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The following are accidents/incidents/mishaps for which I either do not have a specified date or a vague period in time. Most occurred sometime between the 60’s – mid-70s period. I learnt about them from other enthusiasts who witnessed them at the time, but unable to supply further details. Some had already been listed, but I’m now grouping them on this page.

These (accidents/incidents/mishaps) have been listed in alphabetically order according to aircraft type.
__.11.54 A. Anson C.19 Royal AF VL336 Scrapped at RAF Safi, Malta. Previously G-AJDH.
1969 A. Shackleton 203 XF708 The following was taken from the volume No 203 Squadron – The Malta Years, by Colin Pomeroy and are being quoted by kind permission of Mr. Pomeroy. ”In this first autumn in Malta (1969) Flt Lt Clegg's crew was tasked to carry out an air test on XF708. A short time into the flight one of the engines ‘gulped’, depositing oil all over the wing. The pilots feathered the engine, advised ATC, and returned to Luqa. On climbing out of the aircraft Flt Lt Clegg was met by a visibly shocked SNCO who almost fell at his feet. It transpired that he had been one of the team that had refuelled Flt Lt Clegg's aircraft and on returning the fuel bowser to the yard had been horrified to note that his bowser was marked AVTUR - jet fuel! At the time, the civilian bowser drivers were unavailable, and the RAF team involved was not normally employed in refuelling. He had raced to the ATC tower, ran up the stairs and told the controller that the aircraft should be recalled, at which the controller was able to reassure him that the aircraft was already on its way back - due to an engine failure. Of course, the SNCO assumed that the failure was due to ingestion of AVTUR rather than AVGAS, which made him feel even worse. In fact, Flt Lt Clegg hadn't noticed any difference in engine performance; perhaps the jet fuel had not reached the Griffons?”
1933 B. Baffin   S1533 Went over the bows during practice approaches/landings on HMS Glorious.
1933 Blackburn T.5B Ripon IIA   S1424 Crashed into the lower flying-off deck after the pilot did not follow the landing signals.
1948 DH Mosquito 14 TJ141 Aircraft was on a ‘roundabout’ sortie, crashed into the sea off Gozo.
1957 DH Sea Hornet F.20   TT186/532/HF ex-728 squadron, seen at fire dump.
1956 DH Sea Hornet F.20 728 WE242/530/HF Arr Hal Far 31.01.53, WOC for firefighting 19.01.56, survived until 1957.
1950 DH Vampire F.3   VT807 Cause or nature of accident unknown. S.o.c 08.02.50 at No.137 MU Kalafrana, Malta.
  DH Vampire F.3   VV207 s.o.c. 27.01.49 at No.137 MU Safi, Malta
  DH Vampire FB.9   WR239 Cause and date of accident unknown, s.o.c. 25.05.55 at No.137 MU Safi.
  DH Venom FB.1   WR316 Cause and date of accident unknown, s.o.c. 04.03.57 as CAT 5(c) in Malta.
  DH Venom FB.1   WR317 Cause and date of accident unknown, s.o.c. 04.04.57 as CAT 5(c) at Malta.
  DH Sea Vixen     Prior to its extension, the 14 threshold end of r/w 14/32 was located very close to the perimeter fence. Above aircraft was lining up on r/w 14, when its jet blast blew away the windscreen of a parked Triumph Herald.
  EE Canberra     From Mr. Gordon Whitfield I received the following: We had a new corporal on the squadron, so he was shown around the aircraft, and in the battery bay (left-hand behind the cockpit). There is a lever with a sprung rod, which goes into a hole, the lever is also wire-locked with copper wire. One of your checks is to make sure the pin is in the hole and the locking wire is intact. (the lever allows you to isolate and retract the nose wheel up or down while on jacks ) So this new corporal puts his hand into the bay....... and somehow pulled the lever, so down goes the nose undercarriage. As far as I remember there was not much damage at all.
