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L. Hudson



V8984 III 459/1 OADU 28.03.42 Aircraft departed Horsham St. Faith for Portreath for an overseas ferry flight to the ME. The IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) went u/s 15 minutes after departure, and pilot decided to return to base for repairs which would only have taken a few minutes.

Portreath was covered in thick haze, and the approach from the sea made recognising the approach of the runway difficult. Pilot made a heavy landing, which lead to the fuel tanks being “sprung” causing fuel to leak and eventually igniting, and the aircraft catching fire. Slight injuries to the four crew.

Aircraft had been allocated to 459 squadron, but the ferry flight was handed over to No. 1 Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit (OADU).
V9025 1 OADU 31.03.42 Crashed at RAF Luqa during a transit flight to the Middle East. 4 casualties.
AE524 III 1444 Flt. 09.04.42 09.04.42 Aircraft arrived from Gibraltar, and after refuelling, the crew taxied out for departure. Take-off was into the wind but a mist covered the ground, possibly obscuring the horizon. The take-off run appeared to be normal, but the aircraft crashed after getting airborne, and was declared a write-off.

One passenger was killed, another five suffered various injuries.
AE539 III 89 06.01.42 08.01.42 The aircraft, which had a crew of four plus a passenger, had arrived from RAF Thorney Island on the 6th. Nothing was heard from the crew after their departure. A two-day layover during the height of the war could be indicative of mechanical problems.
AM660 V 500/1 OADU 06.11.42 Aircraft crashed during take-off at Portreath on the first leg of a delivery flight to the Middle East, flying to Gibraltar.

There did not appear to be mechanical problems with the aircraft, but it was noted that Hudsons (and Beauforts) had a tendency to swing on take-off, even in the hands of experienced pilots.

In this case, the pilot reported that the aircraft had started to swing to starboard. He immediately took corrective action, (which was considered over corrective) but then the aircraft swung violently to port which he was unable to control. He cut the throttles, instructed the observer to pull the emergency cut-out to the magnetos, applied the brakes and full right rudder, but was unable to prevent the aircraft swinging through 180 degrees. The starboard undercarriage leg collapsed, leading to the aircraft catching fire, destroying the aircraft completely. The four crew and one passenger managed to escape, three with slight injuries.

The pilot was considered to be “short on legs” and probably “unsuited by build to this type of aircraft”.

Aircraft had been allocated to 500 squadron, but the ferry flight was the responsibility of No. 1 Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit (OADU).
AM946 OADU 29.01.42 Crashed in sea during transit flight from the UK to Gibraltar.
AR725 203 15.02.42 Crew took-off from Burg El Arab (Landing Ground 39) for Malta, but never arrived at Luqa. Crew are believed to have crashed in the sea.
FH230 1444 Flight 25.06.42 Aircraft had arrived from Gibraltar, on delivery to Matruh, Egypt, crashed on landing in Malta due to engine failure. Two fatalities, rest of crew injured.
FH248 III 20.06.42 Aircraft was on a direct flight from Gibraltar to the Middle East, but near the North African coast was chased by enemy fighters. In attempting to evade and escape, the pilot used more petrol than anticipated, and decided to divert to Malta. The pilot crashed between Gudja and Safi whilst attempting to land at Luqa at 02:00hrs. One casualty, two injuries, and one safe crew member.
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