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12401 CH-124   Toronto Ship visited between 15-18 January 2002. Helicopter callsign Canforce 401. On the 16th, it performed a number of flights of approx. 15 minutes duration, which included circuits on runway 24, practicing auto rotations. It departed Luqa to return to the ship at sea on the 18th.
12405 CH-124   Halifax Ship was in harbour between 28-31 January 2002. c/s Talon 405. Flew to Malta on 27.01.02, returning to its ship at sea. It hovered over park 4, made a flight around the Maltese islands and auto rotation over runway 24 on the 29th. Another flight around the Maltese islands was conducted on the 30th. Talon 405 departed on the 31st and landed on the ship at sea.
12412 CH-124A   Vancouver Ship was in Malta between 18-21 October 2011. Helicopter made a night-time visit on 03.09.11, with another (daylight) visit on 10.10.11.
12424 CH-124B   Charlottetown FFH 339 Ship entered harbour on 08.07.11. Performed pilot training on r/w 23/05 on 11.07.11, which was probably the ships’ sailing date.
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