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04.01.50 V. Viking Airwork Ltd G-AJFP Plane’s captain was feeling unwell and taken under observation at Mtarfa Hospital. Aircraft inbound from Wadi Halfa, Sudan, to the UK.
24.01.50 DH Dove Air Malta G-AKJP Passenger died on board aircraft as it was inbound from Catania.
30.01.50 Canadair DC-4M2 Argonaut B.O.A.C. G-ALHN Arrived from Cairo at 13:04, scheduled to take-off at 15:00. Departure cancelled due to weather, left on the 31st at 07:45.
14.02.50 DC-3 Pan African Air Charter ZS-BRX Aircraft was on a South Africa to UK flight. Inbound from El Adem Libya. One passenger was sent to Lazzaretto with suspected tonsillitis and temp of 100.4.
25.03.50 Consul Bowmaker Ltd. G-AIKS Scheduled to depart for Catania at 09:10, put back (cancelled) for unknown reasons. Next flight (to Tunis) on 04.04.50 at 12:20.
02.04.50 DC-3 Air Malta G-AIJD Arrived the previous day at 18:50 from Catania. Departure to same destination at 08:30 canx, put back at 09:15 for unknown reasons. Left for Catania on the 3rd at 06:15. Leased from Ciro’s Aviation.
08.04.50 V. Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AJFR Arrived from Tripoli at 15:30 on flight SG619/2 the previous day. Took off at 06:10, but returned at 06:25. Left again at 07:51.
08.04.50 DH Hornet Moth   G-AELO Aircraft had been hired by two Cambridge University students over the Easter holidays for a tour of Europe and North Africa. There were no problems on the flight into/out of Malta; the only consternation seems to have arisen from the aircraft being non-radio. One of the Flight Plans was annotated "No W/T. Proceeds at own risk".
08.05.50 V. Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AHOT Arrived from Blackbushe the previous day at 18:00. Took off for Sudan at 04:40, returning for unspecified reasons at 05:30. No further departure details.
24.06.50 HP Hermes BOAC G-ALHC Arrived from the UK at 15:30 to Cairo. Put back from 16:45 to 19:30.
06.07.50 SM.95C   I-LAIT Arrived from Tripoli at 07:55, c/s AZ470, with 3 passengers . Note in Cus 12: “Had a broken wheel on taxying before departure at 8:30am. Ob 6/7.” Departed , without passengers, at 5:45 (17:45) but no departure date given. Later in the day, I-LITA arrived from Ciampino at 16:05, departing on the 7th at 17:35 with three passengers . Was it connected to I-LAIT?
14.08.50 SM.95C   I-LITA Arrived from Rome to Tripoli between 12:25-13:10. Put back at 13:25, left at 16:15.
22.09.50 Ai. Consul   G-AIBF One of a number of Consuls stationed in Malta at the time. Left the UK on the 12th, and returned on this date. Note in Custom file IA-12/08D: “Log book left at Lyons. Will be forwarded by first available aircraft.”
20.10.50 Ai. Consul   G-AIBF Departure on this date at 10:05 crossed out, no reason given. Next flight on the 22nd to/from Tunis.
10.11.50 HP Hermes BOAC G-ALDI Arrived from the UK at 16:24 for Nairobi. Put back with engine trouble at 19:00, departing on the 11th at 09:15.
24.11.50 DC-3 Air Contractors Ltd. G-AIWE Arrived from the UK via Schipol, between 10:45-11:45. Departure put back to 16:00.
12.12.50 V. Viking Hunting Air Travel G-AHPB Arrived from the UK at 10:00 the previous day. Departure at 05:35 put back, left at 10:55 at for Kenya.
28.01.51 Shorts S.45 Solent 3 Trans Oceanic Airways VH-TOA Wing float separated/broken during taxiing at Marsaxlokk Harbour, leading to the aircraft capsizing. One fatality. Aircraft named “Star of Australia”, and was to take Maltese immigrants to Australia. This report taken from The Times of the day. See Deliveries page for additional details.
05.02.51 HP Hermes BOAC G-ALDJ Aircraft had an unserviceable engine. Cargo transferred to G-ALDS. Does not state if the aircraft arrived w/us engine, or the fault developed on the ground. Eventually left on the 9th at 01:00.
07.02.51 HP Hermes B.O.A.C. G-ALDS From/to the UK between 01:55-02:50. Took cargo of G-ALDJ above.
18.03.51 DC-3 Air Contractors Ltd. G-AIWE Landed at 15:45. Left at 23:38, but returned at 23:50 for unspecified reasons. Departed again on the 19th at 08:30.
19.03.51 V. Viking Crewsair Ltd. G-AHOP Aircraft returned due to radio problems. Eventually left on the 20th 16:45.
23.03.51 HP Halifax Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AIHV Aircraft had arrived on the 2 0 th at 21:55 from the UK, bound for Teheran, c/s H309. Note in Cus 12 “Authorised to leave by Director of Civil Aviation”, also carried signature of a/c captain. Departed for the UK at 10:20. Freight on board this aircraft was loaded onto Halifax G-AKEC, which night-stopped between 22nd-23rd, 20:00-04:02, c/s H311, enroute to Teheran .
11.04.51 V. Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AJFR Landed at 08:55. An 09:45 departure was put back to 10:15, eventually leaving at 13:55.
08.07.51 V. Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AJFS Arrived from Port Said & El Adem at 20:30. Departure at 08:30 put back at 09:00 due to engine trouble, left again at 10:25. Departure is listed as 12th 00:05.
