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US Coast Guard

Visits by US Coast Guard vessels, which normally have a Dolphin helicopter on board.

Occasionally, a fixed-wing aircraft makes an appearances, at the airport, not on the ship.

This page was added on 26.05.21.

E. HH-65A Dolphin   6520 Noted at Park 7, the AFM’s Air Squadron base at Luqa on 14.09.97.
HH-65 A Dolphin     Noted on board the USCGC Dallas between 14-16.08.08.
E. MH-65D Dolphin   6531 On board the Legend-class cutter USCGC Hamilton WMSL-753 at Grand Harbour on 17-20 May 2021.
Gulfstream C-37A   02 Landed on 25.11.15. Duration of stay unknown. Aircraft was again seen between 15-17.06.17.
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