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Military Demonstrators

Military demonstrator aircraft that landed in Malta on their way to their destination.

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HS Hawk T. Mk.1 Hawker Siddeley XX156 Arrived for hot-weather trials between 26.06.75-18.07.75. Accompanied by HS.125, G-BAZB, and an A&AEE Britannia XX367. First Hawk to be seen in Malta.  
BAe Hawk T. Mk.1 BAe G-HAWK/ZA101 Night stop between 19-20.01.78 on its way to a Middle Eastern tour. Accompanied by HS.748, G-BDVH. It returned on 16 February.  
BAe Hawk Mk.50 BAe G-HAWK/ZA101 Night stop between 05-06.08.81 on another Middle Eastern tour, returning on 19.08.81.  
BAe Hawk Mk.50 BAe ZA101 Stop-over on another Middle Eastern tour between 31.03.84-01.04.83, returning on 18.04.83. Grey fuselage with a red fin, it had ‘HAWK’ after the fuselage roundel and was accompanied by BAC 1-11, G-AVOF.  
BAe Hawk Mk. 100 BAe ZA101 Night stop between 31.09.88-01.10.88. All white fuselage, converted to a Mk.100, with an elongated nose, housing FLIR equipment. Accompanied Hawk 200, ZH200 (below). Both aircraft were on their way to Australia for a demonstration to the RAAF.  
Bae Hawk Mk.200 BAe ZH200 Night stop between 31.09.88-01.10.88. Single seat version, accompanied ZA101. Both aircraft were on their way to Australia for a demonstration to the RAAF.  
BAe Hawk Mk. 128 BAe Systems ZJ961 Aircraft arrived on 08.02.08. Aircraft went unserviceable and remained in Malta pending repairs, departing on 14th.  
Casa 295 Airbus Military EC-296 Refueling stop on 12.04.12, c/s EC296A. Another night stop between 28-29.03.16, c/s AEDS1, with another night stop between 16-17.04.16 on its return flight from Hurghada airport.  
Embraer KC-390 Brazilian AF FAB2853 Arrived in company with Super Tucano PT-ZTU on 14.11.19, c/s BRS61. Departed after refueling, but Tucano night-stopped. Again seen, this time night-stopping, between 25/26.11.19.  
Embraer-134 A29B Super Tucano Embraer PT-ZNV Night stop between 05-06.02.16, departing for Hurghada International Airport, Egypt. Final destination, Singapore.  
Embraer KC-390 Embraer PT-ZNF Night stop between 22-23.07.16. In the camouflage colours of the Brazilian AF.  
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