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10.10.20 A.320-232 Qatar A7-ATH Aircraft returned to stand prior to take-off due to a technical fault. Departure delayed by approximately 100 minutes. C/n 5078. c/s QR381/2.
31.01.20 A.320-232 Wizz Air HA-LPU c/n 3877. c/s W61163, late evening arrival. Departed early afternoon on 01.02.20, reasons for the delay unknown.
01.02.20 Tecnam P2002JF European Pilot Academy 9H-PIC Nose-wheel collapse on r/w 23. No injuries.
09.02.20   Air Malta   Four flights, KM100/1 KM116/1, KM102/3 and KM118/9, are cancelled due to storm “Ciara”.
09.02.20 A.320-214 easyJet G-EZWH c/n 5542. Departure delayed until late afternoon of the 10th.
11.02.20 B.737-8AS Ryanair EI-DAF FR8853 Divert to Marseille on a Stansted-Malta. Aircraft returned to London the following day.
25.02.20       Italy ATC strike forced Air Malta to cancel its flights to Italy.


As with other countries, the virus known as Covid-19 hit Malta, forcing the closure of the airport.

09.03.20. All flights from/to Bergamo and Treviso and Milan are cancelled. Later changed to include all flights from/to Italian airports.

10.03.20. Turkish A/Ls cancels its flight to Malta.

11.03.20. Flights from Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland are all cancelled under further notice.

13.03.20. As of 13:30 local time, the Malta Health Authorities suspend all flights from/to China (including Hong Kong), France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Switzerland. Cargo, maintenance, humanitarian and any other flights allowed to seek special dispensation to operate to/from Malta.

14.03.20. Malta School of Flying cancels its ground and flight instruction until the 20th.

17.03.20. Emirates cancels all flights until 30.04.20.

20.03.20. All passenger flights inbound to Malta suspended after 23.59hrs

24.03.20. Ryanair stops operations from Malta (including by its subsidiary Malta Air).

14.04.20. Med-Avia announces closure of its flight operations, letting go of its pilots. But the maintenance section of the company will continue to operate.

MIA reopens for flights in July.

EasyJet cancels flights to Malta between 15.08.20-15.09.20.


Repatriation flights

Below are some of the repatriation flights performed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

All such flights came to an end on 06.08.20.

14.03.20 Saab 340A (QC) SP-MRB c/n 340A-100 Repatriation of Polish Nationals.
14.03.20 A.320-214 Sundair D-ASEE c/n 4953.
15.03.20 B.737-8Q8 LOT SP-LWE c/n 30693. Repatriation flight no. 8503.
16.03.020 B737-86N LOT SP-LWF c/n 36825.
18.03.20 A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AEI c/n 2189. Flight to Amman, Jordan as KM7826/7.
10.05.20 Embraer E170LR Jasmin Airways TS-IJB c/n 17000175
10.05.20 A.320-214 Bulgaria Air LZ-FBE c/n 3780.
11.05.20 A.318-111 Tarom YR-ASC c/n 3220.
12.05.20 A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEC c/n 9049. Repatriation flight to Sofia and Athens.



18.03.20 B.757-236 Jet2 G-LSAA c/n 24122. Aircraft experienced technical problems. Departed later at night at 22:00. B.757-21B, G-LSAH, brought over as replacement.
03.06.20 Beechcraft 350 DEA Aviation 2-WKTJ c/s Eagle 1, diverted for refuelling.
27.07.20 B. 737-8AS Malta Air 9H-QCQ c/n 44735. Aircraft was on flight FR8280 to Luxembourg. Diverted to Bergamo for unknown an reason. Flight was continued by EI-EBH.
21.08.20 A.330-941 Hi-Fly CS-TKY c/n 1929. Diverted for re-fuelling.
06.09.20 B.737-9F2(ER) Turkish A/Ls TC-JYH c/n 40984. c/s TK4931, diverted due to a medical emergency. Departed after an hour.
14.09.20 B. 737-8AS Malta Air 9H-QAM c/n 44794. Diverted to Catania due to weather over Malta. c/n 44794.
09.10.20 P. Aztec E.F.A. 9H-AEB Ended up on the grass area after landing due to tyre problems.
12.10.20 Bo. Challenger 605 Vista Jet 9H-VFJ c/n 5987. Diverted to Malta for unknown reasons. c/n 5987.
22.10.20 Saab 340F Fleet Air Int'l HA-TAG Diverted from Tunis-Carthage at approx.. 04:00 for unknown reasons. c/n 78, pi N407BH, OK-CCK & SE-LSR
27.03.21 Fly Synthesis Storch S Island Microlight Club Malta 9H-UMS Aircraft suffered a nose wheel collapse, but no injuries.
02.04.21 B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QCJ c/n 62690. In Ryanair colours, but operated by Malta Air. Aircraft was being towed when it inexplicably became separated from the towing truck, and continued forward, rolling into parked fuel bowsers. Serious damage to port engine, as well as forward fuselage. No injuries, but airport was closed for a few hours as a result.