  EE Canberra     Aircraft pushed over its chokes due to high winds, and rolled towards the perimeter fence.
  EE Canberra TT.18     Aircraft had to land with target banner attached, having been unsuccessful in releasing it over the airfield.
1967? EE Lightning     Lightning landed behind a Canberra BI6. Still overtaking the Canberra (on the runway), the Lightning pilot applied full reheat and took off again. Landing without a parachute, he overshot the runway, suffering unspecified damage. This incident was taken from, and vaguely dated 1967, which would make this a No. 5 squadron machine.
1933 Fairey IIIF 824 S1315 Went over the bows during practice approaches/landings on HMS Glorious.
1948 F. Firefly 827   Crashed around 5 miles south of Marsaxlokk, whilst operating from HMS Ocean. Pilot killed.
1959 F. Firefly U.9   VX427 w/o 21.07.59, remains perished Hal Far fire dump, Malta.
1931 F. Flycatcher 405 Flt   Ditched off Malta, no additional details.
1938 F. Swordfish   K8443 Crashed during take-off from Hal-Far after suffering mechanical failure. Aircraft was Hal-Far based.
  Gl. Meteor FR.9   VZ602 s.o.c. 31.10.57 as CAT 5C at Malta
  Gl. Meteor T.7   WA618 s.o.c. 02.12.57 as CAT 5(c) at Malta.
  Gl. Meteor T.7   WF795 s.o.c. 03.12.60 as CAT 5(C) in Malta.
  Gl. Meteor FR.9   WL258 s.o.c. 31.10.57 as CAT 5c in Malta.
1966/67 Gl. Javelin FAW9R 29 XH884/Q Aircraft held in reserve at Hal Far. It was SOC on 24.02.67 and seen on its belly on the dump on 30.4.67. Damage caused by part of a grating falling on the aircraft.
  HP Hastings C.4   WJ325 s.o.c. 28.03.68, to Luqa dump, Malta.
  HP Victor     Aircraft blew tires on a main wheel bogey, and needed to be towed off the runway. Phantom squadron, possibly 111, on an APC deployment at the time.
1969 H. Hunter     Two-aircraft formation. Air Traffic Control lost contact with two Hunters on a Malta-Germany flight. 203 Squadron Shackleton, already airborne, was re-routed for SAR duties. Hunters had run short of fuel, and landed in Sicily.
1934 H. Nimrod   S1580 Landing mishap at Hal-Far.
  H. Sea Fury FB.11   VX625 s.o.c. 18.11.1950 at Hal Far, Malta and scrapped.
1952 H. Sea Fury FB.11 801 WE690 Arr AHU Hal-Far 26.05.52, broken up for spares 11.12.52 at Hal Far.
  L. C-130 Hercules     Aircraft was at Park 4 facing towards r/w 24/06 undergoing engine runs. Propeller wash picked up a corrugated iron hut and threw over the perimeter fence.
  McD F-4K   XT871/007 Aircraft landed with ram turbine deployed. This incident probably happened during Ark Royal’s 1973 visit.
1965 NA F-100 USAF/50th TF Wing 63830 Emergency landing, sometime between September – December.
  S. Attacker FB.2   WZ284 s.o.c. 29.07.54 at Hal Far, Malta.
  Si. Whirlwind HAS.22   WV218 s.o.c. 25.02.60, broken up for spares at Hal Far, Malta.
  Si. Whirlwind HAS.22   WV220 Ex BuAer 133748, b/u Hal Far, Malta.
  Si. Whirlwind HAS.22   WV222 s.o.c. 05.02.60, broken up as spares at Hal Far, Malta.
  V. Valetta C.2   VX574 s.o.c. 30.06.69 as CAT 5C in Malta.
  V. Valetta C.1   VW856 s.o.c. 30.06.69 as CAT 5(C) in Malta.
  W. Wyvern S.4   VZ760 To Hal Far fire dump 02.58, since perished.
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