11.11.80.
XZ731/332/LP HMA8SRU   Liverpool 10.06.11. Also seen on 05.08.11, 14.09.11 14.09.17.
ZD256/328/BV HAS.3GM   Brave 01.08.94 Flew into Luqa airport to collect mail and pick up journalists. F/f 09.11.82, d/d 02.12.82. W/o 23.09.98 when the helicopter flew into the South China Sea off Southern Singapore during a night surface exercise which included engaging targets while operating off HMS Griffon. The helicopter sank, and the salvage operation was carried out by the Royal New Zealand Navy. The pilot escaped with minor injuries, but the observer was killed.
ZD259/407/YK HMA.8DAS 815   Noted at airport on 22.03.04.
ZD259/425/KT HMA.8DAS   Kent Visited Malta between 20-24.06.06.
ZD259451/DA HMA.8DAS   Daring At least one visit on 16.02.14. c/n 286.
ZD259/RM-474 HMA.8SRU   Richmond Seen at Luqa on 31.03.15. c/s NAV474.
ZD565/361 HMA.8SRU 815 Norfolk Entered on 12.04.02 to participate in the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the awarding of the George Cross to Malta. Ship was open to the public on the 13th & 14th. F/f 10.01.85, d/d 28.01.85.
ZD565/365 HMA8DAS 815 Argyll F231 c/n 316. Ship visited Malta between 20-25.03.08.
ZD566     Montrose F236 Ship visited Malta between 13-16.07.07.
ZF562 HAS.3GM 815 Brave February 1999. Ship open to the public, helicopter exhibiting a various range of weaponry. F/f 23.08.88, d/d 07.09.88.
ZF562/MR-444 HMA.8   Montrose HMS Montorse was in Malta from at least 03-08.03.14. Helicopter noted at MIA on 3rd March.
ZF562/452/DT HMA.8     Noted on 13.12.15, believed based on HMS Dauntless.
ZF562 HMA.8     Seen at MIA on 09.10.16, brought over by an RAF C-17, ZZ177, c/s RRR6496. Believed departed Luqa on the 15th.
ZZ375 Wildcat   Argyll Ship was in harbor between 03-07.03.19
ZZ380     Diamond Ship was on a two-day visit between 13-14.09.17. Actual helo type AW159.
ZZ414 HMA2   Duncan Brief visit to Luqa on 24.04.19. Another 3 flights on 09.06.19, and a brief visit on 19.09.19.
ZZ518     Daring Seen on 10.09.16, using c/s NVY523. Ship berted in harbour between 12th-16th.
ZZ522       c/s Navy 522, same day arrival/departure on 03.06.16. Again seen on 11.10.16 from HMS Diamond.
ZZ529 HMA.2   Defender Seen on ship in grand Harbour on 23.08.19, and again between 23-26.09.19. Another visit between 07-11.03.20.
ZZ533 HMA2     Noted on board ship in harbour on 18.11.17. Actual helo type AW159.


Agusta/Westland EH-101 Merlin

ZH824 HM.1   Northumberland (F238) Noted on board ship during port call between 25-29.04.13.
ZH836 HM.2   Bulwark Seen at Park 7 on 23.11.15. Seen again on the 29th. Arrived from ship, which spent some in harbor.
ZH839/266 HM.1 814 Noted on at Luqa on 21.05.08. Believed operating from HMS Illustrious.
ZH841 HM.1   Westminister Arrived as Navy 502 on 14.03.11. Seen at Park 7 on 23.11.15.
ZH841/501 HM.1   Bulwark Arrived on 06.06.15, c/s NVY812. Again seen at Park 7 on 23.11.15, which spent some in harbour. Ship, was on a six week deployment in the Mediterranean, the UK Government having been asked by its Maltese counterpart to assist in the security for the EU migrant conference and the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (CHOGM).
ZH843 HM.1     One day visit on 20.07.16.
ZH848/503/B HM.1   St. Albans In harbour between 18-22.07.10
ZH849 HM.1   Sutherland Ship visited Malta between 04-09.12.12
ZH850     Bulwark Noted on board ship.
ZH852 HM.1   Somerset Photographed on board ship on 12.02.12. Departed on the 15th.
ZH854/CU-415       Noted on ships’ deck on 22.02.08. Ship unknown.
ZH856/10 HM.3   Ocean Seen on 15.09.14. HMS Ocean, along with other ships was taking part in exercise Cougar 14 in the Mediterranean and the Gulf.
ZH857/CU HM.1   Bulwark Arrived on 07.06.15 as a medevac flight, c/s NVY813
ZH863     St. Albans Photographed on board ship. Dep Grand Harbour on 22.11.11.
ZH864/268 HM.1 814   Noted on at Luqa on 21.05.08. Believed operating from HMS Illustrious.