A Lufthansa CRJ-9, D-ACNE, c/s DLH5HU, diverted to Catania, whilst a Tunisiar ATR 72, TS-LBG, retuned to Tunisia. Both aircraft returned to Malta later.

9H-QCJ performed engine runs on the 27th.
30.04.21 A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AEP c/n 3056. Aircraft was on flight AMC490 to Zurich. Captain returned to Malta after passing Palermo, Sicily. Service was then conducted by A.320-251N, 9H-NEB.
28.05.21 A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEC c/n 9049. Aborted take-off on flight KM612. The flight was performed by 9H-NED.
01.07.21 A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AHS c/n 5086. Returned to airport for unknown reasons when preforming flight KM466.
15.07.21 A.320-232 Wizz HA-LPK c/n 3143. Technical problems due to a lightning strike. Departed on the 16th.
19.07.21 B.737-36E(BDSF) Bluebird Cargo TF-BBG c/n 25263Arrived from Marseille, but encountered technical problems prior to start up. Towed to Apron 2 on the 21th, departing Malta on the 22nd as BBD502. c/n 25263.
02.09.21 A.320-214 LATAM A/Ls PR-TQB c/n 4827. c/s TAM9541. Landed shortly after midnight, but without the necessary permits not having been issued from the country of departure, the crew were delayed in departing from Malta until the 8th.
04.09.21 A.321-271NX Wizz HA-LVP c/n 10227. Diverted to Malta on a Rome Fiumicino to Catania flight due to bad weather over Sicily. First visit by this particular aircraft.
11.09.21 A.320-232 Wizz HA-LWP c/n 5139. Diverted to Malta on a Sofia-Catania flight.
19.09.21 A.321-251N easyJet G-UZLG c/n 9105. Aircraft arrived on commercial flight EZY2308. The crew encountered a technical problem on taxing out for take-off, forcing their return back to the stand. A.321-251N G-UZHO, c/s EZY9002, c/n 8411, was sent over to pick the passengers.

Replacement parts were brought over on the 20th, by Beech 200 Super King Air G-MEGN, of Dragonfly Executive, c/s CBM88, c/n BB-1518.

Both G-UZLG and G-MEGN departed on the 21st.
14.10.21 Learjet 45XR   TC-RSB c/n 45-294. Arrived from Istanbul and departed for Casablanca as RHH433. Forced to return to Malta just short of the Malta/Tunisian FIR due to unknown technical problems. Departed in the morning of the following day.
01.11.21 P. PA-34 Seneca II E.F.A. 9H-AEB Pilot reported problems with the starboard main undercarriage, which refused to lower. This led to an emergency landing, the aircraft coming to rest on the grass area adjacent to the runway. No injuries.
10.11.21 B.737-4Y0(BDSF) Bluebird Nordic TF-BBH c/n 23865. Aircraft experienced flap problems. Departed in the evening of the 11th.
22.11.21 A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-NEB c/n 8940. Crew diverted into Zurich (for unknown reasons) on a flight from Frankfurt. Landed in Malta shortly after midnight on the 23rd.
28.11.21 A.300B4-6SSR(F) MNG Airlines TC-MCG c/n 739. Aircraft diverted to Malta on an Istanbul – Misrata flight. Departed after a few hours.
29.11.21 B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QAJ c/n 44817. Aircraft was on flight FR1722 (Naples-Luqa), but was forced to divert to Catania due to weather over Malta. Returned to Malta later in the evening
14.12.21 Tecnam P2002JF European Pilot Academy 9H-PIC Pilot was cleared to backtrack and line up on runway 31. It would appear that during the 180 turn on the runway, the aircraft hit the right wing-tip and with subsequent damage to the main landing gear.


08.01.22 A.330-343 Turkish A/Ls TC-LOD c/n 1554. Aircraft was on flight THY47M from Nigeria to Istanbul. Forced to divert to Malta at 03:14 due to a medical emergency. Departed at 06:25.
25.01.22 B.737-490(SF) ASL A/Ls OE-IBI c/n 28892. Aircraft was on a daily freight flight. Suffered from technical issues, rendering it unserviceable. Another company aircraft, B.737-83N(BCF), OE-IMC, c/n 32580, arrived in the evening to continue the service.
10.02.22 Tecnam P92 Echo JS European Pilot Academy 9H-LQA c/n 079, previously S5-DIF. Aircraft suffered a nose-wheel collapse on the runway, causing the closure of the airport.

