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DH Mosquito

Operating the Mosquito in Malta.

In a message dated 27.04.43 from Air Headquarters Malta to HQ R.A.F., M.E. some of the problems of operating the Mosquitos from Malta were highlighted.

Mosquitos Intruders now operating continuously under maximum coolant limitations. Not sound to accept temperature exceeding 110 degrees C for continuous cruising average air temperature 55 to 66 degrees at operational height of 2000 ft. Any increase in air temperature produces corresponding increase in coolant temperature. Temperatures exceeding 110 degrees C are frequently encountered during combat and single engine flying. Following aircraft is now non-operational DZ238. Suggest it be flown to the United Kingdom in exchange for tropicalised aircraft. Further 5 are within 50 hours of 240 hours inspection and will shortly have to follow this aircraft. Present cockpit cooling system also requires considerable improvement. Assume this has been thought of in the tropical version.

Not up to standard.

Perhaps it was the pressures of war time, but not all of the Mosquitos delivered had the required equipment, or the required equipment for operations form Malta.

The following message, dated 26.07.43, refers to the four Mosquitos with serial beginning HJ.

Aircraft were missing Amplifier type A1134, Receiver type R115 A, Transmitter type T1154B, Indicator visual type 2. Aerial internal loop type H660A or type 4. This equipment was deemed essential for operations in the mediterranean theatre.

It was hoped that the following equipment would be shipped by air immediately - Amplifier type A1134, loop type H660A, Indicator visual type 2, and steps taken to ensure that future reinforcement aircraft would arrive already so equipped.


The following Mosquitos have been listed in order of serial number.

W4062 PR Mk. I No. 1 PRU 13.01.42 Aircraft was being delivered from RAF Portreath, UK to the Middle East via Malta. Port engine cut on landing, leading to aircraft crashing at Luqa airport. One crew member injured.
DD681/K   23 06.04.43 Crashed on 23.04.43, suffering Cat.3 damage. Cause of crash unknown.
DD687/E   23 31.12.42  
DD691/O   23 27.12.42 Crashed on arrival, suffering Cat. 3 damage.
DD792/B   23 27.12.42 Missing on 15.02.43.
DD793/X   23 31.12.43 Missing on 21.02.43.
DD794/G   23 31.12.43 Missing on 12.02.43.
DD795/J   23 29.12.42  
DD798/S   23 27.12.42 Aircraft flown back to the UK on 21.06.43 for overhaul. It was planned for aircrew to report to RAF Lyneham to return with reinforcement aircraft.
DD799/U   23 23.12.42 Crashed at Gibraltar on delivery to Malta.
DD800/V   23 22.02.43 Missing on 02.03.43.
DZ228/D   23 27.12.42 Missing on 21.01.43.
DZ229/C   23 16.01.43  
DZ230/A   23 27.12.42  
DZ231/R   23 31.12.42  
DZ232/P   23 29.12.42 Crashed on 21.02.43, suffering Cat.3 damage. Cause of crash unknown.
DZ233/T   23 31.12.43 Missing on 03.04.43.
DZ234/Y   23 27.12.42 Missing on 01.04.43.
DZ235/W   23 29.12.42  
DZ236/Z   23 09.03.43  
DZ237/F   23 29.12.42 Crashed on 09.01.43,
DZ238/H   23 29.12.42 Returned to the UK on 03.05.43.
DZ693/Q   23 16.03.43 Missing on 28.04.43.
DZ702/L   23 31.03.43  
DZ703/B   23 31.03.43 Missing on 11.04.43.
DZ706/P   23 26.04.43  
DZ709/P   23 30.03.43 Missing on 12.04.43.
DZ710/V   23 31.03.43 Missing on 26.04.43.
HJ765 23 26.07.43
HJ766 23 26.07.43
HJ777 23 26.07.43
HJ789 23 26.07.43

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