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HMS Bulwark

24 March 1960

At this time, Bulwark was Britain’s first helicopter carrier.

Departure dates unknown, but operating off Malta on 25th April with Whirlwind helicopters.

__ July 1969

Wessex helicopters airlifted equipment from the carrier to Hal-Far on 18th June. Date of entry into Grand Harbour unknown, but departed on the 31st.

Oct – Nov 1970

The following Wessex HU.5s were based at RAF Luqa between 20th Oct and 2 Nov, which presumably, was her sailing date from Malta.

These are not necessarily complete lists of Bulwarks helicopter compliment, but what was noted by spotters at the time.

XS480/C, XS483/F, XS514/M, XT465/B, XT451/J, XT454/L, XT456/N XT763/T    


Nov 1970

Bulwark again entered Grand Harbour on the 10th. Sailing date unknown.

W. Wessex HU.5 XS490/G*, XS493/R**, XS514/M*, XS516/U**, XT449/H*, XT456/N* 845 * Seen at RAF Luqa. ** Noted on carrier’s deck.


Jan 1972

The following helicopters were seen at RAF Luqa between the 18th and 27th.

W. Wasp HAS.1 XV638/O   Helicopter visited RAF Luqa on several occasions.
W. Wessex HU.5 XT454/L, XT460/Y-T/B, 845  
W. Wessex HU.5 XT461/X-C/CU, _____/X-G/CU 846  


27 March 1975

Bulwark entered Grand Harbour for a three-week visit.

No aircraft details at this time.
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