A.320-251N 9H-NEB (c/n 8940) diverted to Catania, whilst Ryanair B.737-8AS 9H-QCY (c/n 44747), and Aegean A.319-132 SX-DGF (c/n 2468) initiated diversion, but returned to Malta.
26.02.22 Nextant 400XT Time Air OK-DJB c/n RK376, c/s TIE214B. Aircraft arrived from London’s Biggin Hill airfield with pressurisation problems.
27.02.22       Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the government closes Maltese air space to Russian aircraft.
05.03.22 A.321-271NX Wizz Air HA-LZG c/n 10753. Aircraft developed fuel leak prior to departure. Passenger picked up by HA-LZB early afternoon same day. HZ-LZG departed on the 7th.
10.03.22 Air Tractor AT-802   N6009X c/n 802-4008. Arrived from Heraklion for what presumably a night stop. Delayed until the 14th due to bad weather at Jersey. Also carried RJ2551 on the fin.
24.03.22 A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEO c/n 7875. Aircraft was on a flight to Munich, but forced to turn back for unknown reasons.
30.05.22 A.321-231 Lufthansa D-AISV c/n 4050. Diverted from Catania.
02.06.22 B.737 Max 8 TUI fly G-TUMM c/n 44654. c/s BY6407. Returned to Malta after approx. 5 minutes due a bird strike, but again departed Malta for the UK after around 85 minutes.
14.06.22 A. 320-214 SmartLynx 9H-SLH c/n 3425. Aircraft was meant to operate EZY flt to Gatwick at 14:00, but canx. Towed to ACM small hangar at 18:00. Departed on the 22nd.
29.06.22 A.330-202 Plus Ultra EC-KOM c/n 931. Was departing after maintenance, but remained at 9,000 ft due to a cracked outer window.
12.07.22 A.321-131 Lufthansa D-AIRL c/n 505. Diverted to Palermo after departure from Malta.
14.07.22 DCH-8-200 Icelandair TF-FXH c/n 450. Aircraft had arrived fro maintenance by Med-Avia. Departed, but returned for unknown reasons. Eventually departed on the 15th.
27.07.22 A.321-231 Wizz Air HA-LXY c/n 8044. Returned to stand for technical reason, delaying departure by thirty minutes.
31.07.22 D. Falocn 7X M-ATRJ c/n 199. Lined-up twice but each time aborted departure. Eventually departed on 03.08.22.
19.08.22 A. 350-941 Turkish A/Ls TC-LGL c/n 493. Late night diversion for medical reasons.
23.08.22 B.747-4H6(BDSF) Mesk Air * 9H-MSK * operated by Elitavia Malta. Diverted due to pressurisation problems, departed on the 24th. c/n 27044.
08.09.22 B.737-8MG Jet2 G-JZBP c/n 64440. Aircraft departed but returned after 30 minutes because of radio failure, departing later in the night. Company aircraft, B.737-8FH, G-DRTI, c/n 29639, was sent to pick up the passengers.
08.09.22 Dash-8-100 Air CM Global 9H-ONI c/n 318. c/s RJR777. Crew reported loss of power during the take-off run. Departure for Misurata, Libya delayed by some 75 minutes.
08.09.22 B.747-412F Magma Aviation TF-AMC c/n 26563. Aircraft became u/s. Departed on the 10th.
12.09.22 A.330-343 Turkish A/Ls TC-JNI c/n 1160. Diverted on flight TK675 from Douala, Cameroon to Istanbul, due to a medical emergency.
19.09.22 B.757-28A(SF) DHL D-ALEV c/n 28161. 24-hour delay for unknown reasons.
10.10.22 Be. V35A Bonanza   F-BOOF c/n D-8635. Arrived on the 4th. Departure on this day delayed by weather, leaving on the 11th.
15.10.22 B.737-8K2 Transavia F-HTVG c/n 62156. Aircraft departed from Paris Orly on flight TVF96LY, but returned after approximately 1 hour.


