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I am not aware of the date or year for the following incidents.

The incidents have been listed in order by aircraft type.


DH Comet BEA G-____ Aircraft arrived on a flight from Gatwick with a blown tire. Second tire on the same bogey also blew up after the aircraft has arrived at its parking slot. Date for this incident as yet unknown, but sometime in the sixties.
DC-3   N_____ I have received the following information from Gr. Capt. D. Bernard, last Station Commander at RAF Hal-Far.

While at RAF Hal Far we had a number of DC-3 Dakota aircraft fly in for refurbishing by the Malta International Aviation Company (MIACO) – a US Texas-owned company, which used to refurbish aircraft for the North African oil industry.

One such arrival was an ex-German Air Force DC-3, which approached the Westerly runway with its port engine burning merrily away, having been feathered. The station fire crew was alerted and the fire extinguished using a mix of CO2 and Halon/BCF while the aircraft remained on the runway.

The aircraft then proceeded to its hard standing using the remaining engine.

There were nine ex-Luftwaffe C-47s that were delivered to MIACO, these being N3101Q, N3161Q, N3176Q, N3177Q, N3178Q, N3179Q, N893, N894 and N895.

Of these, three spent several months in open storage, these being N3161Q (in storage between 12.69-08.74), N3178Q (delivered on 29.07.68, in storage until 21.10.76) and N3179Q (delivered on 02.08.68, stored until ‘69).
V. Viking BOAC   Pilot landed at Hal-Far by mistake on flight from Heathrow. Took off again for Luqa airport. Exact date unknown, possibly late 48, early 49.
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