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12.03.27 DH.66 Hercules Imperial A/Ws G-EBMA Bad weather prevented the departure of the aircraft until the 14th.
25.11.27 Short S.5 Singapore Sir Alan Cobham G-EBUP Sir Alan and Lady Cobham landed at St. Paul’s Bay from Ajjacio just before dark on 24.11.27. On the 25th he flew to Marsaxlokk. While being towed to Kalafrana, a swell broke off a float. The aircraft was towed to the NE side and moored to shelter under the cliffs until the 28th when the aircraft was towed to moorings inside Kalafrana breakwater, the sea swell being too rough to allow safe beaching of the aircraft.

On the 29th at 16:00hrs, with the weather getting worse, the port float was also torn off, and the aircraft had to be beached to save it, only the lower wing suffering damage.

Aircraft launched on 08.01.28 for three or four test flights, being moored at St. George’s Bay. On the 9th, the aircraft was refuelled and a short test flight performed. Wind/sea conditions made it impracticable to refuel the aircraft, which was left at its moorings. The wind increased to gale force 4 during the night of 9/10th, breaking the flying boat away from her moorings to the sandy shore, where the starboard float was again discovered to have been holed. The spare float at Kalafrana had to first be modified before it could be attached, the repair men having to stand in waist-deep water to do the job. The aircraft was finally towed to her mooring again by 17:00hrs.

On the 12th, the aircraft was flown to Grand Harbour, and hoisted ashore by a crane for the hull to be examined. The work was completed by the 17th, and Sir Alan finally left for Benghazi on the 21st.
25.11.27 Fokker F.XI   G-EBUT Arrived with 2 persons. Departure, for East Africa, delayed by weather until 01.12.27. Pilot was a Mr. Cadbury.
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