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USS Kearsarge (LHD 3)

31 Jul –__ Aug 1995

Although not an aircraft carrier per se (it is referred to as an amphibious landing ship), the visit by the Kearsarge marked the first time since the expulsion of NATO in 1971 by a Labour government that a US military vessel, capable of launching and recovering aircraft, entered Grand Harbour.

B/V CH-46E HMM-263/EG'Thunder Chickens' 157668/EG-01, 153372/EG-02, 155306/EG-03, 153981/EG-04, 153992/EG-05, 156469/EG-06, 154801/EG-07, 153368/EG-10, 153975/EG-11, 157667/EG-12, 156418/EG-13, 153999/EG-14 US Marine Corps
B/V HH-46E HC-6/HW Detachment 5 'Chargers' 150271/HW-01, 152520/HW-04 US Navy
B. AH-1 Super Cobra HMLA-269/HF'Sea Cobras' 160814/EG-40, 163924/EG-41, 160817/EG-42, 163932/EG-43 US Marine Corps
B. UH-1N HMLA-269/HF 'Sea Cobras' 160440/EG-30, 160459/EG-31, 160460/EG-32 US Marine Corps
McD Harrier II AV-8B Plus VMA-231/’Ace of Spades' 163682/EG-50, 163201/EG-51, 163687/EG-52, 163852/EG-53, 163665/EG-54, 163189/EG-55 US Marine Corps
Si. CH-53E Super Stallion HMH-464/EN 'Condors' 161260/EG-20, 162001/EG-21, 161998/EG-22, 162517/EG-23 US Marine Corps


23-28 January 1996

      No aircraft details are available for the time being.


27-31 August 2001

Aircraft marked with an asterisk (*) had KFOR titles.

B/V HH-46D HC-8 'Dragonwhales' 151950/BR-16, 152613/BR-62 US Navy
B/V CH-46D HMM-266 'Griffins' 153318/ES-00, 153974/ES-01, 154005/ES-02, 156453/ES-03, 157706/ES-04, 154851/ES-05, 155304/ES-06, 157660/ES-07, 157710/ES-11, 157665/ES-12, 154038/ES-13, 156472/ES-14, 159150/ES-16 US Marine Corps
B. AH-1 Sea Cobra HMLA-167 160742/ES-34, 160804/ES-36 *, 160816/ES-30 *, 160822/ES-31 *, 161 01g/ES-33 *, 165317/ES-32 * US Marine Corps
B. UH-1N HMLA-167 159195/ES-40, 159186/ES-41, 158280/ES-42 US Marine Corps
Si. CH-53E Super Stallion HMH-461 'Sea Stallions' 161183/ES-20, 161252/ES-21, 161258/ES-22, 162492/ES-23 US Marine Corps


03-__ June 2003

According to press reports, the visit was cancelled as the ship was re-routed to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aquaba, to provide level-two medical facility for President Bush, who was visiting Egypt and Jordan.

15 – __ August 2007

The Kearsarge was in Malta for a three day visit, so sailing date should have been the 18th.

Squadrons carried were HMM-261, HMH-461 Det., HML/A-269 Det., VMA-223 Det. and HSC-22 Det. 1.

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