04.11.22 Pilatus PC-12 NGX   9H-01SG c/n 2197. Departure cancelled by unknown technical issue. Probably arrived on the morning of 29.10.22.
04.11.22 A.320-214 Medsky 5A-MSB Departure on cancelled due to unknown technical issues. Departed on the 5th. See also under Aircraft Maintenance, Aviation Cosmetics.
08.11.22 Cessna 560X Citation XLS Nigerian Police 5N-HAR c/n 560-6067. Late night arrival, with a departure scheduled for around 06:00 on the 9th. Departure delayed by 11 hours due to delays in securing permits to overfly Tunisia.
11.11.22 A.950-941 Turkish Airlines TL-LGA c/n 403. Diverted due to a medical emergency on board the aircraft. The flight departed the same day.
12.11.22 B.737-8AS Ryanair SP-RSX c/n 44779, c/s FR3463. Arrived from Wroclaw, but diverted to Palermo due to weather.
12.11.22 B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QED c/n 44820. Arrived from Billund on flight FR9061, but forced to divert to Palermo due to weather.
12.11.22 A.320-214 EasyJet G-EZTC c/n 3871, c/s EZY64ND. Diverted to Palermo on a flight from Gatwick due to inclement weather at the time.
12.11.22 B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QAG c/n 44815, C/S RYR35FY. Arriving from Barcelona, forced to divert to Palermo due to weather.
12.11.22 B.737 MAX 9 Turkish A/Ls TC-LYB c/n 60063, c/s THY6WN. Diverted to Tunisia due to weather over Malta.
12.11.22 B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QAF c/n 44811. Arriving from Milan, diverted to Catania due to weather.
12.11.22 A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AEP c/n 3056. Aircraft made a number of orbits before landing due to weather.
12.11.22 A.320-214 EasyJet G-EZOX c/n 6837. Aircraft made a number of orbits before landing due to weather.
12.11.22 Embraer E190-E2 Helvetic Airways HB-AZB c/n 19020026. Aircraft made a number of orbits before landing due to weather.
17.11.22 A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AHS c/n 5086. Aircraft departed on flight KM514 to Vienna, but returned almost immediately with unknown technical difficulties. A.320-214 Fly2Sly LZ-MDO, c/n 879, leased between 18th-19th.
20.11.22 A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEB c/n 8940. Aircraft was on the Malta London route (KM100). Diverted into Milan due to a medical emergency.
26.11.22 B.737-86N(SF) Compass Air LZ-CXB c/n 28616, c/s BCS7922. Diverted to Naples due to weather over Malta.
26.11.22 A.321-321 Veuling EC-MLD c/n 7105, c/s VLG5DQ. Arrived from Paris but diverted to Bari due to weather over Malta.
28.11.22 A.330-303 Turkish Airlines TC-JNS c/n 1458. The previous day’s flight by either B.737 or A.320 had been cancelled due to weather. This A.330 was used for additional capacity.
05.12.22 Embraer E195LR Air Dolomiti I-ADJS c/n 19000597, c/s LH1294. Aircraft was on a Munich-Malta, but diverted into Rome’s Fumicino Airport for unknown reasons.
14.12.22 A.321-211(PCF) SmartLynx 9H-CGD c/n 775. Aircraft went u/s with unknown technical problems, and was towed over to Park 4. Departed on the 18th.
14.12.22 B.737-8AS Rynair G-RUKG c/n 36575. Aircraft departed Manchester for Malta but diverted to Stansted for almost two hours, before continuing to Malta.
31.12.22 A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AEP Aircraft was on flight KM376/7 to Berlin. On departing Berlin, the aircraft suffered from a bird strike, immediately returning to the German Airport. Aircraft was flow back to Malta on 1st January 2023.


08.01.23 B.737-8AS Rynair 9H-QEI c/n 44828. Aircraft was meant to depart on flight FR9654 to Lisbon at 14:15 but was delayed after being hit by a baggage trailer. The flight was further delayed by bad weather over Portugal, finally departing Malta at 18.15hrs.
20.01.23 B.737-8AS Rynair 9H-QBY c/n 44720. Departed at 11:40 for Trapani, Sicily as FR7187. Performed an orbit s/e of Trapani, another orbit over Trapani Birgi Airport, before returning to Malta at 13:00.
26.01.23 B.737-8AS Ryanair EI-EVB c/n 34982. Aircraft was on flight FR3182 from Barcelona. Orbited to the south of Malta for approx. 15 minutes before being forced to divert to Sicily due to inclement weather over Malta at the time. Returned later.
26.01.23 A.320-214 SmartLynx 9H-SLD On lease to Air Malta. Suffered a bird strike on return flight from Rome as KM613.
04.02.23 B.737 MAX 8-200 Rynair 9H-VUN c/n 65886, c/s FR6696 to Edinburgh, but diverted to Brussels for unknown reasons. Flight operated by Malta Air.
05.02.23 A.320-214 Lufthansa D-AIUB c/n 5972, c/s LH306. Was on a Frankfurt-Catania flight, made a couple of orbits over Catania, then diverted to Malta for unknown reasons. Departed for Frankfurt as LH307 after approximately 75 minutes.
06.02.23 B.787-9 Dreamliner Gulf Air A9C-FE c/n 39984. Diverted on Casablanca to Bahrein return flight due to a medical emergency.
09.08.23 A.320-214 A.M. 9H-AHS Diverted to Palermo due to inclement weather over Malta at the time. Aircraft was returning from Rome on flight KM613.
10.02.23 B.757-2Q8(PCF) DHL D-ALES c/n 29442, c/s BCS7925. Departure delayed by four hours due to inclement weather over Malta.
12.02.23 Dash-8-400 Luxair LX-LGF c/n 4349. Aircraft had arrived on 9th January for maintenance with the Med-Avia. Scheduled to depart on this day, but encountered technical problems, and towed back to Med-Avia. Departed on the 13th.
13.02.23 B.757-208 Icelandair TF-FIN c/n 28989, c/s FI8802. Aircraft had arrived from Reykjavik onto to Nairobi. Departure delayed by three hours due to unknown technical problems.
21.02.23 Dash-8-100 Universal Air 9H-CTG c/n 222, c/s UVL111. Aircraft departed for Tripoli, but shortly after entering the Libya FIR, returned to Malta.
23.02.23 B.747-48EF Astral Aviation TF-AMU c/n 27603, c/s ACP2618. Operated by Air Atlanta Iceland. Aircraft was coming in from Libreville, but was forced divert to Palermo, Sicily, due to heavy fog over Malta during the night.
18.03.23 B.797-9 Dreamliner Saudia HZ-AR23 c/n 40049, c/s SV227. Diverted due to a medical emergency whilst on a flight to Madrid.
20.03.23 A.320-232 British Airways G-MIDX c/n 1177. Aircraft departed Malta on flight BA2645 to Gatwick but was forced to divert to Rome’s Fiumicino airport for unknown technical reasons.
20.03.23 P. PA-46-500TP Malibu   9H-CGF c/n 4697504. Aircraft burst a tire after landing on runway 13, blocking the runway.
20.03.23       As a result of the above incident, the following seven aircraft had to perform several orbits, prior to ATC vectored the aircraft for a landing on the shorter 05 runway.