29.07.51 Percival P.34 Proctor III   I-MARG Landed at 09:50. Departure date 30th at 08:07 crossed out, replaced by 05.08.51. c/n H368, LZ684, first registered as G-ALCG on 28.06.48, canx from UK register on 13.09.48, registered in Italy.
31.08.51 A. 685 York C.1 Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AGSN The aircraft departed from Blackbushe Airport for RAF Fayid via Malta. After a heavy landing at Fayid the starboard oleo leg collapsed and the wheel went up through the wing. The York skidded off the runway.
28.11.51 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. WW582/G-AGNX Arrived from Bovington UK at 15:20 with an expired CoA. As no passengers were being carried, and the aircraft was on charter with the RAF, it was decided to allow the captain to continue with his journey, but obtain a proper certificate back in the UK.
09.02.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AGSL/WW579 Aircraft arrived from Fayid, Egypt on the 8th, at 21:17, scheduled to depart at 04:30. Put back, departed for the UK on the 11th.
11.02.52 V. Viking Hunting Air Transport G-AHOY Arrived on the 10th at 15:40 from Bovingdon, scheduled to return at 06:45. Had “Put Back”, departed on the 12th. c/s MA190.
17.02.52 V. Viking Hunting Air Transport Ltd G-AHPI c/n 142. Flew into the north slope of the La Cinta mountain range at an altitude of 1040m. Failed to maintain a greater safety altitude during flight over Sicily not taking in consideration the thundery formations present over the area. 20 casualties.
28.02.52 V. Viking Hunting Air Transport G-AHOY Landed at 17:25. Departure at 06:30 put back to 09:45.
31.03.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AHFD Aircraft landed on this day at 21:14. Departure of 22:14 was put back to 00:50 on 1st April, then to 09:28 same day, followed by 11:50 on the 2nd. Final departure date given as 11th, but no time stated.
01.04.52 V. Viking B.E.A. G-AJBW Arrived the previous day 18:12. Departure at 05:48 was put back to 07:30.
13.04.52 A. York Scottish Airlines   Overshot runway. Wasn’t carrying passengers, no injuries to crew.
20.04.52 V. Viking Medair G-AIXS Arrived from Tripoli the previous day at 16:43. An 07:00 departure to Nice put back to 11:45. c/s FTL/92.
26.04.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AHIA Arrived from the UK at 20:49. Departure for Egypt at 23:00 put back to the 30th at 13:15. c/s Y285/T192.
29.04.52 V. Viking Hunting Air Transport G-AHPB Aircraft arrived Bovingdon at 04:15, supposed to depart at 07:10. Departure date 29 at 07:45 crossed. Left on the 30th. c/s MA269.
30.04.52 DC-4 T.A.I. F-BELA Re-fuelling stop between 03:15-05:15. Aircraft landed at Hal-Far due to fog at Luqa.
10.05.52 V. Viking BOAC G-AJVG Arrived from Cairo the previous day at 18:25. Departure of 06:45 was put back to 07:45 and then 09:05. Flight number BE80/0905.
12-24.05.52       Luqa closed for runway repairs.
21.05.52 DC-2 Phoenix Airlines ZS-DFX Aircraft was returning to South Africa from Southend, UK having landed on the 20th. Departure was scheduled for 12:15. Note in Outbound General Declaration “Put back at 14:00. Left 15:50 22/5/52”.
06.06.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AGNW Arrived from the UK at 20:57. Departure to Egypt at 22:40 cancelled. Aircraft left Malta on the 10th at 09:00.
17.06.52 V. Viking Hunting Air Transport G-AHOY Arrived on the 16th from Bovingdon, UK, on flight MA381/A. Note in Cus 12: “Left at 08:17 for an air test. Landed at 8:50am (local). Left again for Nice at 9:39am (local). Returned at 10:14am (local), all on 17-6-52”. Departed on the 18th at 08:25.
19.06.52 A. Tudor William Dempster Ltd. G-AKCD Landed at Hal Far at 11:45, on flight SCD24. Original departure time of 18:00 put back to 19:07. Note in Custom 12 file “Again took off at 2:50pm (local) on 20-6-52”.
28.06.52 V. Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AIXR Arrived on the 27th at 17:35 from Blackbushe. Departure time of 04:45 put back at 07:15.
05.07.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AHFH Arrived from Fayid, Egypt at 01:15, flight number FB244/52. Note in Custom 12 file: “Took off for test flight and put back”. Departed at 01:45.
09.07.52 V. Viking Hunting Air Transport G-AGRW Flight number MA399A. Arrived on the 8th at 18:00 on a UK-Malta-UK flight. Departure at 08:00 delayed by three hours.
12.07.52 HP Hermes Airwork Ltd. G-ALDB Landed at 03:00 from the UK on flight HCQ23. Departure at 07:15 delayed until 09:00.
21.07.52 DC-3 Aden A/Ws VR-AAE Arrived the previous day from El Adem, Libya, at 17:08. Departure at 08:00 cancelled. Eventually departed on the 31st at 06:15.
23.07.52 HP Hermes 4A Airwork Ltd. WZ839/G-ALDB Aircraft was a trooping flight, manned by a crew holding Complimentary Commissions in the RAF, under charter contract to the Air Ministry. It departed from the UK at 20:16Z to Malta.

