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__.09.00 D. Mirage F.lC French AF EC3/33 33-FK/64 Aircraft scrapped tail pipe during landing due to too steep an angle during aerodynamic braking.
22.09.00 P. Tornado IDS German Marine MFG-2 45+74 This was the display a/c, which went u/s on Friday, the crew using the back-up a/c. Finally departed Malta on the 28th. C-160D of LTG-63, 51+02, arrived on the 27th, presumably bringing in spares for this, and the following two aircraft. This Transall also departed on the 28th.
22.09.00 McD F-4F German AF/JG-71 38+32 Aircraft remained in Park 4, having participated in the air show. Departed on the 28th.
25.09.00 P. Tornado Luftwaffe/AG-51 45+25 Aircraft had departed Malta after participating in the Malta Air Show, but forced to return. Eventually departed on the 28th.
18.06.01 AB.212 Italian AF MM81209 Helicopter, normally based in Malta as part of the Italian Military Mission, was participating in Canale 2001, an annual exercise held primarily between Malta and Italy, but other Mediterranean countries are occasionally invited.
17.03.02 PD.166 Capitenaria MM25166/8-08 Took off from Malta at approx. 11.30 for a test flight. Pilot reported loss of hydraulic fluid, but managed to lower the undercarriage and make a safe landing on runway 14.
__.09.04 L. C-130T US Navy/VR-62 165349/JW Aircraft arrived on the 25, bringing support equipment for airshow. Probably went u/s on the same day. Technical support provided by USN C-26 900530, which arrived/departed on the 26th.
16.07.05 SA Bulldog Air Squadron, AFM AS0022 Aircraft collided with airport vehicle as it was taxiing out for takeoff. No injuries, but both aircraft & vehicle suffered considerable damage.
26.09.05 L. C-130 C.4 Royal AF ZH866 Red Arrows technical support. Went u/s on Monday, departure day for participants. Eventually departed Malta on the 29th.
26.09.05 S. Jaguar GR.3A Royal AF XZ103/FP White fin with red Cross of Loraine, and “Jaguar Display 2005” titles. Went u/s on Monday morning, was scheduled to depart on 3rd October.
26.09.05 R. B1-B 28 BS/7 BW 86-133/DY Display. First time a US aircraft participated in the flying programme. Direct flight from Dyress AFB, Texas. Aircraft became u/s on Monday, eventually departing on the 30th for RAF Fairford. Carried ‘Old Crow Express III’ nose art.
21.10.06 L. C-130 Canadian Armed Forces 130333 Aircraft landed with outer port engine shut down. Technical crew/parts brought over by CC-130 130317 on the 24th.
08.12.06 MC-130P 67th SOS/352nd SOG 69-5832 Aircraft landed (c/s Cage 42) with a problem in no. 2 engine. Eventually left at 20.45 local on 12.12. MC-130P 69-5825 of the 352nd-67th SOS squadron brought over personnel/ equipment.
20.07.07 BAe Harrier GR.9   ZD379/27 One of a four that arrived. No chocks were placed to the main undercarriage, and the aircraft free wheeled backwards come to a halt just short of the perimeter fence. Other 3 aircraft were 4 sqdn GR.9 ZD375/23, and 2 20 [R] Sqnd T.10s ZH656/104 and ZH662/110.
05.08.07 SA Bulldog T Mk. 1 Air Wing, AFM AS0020 Aircraft was on a routine evening patrol. Flying close to Gozo, the aircraft got caught in what has been described as an air bubble, forcing the pilot to lose control, and crashing in open ground in Gozo. Aircraft totally wrecked, crew suffered slight injuries. No fatalities or damage to people or property on the ground. Aircraft was airlifted from its crash site by Italian AF AB.212 MM81145 (c/n 5802) on the 9th, before being shipped to Malta on the same day.
27.10.07 Soko G-2A Galeb Stars YU-YAD/23187 Formation of 4 aircraft from this aerobatic team diverted to Malta on their way to Mitiga, Libya due to a sandstorm. Departed on the 28th. The other three aircraft were YU-YAF/23180, YU-YAG/23194 and YU-YAK/23154.
27.10.07 Soko G-2A Galeb Stars YU-YAF/23180 As above.
27.10.07 Soko G-2A Galeb Stars YU-YAG/23194 As above.
27.10.07 Soko G-2A Galeb Stars YU-YAK/23154 As above.
25.09.09 Texan II Hellenic AF   Aircraft inbound to Malta to participate in the Malta International Airshow 2009. Encountered bad weather and had to return to Greece.
28.09.09 BAe Tornado 9 ZA747/095 Aircraft was one of a pair (the other being ZA60/068) preparing to depart after airshow participation. Pilot reported small problem, both aircraft returning to Park 4. They left separately on the 29th and the 30th.
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