W. Sea King

XV647/144/TG Sea King     Noted at Luqa on 26.02.75.
_____/143/TG HAS.2   Tiger In Grand Harbour on 10.04.77.
XV665/143       Observed on 19.12.75. Ship?
XV667/145/TG HAS.2   Tiger At RAF Luqa on 14.02.74. F/f 14.07.70, d/d 06.08.70, w/o 12.12.74 when the aircraft lost part of the main rotor blade and ditched into the Bay of Biscay and sank while operating from HMS Tiger. Crew escaped, aircraft not recovered.
XV668/62       Ship?
XV669/410/BL HAS.1   Blake Seen at Luqa on 27.06.74. F/f 12.08.70, d/d 03.09.70, w/o 31.03.76 when aircraft ditched into the English Channel off Portland Dorset during a sortie from HMS Blake, to A2659, then A2602, Fleetlands.
XV695/142/TG HAS.2   Tiger In Grand Harbour on 10.04.77.
XV696/411/BL HAS.1   Blake Seen at Luqa on 27.06.74. f/f 18.01.71, d/d 04.02.71, to G.I. Gosport, Hampshire.
XZ573/141/TG HAS.2   Tiger In Grand Harbour on 10.04.77.
XV713/412 HAS.1   Blake Seen on ship in port on 29.06.74.
XV714/413 HAS.1   Blake Seen on ship in port on 29.06.74.
ZA169/515/CW HAS6   Cornwall (F99) c/n 190. Ship visited Malta between 06-09.06.03.
ZE427/K HC.4 845 Illustrious Visited on 01.11.12, c/s Commando 1. HMS Illustrious visited Malta between 19-23 November.
ZE427/K HC.4   Bulwark Noted on 08.09.14, c/s Navy 672.


W. Wasp

?     Danae Ship entered harbour on 19.08.72.
_____/430 HAS.1   Achilles Logged at RAF Luqa on 25.01.74.
_____/431 HAS.1     Logged at RAF Luqa on 08.01.70.
_____/450/SS HAS.1   Sirius At RAF Luqa 23.11.71.
_____/452 HAS.1     Photographed overflying RAF Luqa in formation with 456 and 466, dated 1969.
_____/465 HAS.1   Juno At RAF Luqa 22.05.72.
XS544/456 HAS.1   Yarmouth At RAF Luqa 18.02.74. d/d 06.04.64, w/o 26.08.76.
XS545/452 HAS.1     Ship? Photographed at RAF Luqa during Lime Jug 70. d/d 04/64, to AES Lee-on-Solent 07.12.80 for GI as A2702, scrapped circa 1993.
XS564/466/AT HAS.1     Possibly from frigate HMS Argonaut. Other Wessex helicopters seen, during Lime Jug 70, were coded “D”, “E”, “K”, “P” and “Q”. d/d 21.05.64, to G-17-22, to Brazilian Navy as N-7038.
XS565/445 HAS.1     Logged at RAF Luqa on 05.11.77. Ship unknown. d/d 04.06.64, scrapped PEE Foulness Island during 1989.
XT414 HAS.1   Naiad At RAF Luqa on 25.10.65.
XT422/326 HAS.1   Arrow Helicopter seen at RAF Luqa on 06.03.78. d/d 1967, scrapped 1990 Burgess Hill.
XT434/436 HAS.1     Logged at RAF Luqa on 28.10.72. Ship unknown. d/d 05.07.65, to Lee-on-Solent on 23.03.88 as A2723, Apprentice School, Fleetlands 07.01.92 as A2643, Everett Aero, Sproughton Suffolk 02/08, Real Aeroplane Collection, Breighton 27.07.09, registered as G-CGGK 30.09.09, to Breighton, N. Yorkshire.
XT436/431 HAS.1     Logged at RAF Luqa on 05.11.77. Ship unknown. d/d 04.10.65, believed perished Detmold 1995.
XT438/442     Zulu Seen on 07.11.68 at RAF Luqa.
XT441/433 HAS.1   Euryalus At RAF Luqa on 21.12.71. Again seen during Feb 1972. Helicopter visited RAF Luqa on the 9th. d/d 28/03/1966, w/o 03/02/1979, to A2703, scr. Predannack 07/1991
XT785/462   829 Rothesay 13.11.87. Entered Grand Harbour with HMS Euryalus and HMS Bristol. d/d 08/12/1966, to Malaysian Navy as M499-01, pres. Pekan Museum, Malaysia
XT790/442 HAS.1   Zulu At RAF Luqa 06.06.72. d/d 25/05/1967, to Malaysian Navy as M499-09 08.92, to technical school Nibong Tebal, Malaysia for G.I.
XT791/433 HAS.1 829 Euryalus Dartmouth Training Squadron, entered Grand Harbour with HMS Rothesay and HMS Bristol on 13.11.87. Wasp was airborne photographing ship’s entry. d/d 21/06/1967, d/d 08/1992 to Malaysian Navy, to spares New Zealand?
XT792/425/BC HAS.1   Bacchante Jan 1972. d/d 11/07/1967, to G-17-8, to Brazilian Navy as N-7041
XT792 HAS.1     Helicopter transported by road from Grand Harbour to RAF Luqa on 13.10.77, and loaded on board RAF C-130 XV187. Ship unknown.
XT794/427 HAS.1   Ashanti Mar 1972. Helicopter visited RAF Luqa on several occasions. d/d 05.10.67, w/o 13.04.84.
XV627/475 HAS.1 829 Hermoine Logged at RAF Luqa between 23.12.69 and 02..01.70. d/d 04.07.68, to G.I. Detmold, presumed scrapped.
XV634/464 HAS.1   Danae Observed on ship in harbour on 19.08.72. d/d 04/02/1969, to spares use New Zealand
XV638/474 HAS.1   Mohawk In Grand Harbour on 10.04.77. d/d 03.10.69, to Air Movements School, Brize Norton in 1984 for G/I AS 8836M, scrapped at High Wycombe during 1991.