Over France, the No. 4 engine ‘cut dead’ twice in quick succession, leading to propeller over speeding. Before the flight engineer could feather the prop, a loud explosion was heard, and number 4 propeller tore adrift into no. 3 engine, forcing that engine to sag downwards out of alignment. Fuel and oil to those engine were switched off, and full left rudder and aileron applied to maintain direction, but the aircraft began to lose height. Fuel was also jettisoned.

A belly landing in open country was made, the aircraft being completely destroyed by the ensuing fire.

No fatalities, (6 crew, 64 troops) but the captain suffered injuries as he was not properly strapped in, and a soldier fell on his head as he escaped from an emergency window.

Cause of the accident believed to be metal fatigue in the engine crankshaft.
25.07.52 V. Viking C.1 Crewsair G-AHON Damaged by fire following a heavy landing when both engines failed just before landing and port undercarriage collapsing. Major components transported by sea to Southend, where it was blown off its trestle by a gale in December, suffering further damage. Subsequently transported by road to Blackbushe. Believed scrapped/destroyed at Backbushe. Briefly seen in the documentary Jubilee 1912-1962 – The Story of The Royal Flying Corps and The Royal Air Force, featured taking off during the Berlin airlift in Trans World Charter titles.

Note in Custom 12 file: “Plane crashed on landing at 5.18a.m. local time. Crew and passengers are safe. No casualties.”
27.07.52 DC-3 Tropic Airways ZS-DFB Ditched off Benghazi, Libya, during a cross-Mediterranean flight from Malta to Benina. This was on a Amsterdam-Johannesburg flight. All occupants were initially rescued by a US AF SA-16 49-0072 Albatross and transferred to Royal Navy ships.

