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HMS Eagle

13 February 1952

No additional details on departure date and aircraft types deployed.
13 February 1953

HMS Eagle arrived for a period of flying training with her air group. Eagle was accompanied by anti-submarine frigates Venus and Virago.

The ship was open to the public on the 22nd.

7 February 1958

HMS Eagle entered harbour along with HMS Ark Royal, HMS Kenya and HMS Sheffield.

No additional details on departure dates and aircraft types deployed.

November 1958

According to the Malta Communications Flight’s Operations Record Book (ORB), 898 squadron from Eagle spent between 08-20 November at Ta’ Qali.

No additional details on ship’s movements.

February 1959

According to the same ORB, Eagle was meant to return to Malta during this month.

No additional details available.

13 September 1965

Carrier arrived for a ten-day self-maintenance visit. The following are some of the aircraft that visited Luqa, some before the carrier actually berthed.

Buccaneer S XN959/103    
DH Scimitar XD274/114   Tanker version. Seen at Luqa on 05.09.65.
DH Sea Vixen FAW.2 XP954/134
F. Gannet AS.4 XG790   Logged at RAF Luqa on 02.09.65.
W. Wessex HAS.1 XS120   Seen on 06.09.65.
W. Wessex HAS.3 XS122/060   Seen on 06.09.65.
W. Wessex XS867   Seen on 02.09.65.


09 August 1966

Ship arrived for a five-day visit.

W. Wessex HAS.1 XS120   Noted at RAF Luqa on 08.08.66. f/f 30.05.63, d/d 05.07.63, to Abington 20.05.80 for ground instructional use as 8653M, scrapped Wroughton 1994.

31 Oct – 14 Nov 1969

Some of the ships’ Buccaneers (800 squadron) and Sea Vixens (899 squadron) landed at RAF Luqa for Continuation Flying. Sea Vixens provided IFR (In Flight Refuelling) Capability.

A total of three Wessex AS.3, one Gannet AEW.3, one Gannet COD.4, six Vixen Mk.2 and six Buccaneer Mk.2, were flown into Luqa, to continue with their training.

DH Sea Vixen XS577/137 899 Aircraft photographed departing Luqa on unknown date.
DH Sea Vixen XJ610/134 899 As above.

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