W. Wessex

00/_____     Glamorgan Ship entered harbour on 06.10.72. Wessex helicopter participated in a SAR operation between 7-8th, together with two Nimrods and a 41 Commando Group Sioux helicopter. noted on 27.10.72.
_____/A/V-Q HU.5 848   Logged at RAF Luqa on 15.05.72.
_____/437/RS HU.5   RFA Resource Logged at RAF Luqa on 08.11.77. HMS Ark Royal was in Grand Harbour at the time.
_____/V-L/A HU.5   Albion Apr 1972. Helicopter visited RAF Luqa on the 18th.
XM327/411/BL HAS.3   Blake At RAF Luqa on 07.05.72. d/d 1961, scr. Warsash College 1986.
XM328/400/L HAS.3   Glamorgan At RAF Luqa on 18.04.77.
XM837/411/BL HAS.3   Blake At RAF Luqa on 28.12.71. Previously on HMS Norfolk. d/d 1961, w/o 12.06.82.
XM837/407/NF HAS.3   Norfolk Helicopter landed at Luqa on 27.10.75. (Information courtesy John Visanich.)
XM844/413 HAS.3 820 Blake At RAF Luqa on 22.05.71 and 22.05.72. d/d 26.05.61, w/o 13.12.76.
XM871/410/BL HAS.3   Blake At RAF Luqa on 28.12.71. Previously on HMS Norfolk. d/d 20.06.61, w/o 21.08.75.
XM919/400/GL HAS.3   Glamorgan Oct 1972. Helicopter visited RAF Luqa on the 16th. d/d 09.10.61, to Yeovilton for G.I. 25.01.82, scrapped 09.01.84.
XM923/989/D       Noted at Luqa on 03.05.63.
XP137       Observed on 19.11.74, but location, i.e. RAF Luqa or onboard ship in harbour not confirmed. Ship?
XP140/410/BL HAS.3   Blake At RAF on 28.12.71. Previously on HMS Norfolk. d/d 02.07.63, to Chilmark 04.04.84 for G.I. as 8806M, scrapped 1993.
XP140/407/NF HAS.3   Norfolk At RAF Luqa on 02.03.71, 05.10.71 and 28.12.71. This helicopter would ditch in the sea off Malta on 06.01.72. See Military Accidents page.
XP151 HAS.1   London Seen at RAF Luqa, “late 1965”.
XP151/047 HAS.1 SAR Flight Ark Royal Helicopter noted doing engine runs on the carrier in Grand Harbour on 07.11.78. (Information courtesy John Visanich.)
XP157/405/LO HAS.1   London Apr 1972. Helicopter visited RAF Luqa on the 12th. d/d 28.11.62, to A2680, scrapped Hartley Whitney 07/00.
XP158/247       Landed at RAF Luqa on 16.10.74. Ship?
XS120 HAS.1 Noted, probably at RAF Luqa, on 06.09.65. Ship unknown.
XS120     Eagle At RAF Luqa on 08.08.66.
XS122 HAS.3 Noted, probably at RAF Luqa, on 06.09.65. Ship unknown.
XS149/403/FF     Fife Photographed at RAF Luqa, during October-Nov 70 during exercise Lime Jug 70.
XS149/03/DV HAS.3     At RAF Luqa on 27.05.71. d/d 18.10.63, preserved THM Weston-super-Mare.
XS496/V-R HU.5 848 Fearless Oct 1972. d/d 04.06.64, to Lee-on-Solent on 24.03.88 for G/I as A2763, to AESS Gosport 04.10.95 as A2674.
XS511/V-P HU.5 848 Fearless Oct 1972. d/d 01.10.64, to AES Lee-on-Solent on 22.09.86 for G/I as A2750 to AEES Gosport on 04.11.95 as A2660. To Tangmere Museum W. Sussex during 2004 for display.
XS514/H HU.5     c. 1971
XS516/J HU-5 845 Hermes Landed at Park 5, on 20.04.77.
XS867 Noted on 02.09.65, probably at Luqa.
XS869/26/H HAS.1   Hermes Noted at Luqa on 07.03.70.