The following update was added on 05.10.14: On 27th July 1952, 49-0072 was dispatched from Wheelus AFB to assist Tropic Airways Dakota ZS-DFB with 32 people aboard en route from Malta to Benghazi, which had suffered an engine failure and ditched in the Mediterranean Sea, 110 miles NW of its destination. Despite heavy seas, ‘072 made a water landing to assist the survivors and managed to pick them all up from their life rafts (making 38 souls on board the SA-16). When surface vessels eventually reached the scene to take aboard those who had been rescued, their whaleboats were thrown against the aircraft and damaged it to such an extent as to make it unflyable. The aircraft crew was taken aboard a Royal Navy Frigate which towed the SA-16 to Benghazi, arriving there on 30th July. Further damage to the aircraft’s radome, port engine and port wing was caused during collisions with the frigate while under tow. The wreck was subsequently returned to Wheelus aboard a US Navy LSD. The aircraft was never repaired and it was authorised for salvage on 13th April 1953.
28.07.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AGNW Arrived the previous day. Departure cancelled for unknown reasons, departing for Egypt on the 29th at 11:30.
29.07.52 V. Viking Hunting Air Transport G-AHPJ Arrived on the 28th at 17:50. Departure at 07:50 cancelled. Departed on the 30th at 07:36. Flight number MA359A.
29.07.52 V. Viking B.E.A. G-AHPM Arrived the previous day at 17:50. Departure on this day delayed until the 31st at 09:15.
25.08.52 HP Hermes Airwork Ltd. G-ALDF Aircraft, inbound to Malta from Birmingham, crashed into the sea off Trapani, Sicily. Accident report at Survivors were brought to Malta on board two company aircraft, Viking G-AGFT and DC-3 G-AMBW.
14.09.52 V. Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AIXR Aircraft had arrived the previous evening at 18:45. Departure on this day delayed by thick mist. Flight number SG78/2.
29.09.52 Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AKTV Arrived from Nairobi on the 28th at 15:05. Departure at 03:30 crossed 30th 06:05. c/s AW002/19,
22.10.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AGOB/WW501 Technical stop between 08:46-11:45. Departure time crossed, left on the 23rd at 10:20. c/s Y548/350.
25.10.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AHFC/WW507 Aircraft arrived from Fayid on the 24th at 21:50, scheduled to depart for the UK at 07:00. Returned to Luqa at 08:30 with engine problems, finally leaving on the 29th. c/s Y550/T351.
07.11.52 DC-4 T.A.I. F-BELG Technical stop between 03:21-04:20, from Orly to Saigon. Returned to Luqa at 7:00 owing to engine trouble. Left on the 9th at 03:10. c/s 535.
11.11.52 DC-3 William Dempster G-AMSS Arrived from South Africa at 00:50, departing for Nice at 02:45. Note in files: Precious cargo. Sealing of a/c unit not possible. Guard in ____ duty.
13.11.52 A. York Lancashire Aircraft Corp. G-AHFG Arrived from Stansted on the 12th at 21:16, meant to depart for Fayid at 09:45. Departure time crossed out, replaced with 11:20. c/s Y584/371.
25.11.52 A. York Skyways G-AHFC Arrived from Fayid at 01:20, meant to depart for Stansted at 03:45. c/s FB385. File had “Put Back 02.12.52 11:45”.
25.11.52 DC-3 William Dempster Ltd G-AMSS Arrived from El Adem at 10:30, departing at 12:30 for Nice, c/s NCD33. Note in Custom files: Gold Cargo in transit. Plane put under police supervision.
27.11.52 A. York Eagle Aviation Ltd. G-AGNP c/s 260/B29. Arrived from Lyneham for a technical stop between 15:03-16:00, to continue to Benina. Departure time crossed out, replaced with 28th 10:15.
28.11.52 A. York Skyways Ltd. G-AHFF c/s Y613/T392. Arrived from Stansted for a stop-over between 02:05-13:15, to continue to Fayid, Egypt. File had Put Back 29th 08:45.
30.11.52 A. York Skyways Ltd. G-AGNY Technical stop between 01:40-07:30, from Stansted to Nairobi. File had Put back at 10:00. Dep on 1st December.
07.12.52 A. York Skyways Ltd. G-AHFF/WW503 Technical stop between 00:05-07:30, the aircraft coming from Fayid to Stansted. Put Back 9th 05:45.
09-10.12.52 DC-3 William Dempster Ltd. G-AMSS Arrived from South Africa at 16:45, departing for Bovingdon at 05:00. Note in file: Gold Cargo in transit. Plane put under police supervision.
31.12.52 HP Hermes Air Work Ltd G-ALDA Arrived from Blackbushe at 17:20, departing for EL Adem at 04:00. Note in files: “MAS (Malta Aviation Services) did not inform customs of arrival. No sealing up”.
03.01.53 DH Comet B.O.A.C. G-ALYR c/s BA116/649. Arrived from Cairo at 06:35, to depart for Ciampino at 08:00. Departure time crossed out, replaced with 14:15.
14.01.53 DC-3 East African A/Ws VP-KKI On delivery from the UK to Africa. Landed at 11:00, should have departed at 11:30. Note in files: Put Back, 15th 09:30.
12.06.53 A. Tudor William Dempster Ltd. G-AKCD Arrived from the UK via Amsterdam, Munich & Rome at 02:10. Pilot reported that there was no green light to indicate that the tail wheel was in the down position, and that he was using emergency air at 02:25, landing at 01:28z. Aircraft sustained minor damage, and was unable to taxi, remaining an obstruction on the runway until 07:45. Repaired and left Malta for Wadi Halfa the same day at 20:45.
26.03.54 HP Hermes Airwork G-ALDC Arrived from Nairobi at 05:00 with 65 passengers and 6 crew, departing for Blackbushe at 08:00. Departure cancelled until the 27th at 00:30, departing with just 7 crew.
30.03.54 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-AMUN Arrived from Nicosia at 17:45 the previous. Departure on the above date at 07:30 for the UK crossed out, departing on 2nd April at 12:10.
03.04.54 A. York Skyways G-AHFF This was meant to be a technical stop between 19:27-21:30. Had “Put back at 11p.m.” Departed on the 4th at 20:30.
08.04.54 HP Hermes Airwork Ltd. G-AKFP At Luqa between 10:45-14:55, having arrived from Blackbushe as HCQ259. Departed for Fayid, Egypt, but returned to Hal-Far. Departed on the 12th at 06:48.
13.04.54 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-AMUM Damaged beyond repair when the pilot attempted to start the no. 3 engine by a fast taxi-run along the runway, but failed to stop in time. See details below. c/s SAL03.

Accident report - York G-AMUM

The accident

Aircraft had departed from the UK on 03.04.54 under an Air Ministry charter to Singapore. On the return flight, the aircraft landed at Luqa at 03:18hrs on 13.04.54, having arrived from Cyprus.

On re-embarking passengers, the no.3 engine failed to start, due to a starter motor defect. Captain wanted to start the engine by “windmilling”, performing a fast taxi run on the runway. As a precaution, the passengers, air hostess, together with the radio and navigation officers were asked to disembark. Brake pressure was judged sufficient to bring the aircraft to a stop.

The no. 3 engine started turning as the captain had abandoned the run and started applying the brakes. They didn’t respond immediately, and by the time they were applied for the second time, the aircraft had reached the end of the runway, and eventually came to a stop in a field 130 feet from the runway’s end. (According to witness reports, by the time the aircraft had approached the runways intersection, the propeller was rotating quite fast.)

What happened?

The Flight Engineer confirmed during an inquiry that he did not inform the captain that there was a spare starter motor onboard. The airlines’ Chief Engineer confirmed that a spare starter motor was always carried, and it would have taken the crew around three hours to effect the change, depending on conditions and facilities available. He also deemed it permissible to try a start an engine by “windmilling”, this being the last leg of this flight.

On his part, the captain claimed that he didn’t wish to delay the departure of the aircraft as he wanted to cause the least inconvenience to the passengers, who might have informed relatives of their estimated arrival time. As the aircraft was not flying on a scheduled journey operating in accordance with a published time table, and that a three-hour delay – on a Singapore to UK flight - was not considered as an unreasonable delay, his explanation was not accepted.

Scottish Airlines rules stated that crews shouldn’t fly more than 125 hours within a 30-day period, whereas the captain had flown almost 70 hours in a nine-day period, which was considered a bit too concentrated for a 45-year-old pilot. Having flown more than half his monthly allotment of hours, in just under a third of the time, it was deemed that his mentally alertness may have been below normal. However, it was later noted that the crew had had a 30-hour layover at Cyprus, and that mental fatigue could be discounted as having any bearing on the accident.