ATR 72-202 Swiftair EC-KAD WT7274, c/n 171.

A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AHS KM515, c/n 5086.

A.320-271N Lufthansa D-AINI LH1276, c/n 7710.

A.220-300 Swiss HB-JCK LX1790, c/n 55027.

Dash-8-100 Universal 9H-CTG c/n 222, UVL777.

A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEC KM479, c/n 9049.

Bo. Challenger 601-3A 2-SMSN c/n 5030, from Lagos.
20.03.23 B.777-31H(ER) Emirates A6-EPM c/n 42332. As a result of the above incident, flight EK109 diverted to Tunis, returning to Malta later.
26.03.23 Lufthansa A.320-214 D-AIUH c/n 6225. Night arrival, but flight cancelled. Departed Malta in the early morning of the 28th.
27.03.23 B.757-2Q8(PCF) DHL D-ALEQ c/n 26332. Departed shortly after midnight on the 28th. Having been delayed for 2.5 hours by unknown technical issues.
28.03.23 A.320-214 Eurowings D-AEWV c/n 7545, c/s EW816. Aircraft was on a Cologne to Catania flight but diverted to Malta for unknown reasons. Landed at around 21:00 hrs, departing shortly after midnight.
29.03.23 B.737-866 Egyptair SU-GCS c/n 35563, c/s MS845. Diverted on a Cairo to Algiers flight due to a medical emergency. Aircraft was in Star Alliance livery.
03.04.23 A.330-303 Turkish A/Ls TC-JOA c/n 1501. Diverted due to a medical emergency.
13.04.23 B.737 MAX 8-200 Ryanair 9H-VVH c/n 62342. Aircraft was returning from Milan on FR7324, but was forced to divert to Rome Fiumicino due to a medical emergency.
13.04.23 B.737 MAX 8-200 Ryanair 9H-VVH c/n 62342. The same aircraft was departing on flight FR9657 for Riga. The pilot reported a tail strike during the take-off run and decided to abort the flight. Landed after several orbits to burn up fuel. First flight after this incident was on the 17th.

As the aircraft was Malta-based, it was replaced by B.737 MAX 8-200 EI-HGH c/n 62324, which performed flights from Malta between 14th - 19th April.
21.04.23 A.300B4-622R(F) MNG Airlines TC-MCC c/n 734. Diverted to Malta on a Paris-Istanbul flight, possibly due to a medical emergency.
24.04.23 B.757-28A(SF) DHL D-ALEV c/n 28161. Aircraft had departed for Bologna, Italy, but was forced to return, apparently due to APU problems. Departed in the evening of the 25th.
01.05.23 B.737-809 AlbaStar EC-NGC c/n 28236. Diverted to Malta on a Luxor-Malaga flight.
07.05.23 A.320-233 DAT OY-RUZ c/n 839. Aircraft had arrived on lease by Air Malta the previous day. Diverted to Rimini during flight KM376 to Berlin.

