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USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7)

08-13 May 2003

The following is a list of what aircraft were noted on the deck. Serial numbers marked with an asterisk require confirmation. Additional aircraft/helicopters may have been below deck.

B/V HH-46A Sea Knight HC-8, Det 7 151955/BR-00, 152539/BR-27 US Navy
B/V CH-46E HMM-264 157687/EH-02, 153382/EH-03, 156464/EH-04, 157688/EH-06, 157664/EH-07, 157678/EH-11, 154819/EH-12, 157656/EH-05*, 153990/EH-08*, 156470/EH-14* US Marine Corps.
B. AH-1W Sea Cobra   ______/__-40*, 162542EH-41*, 162571/EH-42*, ______/__-45*, ______/__-46* US Marine Corps
B. UH-1N   ______/__-30*, 159192EH-31* US Marine Corps.
McD Harrier II AV-8B Plus   165356EH/52*, 155357/EH-53*, 165383/EH-54*, 163876/EH-55*, 164123/EH-56 US Marine Corps.
Si. CH-53E Super Stallion   ______/__-20*, ______/__-21*, 161262/EH-23*, 163062/EH24* US Marine Corps.

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