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Garibaldi, 15-20 November 1995

The Italian Navy’s carrier Garibaldi carried a mix of AV-8 and S-61 Sea King helicopters. Two AB.212s of the Italian Military Mission flew overhead, carrying the Italian and Maltese national flags. The ship was open to the public during the weekend. The carrier was accompanied by the warship Espero.

Vittorio Veneto 31 July-03 Aug 2003

The helicopter carrier Vittorio Veneto came to Malta to celebrate the Italian Military Mission’s 30 years of operations from Malta. During its stay here, the ship was open to the public for two days between 15.00-18.00 hours.

Italy – Misc

This now includes land based aircraft that visited in the sixties.

AB.204 MM_____/3-26 Caio Duilio Noted on ship on 08.04.78.
AB.204 MM80375/3-14 F594 Virginio Fasal Noted on ship on 08.04.78.
AB.204 MM80518/3-30 Caio Duilio Noted on ship on 10.04.78.
AB.204 MM80519/3-31 Caio Duilio Noted on ship on 10.04.78.
AB.212 MM_____/7-45 ITS San Giusto L9894 Noted on ship
AB.212 MM80948/7-16 ITS F577 Zeffiro c/n 5122. Noted in harbour on 03.02.90.
AB.212ASW MM80953/7-22 Zeffiro Noted on 12.11.88.
AB.212ASW MM80960/7-29 Maestrale F570 On board ship in Grand Harbour between 15-18.09.12.
AB.212 MM81080/7-35   Noted on ship in harbour on 16.06.08, but no further details available.
AB.212 MM81086/7-41 Vesuvio Noted on ship in Grand Harbour on 05.12.19. Open to public on Saturday the 7th.
AB.212 ASW MM81089 ITS Vega Noted on 14.08.22.
AB.212ASW MM81090/7-45 San Giusto c/n 5155. Seen on board the ship in Grand Harbour Malta on 24.04.17. Both ship and helo again visited on 12.04.18. Departure date unknown.
AB.212 MM81090/7-45 Garibaldi c/n 5155. Arrived on 11.02.18 on a medevac mission. Again seen on a brief later the same month on the 24th.
AB.212ASW MM81094/7-49 Espero F576 In Grand Harbour between 06-09.02.93. Second AB.212 not visible.
B.212 MM81100/7-55 ITS F577 Zeffiro c/n 5173. Noted in harbour on 03.02.90.
AB.212ASW MM81177/7-60 Orsa F567 In Grand Harbour between 06-09.02.93.
AB.212ASW MM81378/7-68 ITS Spica In harbour between 14-16.02.20.
AB.212 MM81591 Andrea Doria D553 Noted in harbour on 09.09.20.
A/W-101 Merlin MM81482/2-03   2 visits from ship on 11.06.16.
Gr. Tracker AS-55   Noted at Park 4 at Luqa on 25.04.69. (Aircraft information courtesy of Godfrey Mangion, from his Aviation MT Facebook page.)
NHI NH-90     c/s I-5592. Same day arrival/departure on 10.10.22.
NHI SH-90A MM81592/3-16 ITS Federico Martinengo Ship arrived on 19.09.22, departing on the 22nd. It was also open to the public open to public on 21st. Helicopter also carried a large badge commemorating 50 years of Grupelicot 5.
NHI NH-90 MM81599/3-24 ITS Calo Duilio Entered harbour on 16.11.17. Again seen on 24.05.18, landing at Park 7, the AFM’s Air Squadron base.
NHI NH-90 MM81616/3-16 ITS Mimbelli Ship arrived on 14.09.22, departing on the 19th.
NHI NH-90 MM81618 Andrea Doria Arrived from ship (which did not enter harbour) on 22.09.22, landing at the Air Squadron’s park 7.
Si. SH-3D Sea King MM5016N   Noted at Luqa’s Park 4 on 20.10.74.

(Aircraft information courtesy of John Visanich, from his Malta Airport Movements Facebook page.)

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