Trade Air A.320-214, 9A-BTH, c/n 1454, flew in from Ljubljana as KM9376 on 08.05.23, continuing the flight to Berlin as KM376, returning to Malta as KM377. Departed for Tarbes as KM9112 on the 9th.
08.05.23 B.737-9F2(ER) Turkish Airlines TC-JYH c/n 40984. Aircraft became AOG, departing early morning on the 9th.

Passengers were picked up the same by A.321-231 TC-JRU, c/n 4788.
14.05.23 B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QCI c/n 44726, c/s FR1722. Arrived from Naples but forced to divert to Catania due to reported wind shear on the approach.
14.05.23 A.321-231 Vueling EC-MGZ c/n 6660 c/s VY8612. Arrived from Paris but diverted to Palermo for the above reason.
14.05.23 A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEB c/n 8940, c/s KM377. Arrived from Berlin but forced to divert to Catania for the above reason.
14.05.23 A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NED c/n 10106, c/s KM477. Arrived from Paris but forced to divert to Catania for the above reason.

Three commercial flights and a biz-jets landed soon after, with the pilot of one flight reporting severe turbulence on the approach at 3,000 ft.
19.05.23 Ga. Learjet 60XR ADAC Leftrettung D-CURE c/n 60-379. The aircraft was on a flight from Nuremberg to Comiso Sicily, but diverted to Malta. Departed after two hours for Olbia, Sardinia.
19.05.23 A.320-214 Lufthansa D-AIUN c/n 6549. Aircraft arrived for a night stop, but developed technical problems.
23.05.23 B.757-2Q8(PCF) DHL D-ALEO c/n 29443. Aircraft suffered from unknown technical problems, departing late evening of the 24th.


02.06.23 A.320-214 Lufthansa D-AIZJ c/n 4449. Performing flight LH1310 from Frankfurt but diverted to Palermo for unknown reasons for approximately 50 minutes.
15.06.23 B. 737-436 Air Horizont 9H-ZAZ c/n 25349. Aircraft took a wrong turn after landing, ending on the grass, before being towed to its paring slot.
18.06.23   Air Malta   Flight KM466/7 to Paris Orly cancelled due to weather.
23.06.23 Tecnam P2002 Sierra JF Malta School of Flying F-HUBK Cause of the accident unknown, but aircraft was photographed resting on its nose, the nose wheel having apparently collapsed.
23.06.23 Dash-8-315 US Dept. of State N568AW c/n 568. Departed Tripoli for Malta but diverted to Tunis for unknown reasons.
04.07.23 A.330-343(P2F) Galistair Infinte Aviation EI-MAE c/n 964. Aircraft had arrived the previous day. Departure on this day at 01:50 delayed by unknown technical issues, leaving later at 20.30hrs.
07.07.23 B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QAS c/n 44693. Returned back to Malta Int’l Airport after a tail strike. Aircraft was a flight to Venice, departed again two hours later.
12.07.23 A.319-111 easyJet G-EZDD c/n 3442. Aircraft suffered unknown technical problem. Departed on the 13th.
15.07.23 A.320-251N Atlantic A/Ws OY-RCL c/n 10006 Arrived on weekly flight RC7124. Became AOG, departing on the 16th. Replaced by OY-RCK, c/n 8918, landing shortly after midnight of the 16th.
16.07.23 A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEO c/n 7875. Aircraft was on flight AMC476 to Paris Orly. Having reached the upper western part of Sicily, the aircraft returned to Malta for unknown reasons.
19.07.23 A.321-231 Turkish A/Ls TC-JSD c/n 5388. Aircraft went u/s after arriving from Istanbul. Departed on the 21st at 01:00hrs.
20.07.23 B.737-8JP Jet2 G-DRTO c/n 37818. Aircraft was inbound to Malta but diverted to Palermo. Landed at MIA a couple of hours later, but remained at MIA, eventually departing on the 21st. B.737-883, G-JZBT, c/n 34546 sent as a replacement aircraft.
21.07.23 E195-E2 Helvetic A/Ws HB-AZK c/n 19020058. Aircraft arrived on flight LX1790, but went unserviceable for unknown reasons. Departed on the 22nd after a 24-hour delay.
07.08.23 A.321-231 B.A. G-EUXD c/n 2320. Aircraft became unserviceable, and entered SR Technic for repairs, departing on the 11th.
08.08.23 A.320 A.M. 9H-NEB Aircraft was on flight KM466 to Orly. Returned to Malta for unknown reasons.
11.08.23 A.320-214 easyJet G-EZTH c/n 3953. Aircraft became unserviceable, departing on the 14th.
11.08.23 A.321-251NX Pegasus TC-RBY c/n 10976. Diverted for medical reasons on an Istanbul to Casablanca.
13.08.23 B.737 MAX 8-200 Malta Air 9H-VUA c/n 65874. Performing flight FR6696 to Edinburgh. Returned to Malta shortly after departure for unknown reasons. Took-off for same destination two hours later.
29.08.23 A.319-132 Turkish A/Ls TC-JLZ c/n 4790. Aircraft became u/s on a normal scheduled flight. Departed early morning of the 30th.
30.08.23 A.320-214 easyJet G-EJCD c/n 3945. Aircraft became u/s prior to departure on a scheduled flight. Eventually left on 01.09.23.
31.08.23 B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QBN c/n 44710. Diverted to Palermo, Sicily, on a Rome – Malta flight as FR5586.
02.09.23 B.737-8F2 Turkish A/Ls TC-JZF Aircraft taxied out of Park 9 and holding on taxiway Delta to backtrack 13 for departure. Inbound Ryanair B.737-8AS SP-RNA had landed on 13 and attempted to vacate via the same taxiway Delta, and blocking the way for the Turkish Airlines. Cause of this misunderstanding, which happened at night, unknown.
03.09.23 A.320-214 A.M. 9H-MLD Departed for Dusseldorf, but forced to return due to a medical emergency.
02.09.23 A.320-214 A.M. 9H-AEP c/n 3056. Forced to return to Geneva airport shrtly after departure on flight KM482.
06.09.23 B.337 MAX 8 Turkish A/Ls TC-LCR c/n 60059. Diverted on a night time flight between Istanbul – Doula due to a medical emergency. Departed after a few hours.
20.09.23 A.320-214 A.M. 9H-AHS c/n 5086. Returned after departure for unknown reasons.
21.09.23 B.737-8K5 TUI Airways G-TAWJ c/n 38108. Aircraft taxied out for take-off, but returned to the stand. Departed for the UK a little over two hours later.
27.09.23 Dash-8-100 Universal Air 9H-CTG c/n 222. For whatever reason, aircraft appears to have rolled down taxiway Bravo (which is at a slight incline) onto r/w 31/13, coming to a halt on the grass area opposite. It was towed back to Med-Avia, but this incident led to the cancellation of flight UVL009 to Libya.

