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The Libyan Uprising

The uprising by Arab people against their governments started off in Tunis on 17th December 2010, quickly spreading to other Arab/North African countries.

The civil unrest in Libya started on 15 February 2011, and with that country being located just 200 miles south of Malta, it was inevitable that the island would become reluctantly involved. The first hint of trouble came in the early afternoon of 21st February, when two Heli Union helicopters made an unexpected appearance, landing at park 4. They were joined a few hours later by two Libyan AF Mirage F1 jets, still carrying rocket pods. Over the next few days, as a result of the conflict, a number of flights diverted to, or landed to refuel in Malta, instead of using Libyan airports.

As a result of the conflict, an exodus of people working in Libya sought every means possible to escape, towards the Egyptian and Tunisian borders, or by sea/air towards Malta. Foreign governments ferried their nationals either by sending naval units or aircraft (both civil & military), made use of the catamaran usually used on the Malta-Sicily trips, or by Air Malta. Flights were then organized to take them to their home country. Airlines such as Emirates and Egyptair Express laid on extra flights to cope with the demand.

When SR Technic announced the setting up an aircraft repair centre in Malta, Park 4 was offered as the site to build its new hangar, and as a result, around 60% of the park was fenced off. But with two helicopters and two fighters practically occupying what remained of the park, the chain link fence was removed on 24th February.

A page dealing with the military aspects of this operation is to be found in the Military Accidents page.

