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Confederate of Independent States

Admiral Kuznetsov, 17-18 February 1996

In Malta for a 24-hour stop-over, the Admiral Kuznetsov formerly named Tbilisi, anchored outside Grand Harbour at its own request. HMS Illustrious was already berthed in Harbour, and thus space was at a premium. In any case, the high winds would have made it impossible to enter. Accompanied by the Besstrashny, the carrier carried a mix of Sukhoi 27K Flanker D fighters, Sukhoi 25UTG Frogfoot ground attack aircraft, Kamov Ka-27 Helix anti-submarine warfare and KA-29 Helix AEW helicopters.


28 Kamov KA-27 Helix A   RFS Yaroslav Mudryy Part of the Russian Navy Baltic Fleet, it was also accompanied by the oiler RFS Lena during a port visit between 10-13.01.13.
32 Kamov Ka-27PL Helix A   RFS Severomorsk (619) Port visit between 28 Apr – 1 May 2013.
33 Kamov K-27PS Helix D   RFS Severomorsk (619) Port visit between 28 Apr – 1 May 2013.
37 Kamov Ka-27PL Helix A   RFS Neustrashimy (712) Port visit between 28-30.09.13. Helo remained on ship.

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