As a result, runway 13/31 was temporary closed for a few minutes, with ASL Airlines B.737-490(SF), OE-IBI, c/n 28892, and Ryanair B.737 MAX-8-200, 9H-VVK, c/n 62363, having to land on r/w 05.
28.09.23 B.737-8 Dreamliner Royal Air Maroc CN-RGT c/n 35509. Night-time diversion for medical reasons on a Casablanca – Dubai flight. The aircraft also needed a tyre change, which may explain the delay in departing at around 09:30.
12.10.23 B.737 MAX 8 TUI Fly G-TUMN c/n 44655, c/s BY4482 from Gatwick, diverted to Catania due to blocked runway by drone. (See under Military accidents page.
12.10.23 B.737-85P Jet 2 G-IZBU c/n 35706, c/s LS573 inbound from Newcastle, diverted to Catania. As above.
12.10.23 B.737 MAX 8-200 Ryanair 9H-VUZ c/n 62339, c/s FR3882 inbound from Luton, diverted to Palermo. As above.
12.10.23 A.321-211 Jet 2 G-POWN c/n 3830, c/s LS1519 inbound from Stansted, diverted to Catania. As above.
12.10.23 PC-24 Platoon Airlines D-CHMS c/n 221, c/s PTN219. Performed a number of orbits, but landed at Malta.
12.10.23 B.737 MAX 8-200 Ryanair EI-IHK c/n 62358, c/s FR7242 from Dublin. Performed a number of orbits, but landed at Malta.
12.10.23 A.320-232 Avion Express 9H-MLC c/n 4645, c/s AMC483 inbound from Geneva. Performed a number of orbits, but landed at Malta.
19.10.23 A.320-251N easyJet G-UZLK c/n 9504. Early morning arrival, with a heavy landing being experienced. Aircraft towed to SRT for checks, aircraft departing at around midday on the 20th.
19.10.23 P. PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II European Flight Academy 9H-GYN c/n 28-8116204. Aircraft suffered a blown tyre temporarily blocking r/w 13. The following aircraft diverted to Catania.

A.319-132 Eurowings D-AGWO c/n 4166, c/s EW9690 from Dusseldorf.

B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QCM c/n 44737, c/s FR4992 from Parma.

Emb. E195-E2 Helvetic A/Ws HB-AZL, c/n 19020059, c/s LX1790 from Zurich. Captain initiated a diversion to Sicily, but over Agrigento turned round and returned to Malta.


27.10.23 A.321-231 B.A. G-EUXK c/n 3235. Aircraft departed Gatwick on flight BA2646 (to Malta) but was forced to return to Gatwick for unknown reasons.