As no passengers were on board the a/c at the time of the accident, there were no representatives from the UK Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation.

This incident basically happened because of two reasons – the brakes didn’t function on the first attempt, and the relatively short runway at the time (Runway 24/06 in those days was shorter than it is today.)
26.04.54 DH Comet 1 BOAC G-ALYW c/n 6009. In the page Luqa Airport spotting – The Fifties, it was stated “ . . . the next day much excitement was caused by the arrival of the B.O.A.C. Comet G-ALYW, but the reason for its visit was not clear”.

I have now received additional information, courtesy of BAe Heritage, which stated that ”the aircraft was being ferried back to Heathrow from Colombo/Ratmalana following the withdrawal of the C of A earlier that month.

The journey back was slow as the aircraft had to be flown unpressurised at low altitude by volunteer crews.

It finally arrived back at Heathrow on the 27th, where it was subsequently cocooned and never flew again.

The following year it was dismantled and sent to Farnborough for research purposes.
29.05.54 A. York Skyways Ltd. G-AHFH Technical stop between 08:14-11:00, c/s Y1609/T1184. Put Back, departed on 1st June at 12:15.
30.05.54 A. York Skyways Ltd. G-AHFE Technical stop between 09:33-11:30 from Fayid to Stansted, c/s Y1606/T1183. “Put Back”, departing Luqa on 4th June at 05:15.
01.06.54 HP Hermes Airwork Ltd. G-ALDA Arrived from Khartoum at 12:08, departing for the UK at 13:55. Returned at 14:30, taking off again at 16:00.
01.07.54 P. Proctor 5 David Waddington Publications * G-AIAG At Luqa airport on 29.06.54. (based here?) Departed for Cannes on 30.06.54, and made a night stop at Naples. It was destroyed by fire following engine failure on takeoff the following day. * titles on tail. This aircraft was replaced by G-AHBC, see under Malta based page.
15.08.54 P. Proctor V D. Waddington G-AHBC Aircraft was at Luqa airport between 12.08.54, landing at 16:50, departing on 07.09.54 at 14:00. Note in IA-16D stated that the aircraft made a local flight two days after its arrival on the 14th between 07:30 to 08:05, followed by a test flight the following day, on the 15th. Nothing to indicate what caused the test flight to be conducted.
30.08.54 A. York Skyways Ltd. G-AGNU Technical stop between 10:10-11:30 from Fayid to Stansted, c/s AZ27. “Put Back”, departing Luqa on the 31st at 09:05.
18.09.54 HP Hermes Britavia Ltd. G-ALDU Technical stop between 20:00-21:20, from Blackbushe to Wadi Halfa, c/s NS18. “Put Back”, departed on the 21st at 22:26.
26.09.54 V. Viking B.E.A. G-AJBP Aircraft landed at 14:02. Note in IA-16D: A/c crashed on landing. Departure date 02.11.(54?)

The RAF Luqa ORB gives cause of accident as tipping over on its nose when taxying between Yards 1 to 3 at 15:52Z – 16:52 local.
12.10.54 A. York Skyways Ltd. G-AMUN Aircraft had arrived the previous day from Fayid for a technical stop between 13:44-14:50, c/s SB69. Note in IA-16D: Put Back at 4:30pm, left at 03:30am 12/X/54.
22.10.54 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-AMUL Aircraft had arrived from Fayid for a technical stop between 10:53-11:50 c/s SB82. Departed on the 24th at 06:30.
26.10.54 A. York Skyways G-AHFC Arrived from London to Beirut for a technical stop between 02:00-03:30, c/s SLB2. Note in file stated “Gold Bullion in transit Under Police Guard”.
30.10.54 A. York Air Charter Ltd. G-AMRJ Aircraft arrived from Stansted for a technical stop between 18:50-21:30, onwards to Fayid, c/s AY104. Put Back, departed on the 31st at 11:55.
21.04.55 A. York Air Charter Ltd. G-AMRJ Technical stop between 09:48-11:20, from Fayid to Stansted, c/s AZ278. Put Back, but no departure date/time given.
13.05.55 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-ANSY Arrived from Stansted the previous day at 19:00, to depart for Nicosia 07:30. c/s SAH5. Put back, eventually departed on the 14th at 17:00.
23.05.55 V. Viking Hunting Clan G-AHPB Arrived from Mersa Matruh at 15:20, to the UK, c/s HC102. Should have left on this day, departed on the 24th at 07:30.
04.05.55 A. York Air Charter Ltd. G-AMUU Re-fuelling stop between 09:15-10:20, c/s AZ311, from Fayid to Stansted. Eventually left on the 5th at 06:30.
12.06.55 A. Tudor 4B Air Charter Ltd. G-AHNI Arrived from Lyneham at 08:04, departing for Basra at 08:30, c/s ACL43. Pilot’s seat slipped back during take-off run, the aircraft swinging to the left, then to the right, collapsing the undercarriage and coming to a rest on the grass area to the right of r/w 06. (see report below).

According to Custom file IA-19D, the Tudor departed on 17.03.56 at 07:10. c/n 1342, ex TS877.
How it was reported Aircraft crash at Luqa

From The Times of Malta, June 14, 1954.

