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15.03.91 S. CH-53 Sea Stallion     Helicopter was en-route from NAS Sigonella to a US Navy ship south of Malta, when due to poor weather, flew quite close to Malta. There was no communication with Malta air traffic control. A US embassy gave the reason as a navigational error due to poor visibility.
14.08.92 BAe Hawk Red Arrows   Team was in Malta to celebrate 50th anniversary of the awarding of the George Cross. After take-off, Red 7, accompanied by Red 10 returned due to pressurization problems. Left later in the afternoon.
05.05.93 Ce. L-19E Bird-Dog Armed Forces of Malta 9H-ACB Pilot lost control of aircraft after landing, resulting in severe damage to aircraft. No injuries. Aircraft used for spares, then donated to the Malta Aviation Museum.
27.09.96 EE Canberra T.4 Royal AF 39/(1 PRU) WJ866/AV Pilot requested priority for landing due to a technical problem. Test flown on 3rd October, departing on the 10th. Aircraft was in flown to Malta to attend the annual airshow. Spares for the aircraft were brought over by Canberra PR.7, WT509/BR, which arrived/departed on 2nd October.
12.08.97 L. P-3 Orion US Navy LN932 Aircraft suffered damaged to engine and nose cone after flying through hailstorm close to Malta. Engine needed to be replaced. P-3 LN451 and a C-130 visited Luqa in relation to this incident.
08.10.97 HS Nimrod 42   Aircraft hit by lightning when flying over the central Mediterranean. No injuries, damage limited to one of the aerials. Left after a few hours.


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