Replaced by A.321-231 G-EUXD c/n 2320. Departure from LGW delayed by almost two hours.
28.10.23 Tecnam 92 Echo European Pilot Academy 9H-LQA c/n 079. Unknown landing or taxing accident, a photograph showing the aircraft resting on its nose. As the secondary runway was closed for resurfacing, the airport was temporarily shut down, forcing the following incoming flights to divert to Catania.

A.320-232 Lauda Europe 9H-LMG, c/n 4603, FR1588 from Vienna.

B.737-8AS Ryanair 9H-QDM, c/n 44762, FR5586 from Rome.

A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEF, c/n 11518, KM515 from Vienna.

A.320-214 Air Malta 9H-AHS, c/n 5086, AMC587 from Madrid.
13.11.23 B.737-4Q8(SF) Fedex OE-IAE c/n 25105. Flight cancelled as the aircraft became AOG at Rome Fiumicino. Should have been replaced by OO-TNP, but this couldn’t be confirmed.
14.11.23 A.330-223 Turkish Airlines TC-LOH c/n 1213. Diverted on a Turkey-Algiers flight after a passenger reported feeling unwell.

According to press reports, after a medical team board the plane, two unrelated passengers ran out of the aircraft and into the airport lounge in an attempt to escape, but were apprehended by airport security.

Further complicating the issue were four children travelling with the sick passenger, who refused to continue the journey. The captain also refused to continue the flight as the children were agitated, and the captain decided they could pose a risk to the other passengers.

Airport authorities decided to take custody of the children, and the flight departed for its destination.
15.11.23 Embraer Legacy 500 Flexjet 9H-JFX Crew issued a pan call, landed with hydraulic problems.
18.11.23 A.330-343 Saudia HZ-AQL c/n 1513. Diverted on a Jeddah to Tunis flight due to a medical emergency. Aircraft was in SkyTeam Livery colours.
19.11.23 Ce. 560XL Citation XLS Visajet 9H-XOC c/n 560-5640. Appears to have suffered technical difficulties prior to start up. Taxying tests on the 20th.
28.11.23 B.757-2Q8 DHL D-ALEP c/n 30046. Aircraft was meant to arrive from Leipzig (QY7922) but was forced to cancel the flight due to bad weather. The flight was performed later by B.757-223(PCF) OE-LNX, c/n 29589.
12.12.23 B.757-2Q8(PCF) DHL D-ALEP c/n 30046. Arrived from Leipzig, but flight to Bologna cancelled due to unknown technical problems. Departed for Leipzig in the evening of the 13th.
06.01.24 A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEO c/n 7875. Diverted to Catania on return from Zurich on flight AMC491, possibly due to weather.
07.01.24 B.747-4H6(BDSF) Mesk Air 9H-MSK c/n 27044. Diverted to Malta after departing from Tripoli due to undercarriage problems. Entered ACM on the 8th. Departed Safi, and Malta on the 12th.
08.01.24 Ce. 550 Citation II   N505MS c/n 550-0601. Diverted to Malta on a Tunis to Rome flight.

A number of test flights on the 10th, but exact date of departure unknown, but should have left by the 11th.
13.01.24 Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 VistaJet 9H-VJW c/n 9728. Diverted to Malta on a Lagos – Larnaca flight for unknown reasons. Departed on the 14th for Almaty.
15.01.24 A.330-203 Turkish Airlines TC-JNC c/n 742. Aircraft diverted on a night time Banjul- Istanbul flight. Departed Malta at around 04.40. Aircraft was in retro livery.
21.01.24 A.320-232 B.A. G-GATL c/n 1834. Aircraft became AOG, departing on the 22nd.
22.01.24 B.737 MAX 8 Turkish A/Ls TC-LCE c/n 60036. Departure delayed by 17 hours, possibly because of technical issues.
31.01.24 Dash 8-311Q Swedish Coast Guard SE-MAA c/n 622. Aircraft had arrived for maintenance on 02.01.24. Test flown on the 30th, departing the following day late afternoon. Forced to return with hydraulic problems. Departed on 7th March.
10.02.24 A.321-251NX Pegasus A/Ls TC-RBB Late night diversion on an Istanbul – Casablanca flight due to a medical emergency, Departed after 01:00hrs in the 11th.
21.02.24 ATR 72-202(F) Swiftair 9H-BWW c/n 416. Aircraft was on its regular daily freight service, becoming AOG for unknown reasons. Departed late evening of the 22nd.
02.03.24 B.737-8AS Malta Air 9H-QBZ c/n 44721. Departed for Milan at approx. 08:35 but returned with apparent undercarriage problems.
30.03.24 A.320-214 Lufthansa D-AIUE c/n 6092. Aircraft departed on a scheduled flight to Munich, but returned after a few minutes for unknown reasons. Departed after 3.5 hours.
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