An Avro Tudor four-engined civil aircraft was damaged when it swung on take-off at Luqa Airport on Sunday. No casualties were reported, but the aircraft suffered considerable damage to the engine, and the undercarriage was yesterday observed to be almost completely wrecked. The aircraft G-AHNI, and named “trade Wind”, was reportedly gaining speed for the take-off when the swing occurred; the plane was then understood to have swung to the left (illegible couple of words) and subsequently wrecked the undercarriage. Under charter at the time of the mishap.

“Trade Wind” was captained by Captain C.A.T. Clay, of Downe, Kent and it is understood the aircraft and crew were on their way to Singapore.

Mr. G. Smith, Director of Civil Aviation, has been appointed Inspector of Accidents for the purpose of investigating the causes and circumstances of an accident to Avro Tudor aircraft registration Letters G-AHNI which occurred at Luqa on June 12.

In accordance with the provision of regulation 6 (3)of the Civil Aviation (Investigation of Accidents) Regulations, 1952, it is hereby notified for general information that an investigation into the causes and circumstances of an accident to the Avro Tudor Aircraft which occurred at Luqa on June 12 will be conducted by the Inspector of accidents.

Any person who may desire to make representations concerning the cause or circumstances of the accident may do so in writing. Such representations should be sent to the inspector of Accidents, Office of the Director of Civil Aviation, The Palace, Valletta, within seven days.
20.07.56 S. Solent Aquila A/Ls G-AOBL Arrived at 07:45. Departure at 09:00 delayed until the 22nd, due to unfavourable sea conditions.
28.07.55 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-ANVO An unusual delay. Technical stop at Luqa between 06:20-08:55, c/s SB319, from Fayid to Stansted. Put back at 08:00 to offload some fuel.
29.07.55 V. Viscount Hunting Clan Air Transport G-ANRS Had arrived the previous evening for a technical stop between 21:00-00:20. Put Back at 10:00, no stated reason.
30.07.55 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-AMUL Technical stop at Luqa between 02:00-03:45, c/s SB 324, from Fayid to Stansted. Put back to engine trouble. Eventual departure date from Luqa unknown.
30.07.55 Ai. Ambassador B.E.A. G-AMAH Aircraft arrived from Catania at 09:00, departing for Ajaccio at 10:00 as BE173. Note in file IA-18D: Documents presented to Custom Officials after departure of aircraft.
14.08.55 HP Hermes Britavia G-ALDP Arrived from the UK for a refuelling stop between 16:25-17:40, departing for Fayid. Note in IA-18D: Put Back at 6:10pm for engine change. Departed Luqa on the 17th at 08:15.
19.08.55 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-ANVO Refueling stop between 01:15-2:30, c/s SB336. Unknown delay, departed at 10:30.
20.08.55 V. Viscount Hunting Clan Air Transport G-ANRT Arrived the previous day at 19:05, to depart for the UK at 00:30. Cancelled for unknown reasons, left Luqa on the 21st at 02:20. c/s MA1553.
02.09.55 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-ANVO Night stop from Nicosia to the UK, at Luqa between 17:40-09:15. c/s SAH10. Departure on this day cancelled, left on the 3rd at 02:00.
09.09.55 DC-4 T.A.I. F-BDRJ Refueling stop between 16:10-17:00, from London t/Cairo Note in file stated it was under Police supervision. Precious cargo?
12.09.55 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-ANVO Tech stop between 01:25-03:00. Departure cancelled for unknown reasons, departing on the 14th, unknown time.
20-21.09.55 V. Viking Eagle Aviation G-AKBH Night stop between 16:55-05:30. Note in file stated “under Police Supervision”. Precious cargo?
27.09.55 V. Viking Eagle Aviation G-AHPM At Luqa between 18:30-19:00. Put Back, departing on the 30th at 08:00, no reason/s given.
02.10.55 HP Hermes Britavia G-ALDJ Aircraft arrived from El Adem at 21:50, meant to continue to the UK at 23:55, c/s NN123. Departure delayed until the 4th at 06:05.
06-07.10.55 V. Viking C.A.A.C. VP-YIR Night-stopping between 13:00-06:00, c/s CE292. Note in Custom files: Child vigil? Case suspected measles or chicken pox case.
09-10.10.55 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-AMUN Night-stop between 21:30-08:30, c/s SH374. Note in Custom file: Explosives on board. A/c under police supervision.
23.10.55 A. York Tropic A/Ws ZS-DGM Aircraft arrived from South Africa at 06:52, and was supposed to continue to Nice & Amsterdam at 08:15. Departure date crossed out, replaced by the 24th at 07:50. No other explanation given.
25.10.55 V. Viking Eagle Aviation G-AMGL Aircraft had arrived from the UK the previous day 19:45. Departure for Fayid at 09:30 cancelled, eventually left on the 26th at 06:30, no other reason given. c/s MA24.
