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10.10.20 A.320-232 Qatar A7-ATH Aircraft returned to stand prior to take-off due to a technical fault. Departure delayed by approximately 100 minutes. C/n 5078. c/s QR381/2.
31.01.20 A.320 Wizz Air HA-LPU c/s W61163, late evening arrival. Departed early afternoon on 01.02.20, reasons for the delay unknown.
01.02.20 Tecnam P2002JF European Pilot Academy 9H-PIC Nose-wheel collapse on r/w 23. No injuries.
09.02.20   Air Malta   Four flights, KM100/1 KM116/1, KM102/3 and KM118/9, are cancelled due to storm “Ciara”.
09.02.20 A.320-214 easyJet G-EZWH c/n 5542. Departure delayed until late afternoon of the 10th.
11.02.20 B.737-8AS Ryanair EI-DAF FR8853 Divert to Marseille on a Stansted-Malta. Aircraft returned to London the following day.
25.02.20       Italy ATC strike forced Air Malta to cancel its flights to Italy.


As with other countries, the virus known as Covid-19 hit Malta, forcing the closure of the airport.

09.03.20. All flights from/to Bergamo and Treviso and Milan are cancelled. Later changed to include all flights from/to Italian airports.

10.03.20. Turkish A/Ls cancels its flight to Malta.

11.03.20. Flights from Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland are all cancelled under further notice.

13.03.20. As of 13:30 local time, the Malta Health Authorities suspend all flights from/to China (including Hong Kong), France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Switzerland. Cargo, maintenance, humanitarian and any other flights allowed to seek special dispensation to operate to/from Malta.

14.03.20. Malta School of Flying cancels its ground and flight instruction until the 20th.

17.03.20. Emirates cancels all flights until 30.04.20.

20.03.20. All passenger flights inbound to Malta suspended after 23.59hrs

24.03.20. Ryanair stops operations from Malta (including by its subsidiary Malta Air).

14.04.20. Med-Avia announces closure of its flight operations, letting go of its pilots. But the maintenance section of the company will continue to operate.

MIA reopens for flights in July.

EasyJet cancels flights to Malta until 15.08.20-15.09.20.



18.03.20 B.757-236 Jet2 G-LSAA c/n 24122. Aircraft suffers technical fault. Departed later at night at 22:00. B.757-21B, G-LSAH, brought over as replacement.
03.06.20 Beechcraft 350 DEA Aviation 2-WKTJ c/s Eagle 1, diverted for refuelling.
27.07.20 B. 737-8AS Malta Air 9H-QCQ Aircraft was on flight FR8280 to Luxembourg. Diverted to Bergamo for unknown an reason. Flight was continued by EI-EBH.
21.08.20 A.330-941 Hi-Fly CS-TKY c/n 1929. Diverted for re-fuelling.
06.09.20 B.737-9F2(ER) Turkish A/Ls TC-JYH c/n 40984. c/s TK4931, diverted due to a medical emergency. Departed after an hour.
14.09.20 B. 737-8AS Malta Air 9H-QAM Diverted to Catania due to weather over Malta. c/n 44794.
09.10.20 P. Aztec E.F.A. 9H-AEB Ended up on the grass area after landing due to tyre problems.
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