Gaddafi was killed on 20 October by rebel fighters. A NATO aircraft fired on a convoy of vehicles that was deemed to be a danger to civilians. Gaddafi managed to escape, and hide in a drain pipe, but was dragged out and shot. Meanwhile, Libya’s interim leaders asked that NATO patrols to continue until the end of 2011.
21.02.11 A. Puma Heli Union F-GHOY Arrived from an off-shore oil rig in Libyan waters with F-GYSH. Helicopters carried a total of eight people between them, only one passenger carrying a passport. Hover-taxied to Med-Avia facility at Safi, late afternoon of the 24th. Left Safi in the evening of 15.04.11, departing Malta on the 16th.
21.02.11 A. Puma Heli Union F-GYSH As above.
23.02.11 ATR 42 Libyan Arab A/Ls 5A-LAF Aircraft denied permission to land and returned to Libya. It is thought to have had personnel who wanted to fly the Mirage F.1s back to Libya. (See military accidents page.)
24.02.11 ATR 42   F-HBSO Aircraft arrived from Sirte, Libya, again departing for Sirte. Returned to Malta later that night.
24.02.11       Malta ATC advised that Tripoli airport is full, and no parking space is available.
24.02.11 B. 737 BBJ   A6-RJY Arrived from Abu Dhabi.
24.02.11 A. 320 Afriqiyah 5A-ONM Diversion. Departed the following day.
24.02.11 A. 320 Afriqiyah 5A-ONK Diversion. Departed the following day.
26.02.11 E. 170 Egyptair Express SU-GDH Egyptair 2906.
26.02.11 B. 747 Imperial SX-TIE At Park 9.
26.02.11 B. 747 Imperial SX-TIB arr as Imperial 1001.
26.02.11 A. 330-3 China East B-6127  
26.02.11 A. 340 China B-2380 CES267
26.02.11 A. 340 China B-____  
26.02.11 A. 320 Air Memphis SU-PBG MHS3328/3500, departed on the 27th.
27.02.11 A. 330-300 China East B-6083 Arrived as CES299.
27.02.11 A. 340-300 China East B-2383 Arrived as CES700.
26/27.02.11 B. 767   ZS-SOF All white, night arrival. Departed on the 27th.
27.02.11 Gu. V Kuwait Government 9K-GFA Same day arrival/departure.
27.02.11 B. 737-300 Air Italy EI-IGR c/s AEY27, same day arrival/departure.
27.02.11 A. 320 Astreaus   Arrived as AEU743P.
27.02.11 E. 170 Egyptair Express SU-GDI 3101. Extra flight.
28.02.11 A. 340 Emirates A6-ERM  
28.02.11 A. 340 China East B-2380 c/s CES 265.
28.02.11 A. 330-300 China East B-6126 c/s CES267.
28.02.11 A. 340-300 China East B-2384 c/s CES161.
28.02.11 B. 747 Cargolux   c/s CV175, same day arrival/departure.
28.02.11 B. 737-400 * A6-ESE Departed. * Titles on aircraft.
28.02.11 B. 757 Jet2 G-LSAG c/s EXS041P.
01.03.11 E. 170 Egyptair Express SU-GDK c/s 443.
01.03.11 A. 330-300 China East B-6127 c/s CES700.
01.03.11 A. 330-300 China East B-6127 c/s CES165/6.
01.03.11 A. 340-300 China East   c/s CES229.
01.03.11 B. 747 Air Pullmantur EC-KXN Late night arrival as c/s PLM200P. Departed a few hours later as PLM2500.
01.03.11 IL 62 Mchs Rossii RA-86570 c/s SUM9715. Aircraft belongs to Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations. Departed the following morning.
02.03.11 B. 744-400 Orient Thai Airlines HS-STC c/s OEA8928, night departure.
02.03.11 A. 340 Emirates A6-EAQ c/s 3045.
02.03.11 A. 340-300 China East B-2383 c/s CES261, arrival.
02.03.11 A. 340 China East B-2381 Arrived/departed as CES263/4.
02.03.11 B. 767 Shangai B-2500 c/s CSH601B.
02.03.11 B. 737-400 RAK Airways A6-ESE Departed.
02.03.11 B. 777-200 Egyptair SU-GBX c/s MS3000.
02.03.11 Beech 200 Civil Protection F-ZBFJ  
02.03.11 DHC-8 Civil Protection F-ZBMD Departed the following day.
03.03.11 A. 330 China East B-6100 Arrival.
03.03.11 A. 340-300 China East B-2382 Arrived as CES165.
03.03.11 B. 767-300 Shangai A/Ls B-5018 CSH603
03.03.11 B. 747-400 Pullmantur EC-KXN PLM400P
03.03.11 A. 319 EasyJet Swiss   arr
03.03.11 MD-82 Bulgaria LZ-LDW  
04.03.11 B. 747 Cargolux TF-AAA CV719
05.03.11 A.321 Kingfisher VT-KFS KFR9003, departed on the 6th.
06.03.11 B.737-800 Jet Airways India VT-JBP JAI8061
06.03.11 A. 330 Air India VT-IWB Aircraft diverted late night as Air India 161, departing on the 8th using the same callsign.
07.03.11 B. 747-400 Air India VT-ESN Aircraft was on a one day visit as “Air India 171”.
07.03.11 B. 747-2 Cargolux TF-AAA CV715
07.03.11 DA 50X R. Maroc AF CN-ANO RMAF11. Same day arrival/departure.
09.03.11 B. 747 Southern N760SA  
09.03.11 B. 737 Air India VT-JBP JAI 8065
09.03.11 Bo. BD-700   5A-UAC Brought Libyan Government representative for talks with the Maltese government.
11.03.11 B. 777-3 Air India VT-ALU AI141/140
11.03.11 B. 747 Cargolux TF-AAA CV719
28.04.11 Beech 1900 I.C.R.C. 9H-AFH Medavia aircraft. It has now been sprayed white, large red cross on the rear fuselage, and ICRC titles on nose. First noted in these colours on this date. Flies frequently as Red 730, on humanitarian missions to Libya.
17.04.11 Embraer 120 United Nations Humanitarian Air Service I-SKYB First noted at MIA by webmaster on this date, but may have arrived earlier. Titles added later. Flies frequently on humanitarian missions to Libya.
__.07.11 BAe.146-300 Air Libya 5A-DKQ Landed around 19:35 with 5 wounded children on board. Date possibly the 6th.
30.07.11 Dash 8 United Nations Humanitarian Air Service 9H-AFD Medavia aircraft, sprayed all white with blue titles, first noted at MIA on this date. Operates as UN97W.
__.09.11 Beech 1900 U.N. ZS-SNJ All white, with black ‘UN’ letters. First seen by web master on 24th September.
06.09.11 DC-3 (Basler BT-67) US Dept. of State N707BA Made a number of flights to Libya.
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