12-13.11.55 V. Viking Airwork G-AKTU c/s AN001/168. Night-stop between 19:43-06:30. Departure delayed by bad weather, leaving on the 14th at 06:05.
21-22.11.55 V. Viking Hunting Clan Air Transport G-AHPB Night-stop between 15:00-07:10, c/s HC302. Departure cancelled for unknown reasons, leaving on the 23rd at 07.00.
07.01.56 V. Viking Eagle Av. G-AMGI Arrived on the 6th at 19:45. Departure at-09:00 for unknown reasons, departed on the 8th at 08:10. c/s FL144.
21.01.56 HP Hermes Britavia G-ALDI Undercarriage collapsed on landing. Aircraft was carrying 60 servicemen but no injuries reported. Possible cause of accident may have been the accidental raising of the undercarriage lever. A guard of the selector lever was recommended.
25-26.01.56 A. York Skyways A/Ls G-AHFH Night-stop between 21:35-08:10. Note in IA-19D: Put under police supervision on No. 3 yard.
29.01.56 HP Hermes Britavia G-ALOP At Luqa between 22:45-11:59. Put back, left again at 03:00.
22.02.56 HP Hermes Skyway A/Ws G-ALDW Arrived from Nicosia at 02:55, to depart for Stansted at 13:00, c/s SD73. Put Back, eventually leaving on the 25th at 06:05.
18.02.56 Avro York Scottish Airlines G-ANSY Aircraft arrived at 11:45 from Abu Sueir, Egypt, departing for Stansted at 13:15. Control tower informed captain of smoke emerging from one of the engines. Crew managed to take the aircraft up to 1,000 feet, but the York went into shallow dive, exploding on impact with the ground near the village of Zurrieq. Fifty fatalities, no survivors. Note in file IA-19D: Crashed in the vicinity of Nigret, limits of Hagar Qim on take-off.
21.03.56 DC-4 A.C.L. G-ANYB Aircraft was on a trooping flight from the UK to Habbaniya, c/s ACL/71. Landed at 19:40, supposed to leave at 21:15. Note in file IA-20D: Put back at 9:35pm. Departed on the 22nd at 15:25.
13.04.56 A. York Skyways Ltd. G-AHFD Aircraft had arrived the previous day from Aden at 19:40, and depart for Lyneham at 10:15. Note in file IA-20D states “Left again on 15/5”. Does this mean it left on the 13th and returned? Eventual departure on the 15th at 08:30.
15.04.56 DC-3 Cyprus A/Ws G-AMPO Had arrived the previous day at 16:15, departure listed at 11:15. Had “Put Back” in custom file IA-20D, but no other details.
15.04.56 HP Hermes Britavia Ltd. G-ALDK Arrived from Blackbushe, c/s NS167, at 19:00, to depart for Wadi Halfa, Sudan at 20:00. Had Put Back in file IA-20D, departed on the 16th at 16:00.
18.04.56 HP Hermes Skyways Ltd. G-ALDH Arrived from Stansted at 23:30 the previous day, c/s SC109, departing for Nicosia at 09:00. Put Back, departed on the 19th at 03:15.
18.04.56 V. Viking Eagle Aviation G-AMNX Aircraft had arrived on the 16th at 18:45, to depart at 22:40. Note in file IA-20D: “Put Back at 11:10pm.” Departed on the 19th at 08:15.
26.04.56 HP Hermes Skyways Ltd G-ALDV Re-fuelling stop between 17:12-19:15, c/s SD116. Note in IA-20D: “Put Back. Left again on 27/4 at 07:30.” Does this mean the aircraft departed and had to return to Malta? Last registration letter not really clear, could be “U”.
30.04.56 Avro York Scottish Airlines G-AMUL Aircraft crashed on take-off from Stansted bound for Malta, then on to Habbaniyah, Iraq. 54 person on board, three fatalities, including a child. Aircraft had been chartered by the British War Office. Newspaper report dated 01.05.56.
16.06.56 Ai. Ambassador B.E.A. G-AMAA Aircraft originally arrived from the UK on the 13th between 18:50-19:30, departing from Libya. Returned from Libya on this day between 08:40-10:10, c/s BE140. Note in IA-20D: “Docs presented to Customs at 11:10. Report filed with O/C Luqa”.
26-27.06.56 V. Viking Hunting Clan Air Transport G-AHPB Arrived from the UK as c/s HC101 at 16:20, departing for Benina at 07:25. Note in IA-20D: “Ammunition and firearms on a/c under police guard”.
02.07.56 DC-3 B.E.A. G-AMDB Aircraft had arrived the previous day at 15:30, departing at 09:30. c/s BEF25, arrived from The UK via Nice & Rome, back to the UK. Note in IA-20D: Docs presented to Customs 15 minutes after departure of a/c.
20.07.56 Solent Mk. 4 Aquila A/Ws G-AOBL Landed at Marsaxlokk harbour at 07:45. On custom file IA-21D, departure on the 20th at 09:00 was crossed out, take-off time listed as on the 22nd at 09:00. No other comments/reasons given. Departure delayed due to unfavourable sea conditions.
30.07.56 A. York Scottish A/Ls G-ANVO G-ANVO again, fifth time if you’re counting. Re-fuelling stop between 16:30-17:00. “Put Back”, departed on 1st August at 15:00.
15.08.56       BABS installation at Luqa destroyed by Hermes aircraft departure.
02.09.56 A. York Skyways Ltd. G–AMGK Arrived from Blackbushe at 19:15, destined for Salisbury. c/s YC13. “Put Back”, departed on the 4th at 03:15. Destination changed to Stansted.
