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Libyan Unrest - 2014

The power vacuum left by the overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has resulted in a number of groups struggling to achieve superiority and control the country.

As in 2011, countries whose citizens work in Libya are organizing transportation (sea & air) to take them out of the country.

Already, a number of flights by Maltese- and Libyan-registered aircraft have been evacuating people to Malta, including patients in need of medical treatment.

This page was added on 09.08.14.
14.07.14 Dash 8 Med-Avia 9H-AEY Damaged by gunfire at Tripoli Airport.
15.07.14 A. Puma Heli Union F-GYSH As with the 2011 Libyan uprising, these two helicopters again unexpectedly arrived from oil-rigs within Libyan waters. Both entered the Safi maintenance facilities on the 16th. ‘SH departed on the 17th, but return date unknown. Both helos departed and returned to Malta on the 25th.
15.07.14 A. Puma Heli Union F-GHOY As above, but it is not known if it also flew on the 17th.
15.07.14 LET 410 Air Libya 5A-BRU c/s TLR111, departed on the 17th.
17.07.14 A.320 Afriqijah EI-ONJ These two aircraft arrived as Afriqiyah 5000 & 6000. Currently based at MIA. Still based in Malta as of 08.11.14.
17.07.14 A.320 Afriqiyah EI-ONL  
19.07.14 RJ10 Air Libya 5A-FLA c/s TLR111 same day arrival/departure. Again seen on the 20th. Another visit between 21-22 August.
19.07.14 Beech 1900 Med Avia 9H-AFI Departed for Libya on an evacuation flight. Same day departure and return. Another medi flight on 04 Sept.
19.07.14 DHC 8 Petro Air 5A-DLX Evacuation flight from Libya. Again seen on the 27th as PEO136.
20.07.14 EMB 170 Petro Air 5A-PAB Again seen on the 21st, departure date unknown, c/s PEO912. Again seen on the 25th as PEO914 and the 30th as PEO830.
23.07.14 Bell 412 Gulf Helicopters A7-HBD Evacuation flight.
26.07.14 Dash 8     from Libya
26.07.14 P. Cheyenne   OK-OKV Brought 2 patients for medical treatment.
27.07.14 DA Falcon 90EX   5A-DCN Departed for Tunis on the 28th. Again arrived & departed on the 30th.
28.07.14 Cessna C56X   5A-DRL Departed on the 29th. Again seen on 15th & 17th Aug. Same day arr/dep. Another sighting on 28th Oct.
28.07.14 Dash 8 Med Avia 9H-AEW Evacuation flight, brought back a Maltese worker who had been kidnapped by a Libyan militia.
10.08.14 B.747 Air India VT-ESP Night arrival, early morning departure, c/s Air India 171/0.
14.08.14 B.747-3 PIA P-BFY PIA8002
15.08.14 B. 747 Philippines A/L RP-C7471 c/s PAL9008 late night arrival at 22:33.
15.08.14 B. 767-200 Jordan Av JY-JAL  
16.08.14 A. 330-300 Philippines AL RP-C8786 c/s ATA0244. Late night arrival at 02:44.
17.08.14 W. Lynx South Korean Navy 90-0702 On board the ROKS Munmu the Great, which brought various nationals (including Maltese) from Libya. Ship departed on the 19th.
17.08.14 B. 767 JetAsia HS-JAS c/s JET5006.
20.08.14 Dash 8 Petro Air 5A-AGR c/s PEO992, arrived at 20:56. Again seen two months later on 28th Oct, departing after off-loading patient/s.
21.08.14 A.310 Pakistan AP-BEU c/s PIA8002.
28.08.14 A. 310 Pakistan AP-BEG c/s PIA8001.
30.10.14 Be. 200   5A-DDY Departed on this date.
__.05.16 Beech 200   ZS-PLJ Conducting hospital flights between Malta and Libya. First noted on the 12th.
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