XT451/J HU.5   Albion Noted at RAF Luqa on 30.10.70. d/d 04/65, scr. Shawbury 04/94.
XT456/N HU.5 845 Fearless First seen at Luqa on 07.02.72, but ship on which it was based unknown. Again at Luqa on 07.06.74. Ship was in harbour until the 20th.
XT460 HU5     Photographed at Ghajn Tuffieha barracks on 21.10.76.
XT470/L HU.5 845 Fearless At Luqa on 07.06.74. Ship was in harbour until the 20th. d/d 06/12/1965, perished Netheravon 05/1995.
XT473/B/V-Q HU.5 848   Noted departing from Park 4 at Luqa on 10.09.73, in company with XT761. Lost during the Falklands war at South Georgia on 22.04.82 whilst serving with 845 Squadron. (Information courtesy John Visanich.)
XT480/468/RG HU.5   RFA Regent. Photographed at RAF Luqa during Lime Jug 70. Seen again from the RFA Regent (772 Flight), now coded 436, on 20.04.77. d/d 04/1966, to A2617, to A2603, to East Midlands Aeropark, to Rednal Paintball.
XT484/469/RS HU.5   Resource At RAF Luqa on 23.03.71. d/d 02.06.66, to AES Lee-on-Solent on 03.07.86 as A2742 for G/I, to AEES Gosport 01.05.95 for G.I. as A2655
XT484/437 HU.5   Resource Also noted at Luqa on 23.02.73. Overflew HMS Ark Royal as the carrier entered Kalkara Creek, Grand Harbour on 05.10.74. (Information courtesy John Visanich.) Landed at RAF Luqa on 18.10.74.
XT485/V-T HU.5   Bulwark Departed from Luqa on 24.05.75, in company with XS489/V-K. (Information courtesy John Visanich.)
XS489/V-K HU.5   Bulwark Departed from Luqa on 24.05.75, in company with XT485/V-T. (Information courtesy John Visanich.)
XT755/V-D HU.5 848 Fearless Oct 1972. This helicopter overflew the ship as she was leaving Grand Harbour. d/d 05.07.66, to No.1 SoTT Halton 22.01.91 for G/I as 9053M, to Phoenix Aviation Bruntingthorpe 1993, scr. 01.96
XT759/V-N HU.5 848 Fearless Oct 1972. d/d 08.66, to G.I. Fleetlands, broken up
XT761/B/V-U HU.5   Intrepid Departed from RAF Luqa on 10.09.73, in company with XT473. d/d 20.10.66, to AES Lee-on-Solent 12.04.88 for G/I as A2767, to AEES Gosport 06.11.95 for G/I as A2678, to Historic Flight, Yeovilton, Somerset 2006. Helicopter returned to air worthy status on 15.02.19 as G-WSEX.
XT767/V-R HU.5 848   Noted at Luqa on 07.04.75. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)


Westland Whirlwind

Having reformed with the Whirlwind HAS.22, 845 squadron, deployed on Ocean and Theseus in April 1956 to partake in the fleet review and engage in various training exercises with the Royal Marines in the vicinity of Malta.

On 29.10.56 helicopters from 845 squadron night stopped, but how many is not known.

The following month, the entire squadron disembarked from HMS Theseus and operated from Ta Qali airfield from 10.11.56, departing back to the ship on 23.11.56.

Unknown at this time if the ship actually entered Grand Harbour or sailed in the vicinity.

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