06.09.56 A. York Air Charter Ltd. G-ANXN Arrived from Nicosia at 10:45 as ACL343, to Stansted. Departure date/time 6th at 11:45 crossed out, replaced by the 10th at 06:05. No “put back” notes.
13.09.56 A. York Dan-Air G-ANTI c/s 626. Arrived from Nicosia for a re-fueling stop between 08:45-10:00. Departure date/time crossed out, replaced by the 17th at 20:00. No “Put back” notes.
18.09.56 Ai. Ambassador B.E.A. G-ALZS c/s BE 148. Turn around between 18:00-19:05. “Put Back”, departed on the 19th at 11:30.
13.10.56 Catalina Kenting Av. Ltd CF-GKI Arrived on the 11th at 19:15 from Lisbon, meant to depart for Beirut on this day at 13:00. Note: in IA-22D file, departure date was crossed out, replaced with 14th at 12:30.
01.11.56 DC-4 BOAC N1220V Landed at 19:20. In the Custom 13/IA-23 files, there was no departure date/times, listed as arriving from Delhi to the UK. In the Custom 12/IA-22D files, owner is listed as Seaboard & Western A/Ls, arriving from Port Sudan, going to Luxembourg. Departure on the same day at 21:30 were crossed out, replaced with 2nd 04:45. No other notes.)
18.12.56 Ai. Ambassador B.E.A. G-ALZS c/s BE179. Arrived from Libya at 16:10, meant to return there at 17:30. Custom file had “Put Back” with dates of 18th and 19th crossed out, departing on the 20th at 17:05.
19.01.57 V. Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AIXR c/s AN800/356. Arrived from Blackbushe at 19:05, departing for Benina, Libya on the 20th at 07:30. A partially illegible note in file IA-22D read “A/c laden + high _____ cords(?) Placed under police guard.”
21.01.57 V. Viking Airwork Ltd. G-AJFT c/s AW100/614. Arrived from Blackbushe at 19:35, departing for Benina, Libya on the 22nd at 06:20. Note in IA-22D: “A/c laden with currency notes. Placed under seal & police guard.”
23.03.57 Ai. Ambassador B.E.A. G-AMAA c/s BE142/2303. Aircraft forced to make a night-landing at Ta’ Qali due to ground mist at Luqa. Custom files only list this aircraft as landing at 19:05, departing on the 24th at 08:15, but no mention of having diverted to Ta Qali.
23.12.57 A. 685 York C.1 Scottish Airlines G-AMUN Aircraft had arrived from Malta at London Stansted Airport, and had already tried to land twice. On the third approach, the Avro collided with a tree, some 3/4 mile short of the runway, and crashed in flames.
13.03.58 L. Constellation Qantas VH-EAA Aircraft, which was carrying the Queen Mother to the UK, went u/s after landing at Luqa. The royal party continued their journey in a BOAC Britannia. Malta Customs Department files lists the QANTAS flight as arriving from Entebbe.
27.03.58   B.E.A.   Aircraft, on a UK-Malta mail flight, went unserviceable at Nice, France.
20.05.58 Avro York Dan Air G-AMUT Loss of pneumatic pressure led to the captain unable to stop the aircraft, overrunning runway 06. No fatalities/injuries, but aircraft badly damaged. Aircraft remains shipped back to UK in York G-ANTI to Lasham. Some parts used in the restoration of G-ANTJ.
04.06.58 V. Viscount 800     Aircraft was on a UK-Malta flight to pick up passengers. Diverted to an area 30 miles south-east of Nice, France to investigate two marine dye markers. Stayed on station for around 15 minutes until relieved by a military aircraft.
22.10.58 Viscount 701C B.E.A. G-ANHC Aircraft inbound to Malta, was involved in a mid-air collision with an Italian AF F-86, MM19839, near Naples. All passengers and crew killed.
18.02.59       Easterly gale winds disrupt air services to/from Malta.
06.06.59 DC-4 Trans Mediterranean Airlines OD-ADI Landed at RAF Ta’ Qali on two engines, due to a fuel shortage on a Saudi Arabia to Tunis flight. According to National Archives Custom files, the aircraft landed at Luqa on this date at 14:20, departing on the 7th at 04:30. Files mention nothing about having first landed at Ta Qali. Flight number HAJ/3. Actual a/c type C-54B-1-DC, c/n 10534.

However, in the Malta Communications Flight ORB, there is the following entry for 7th June 1959: “A Lebanese airliner, a Skymaster, was diverted from Tunis and landed at Ta’ Qali, very short of fuel with only two engines still running. After re-fuelling the aircraft proceeded to Luqa.”

The RAF Ta’ Qali ORB had this entry regarding this aircraft.

The peace of this Sunday was disturbed when a D.C.4 of the Lebanese Civil Airways landed with 2 engines out. It was bound from Saudi Arabia to Tunis but had been diverted to Malta because of bad weather. It landed with only 10 gallons of fuel left. After refuelling it resumed its scheduled flight.

The aircraft would again be seen on a night-stop between 31 October/01 November 1964 from Lagos to Frankfurt, and later in the same year on 8 December from the UK to Beirut. It was eventually destroyed during the Israeli commando raid on Beirut, Lebanon on 28 December 1968.
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