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USS Guam LPH-9

27-30 March 1996

The ship was open to the public.

B/V HH-46D HC-6 DET.4 ‘Chargers’ 151918/HW-61, 153335/HW-62 These were the two only US Navy aircraft, all other being US Marine Corps.
B/V CH-46E HMM-365/YM ‘Sea Knights’ 153357/YS-12, 153402/YS-14, 153957/YS-10, 153953/YS-03, 153958/YS-11, 153994/YS-05, 154010/YS-02, 154034/YS-01, 154857/YS-04, 156467/YS-13, 157697/YS-06, 157713/YS-00. US Marine Corps
B. AH-1W Sea Cobra HMLA-269HF ‘Sea Cobras’ 160744/YS-22, 161017/YS-23, 165042/YS-21, 165053/YS-20 US Marine Corps
B. UH-1N HMLA-269HF ‘Sea Cobras’ 158282/YS-31, 159187/YS-30, 159192/YS-32 US Marine Corps
Si. CH-53E Super Stallion HMH-464/EN ‘Condors’ 161534/YS-44, 162481/YS-42, 162518/YS-43, 162524/YS-41 US Marine Corps

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