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16.02.32 Dornier Do J Wal Jupiter VIII R   I-AZEA Forced landing in the sea, later towed to Malta.
28.04.32 Piaggio Dornier Wal SA Navigatione Aerea I-AZDI Ditched 25 miles off Tripoli on a flight from Malta.
03.11.32 Dornier Wal-Cabina Società Anonima di Navigazione Aerea – SANA I-AZDL Aircraft was forced to land on the water due to engine trouble when flying from Tripoli to Malta. A passing ship rescued the eighteen passengers and crew, but the aircraft was lost during the towing operation.
22.09.34 HP W.10 National Air Displays G-EBMR Written off at Hal-Far.
22.09.34 Airspeed AS.5 Courier Sir Alan Cobham G-ABXN Landed at 18:00 due to a broken throttle, finally leaving the island on 10 October at 07:30. Additional details in Special Flights page.
22.06.35 Savoia Marchetti S-66 Ala Lottoria I-NAVE Damaged beyond repair in a night landing at Malta. According to the Times of Malta report, no registration or operator name was given, but the date of entering service was listed as the 15th of the same month. Cause of incident given was "when the plane flattened for a good landing and was caught in an air pocket when only 50 feet from the sea". It also stated that air pockets at that altitude were rare, if possible at all. One of the passengers was given as a General Varzi.
21.12.39 Lockheed 14 Super Electra Imperial Airways G-AFYU Aircraft was on a Malta – London Croydon flight, when it was forced to ditch in the sea between Malta and Sicily. 11 Occupants, 5 fatalities. Electra had arrived from the UK on the 19th at 08:50, departing for Sollum, Egypt, the following day at 08:55. So this was the return flight to the UK.
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