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Aircraft types : A

Air Tractor AT-301 Agtractor   N3162H __.__.__/16.10.93 Arrived in crate. Test flight on the 15th. c/n 301-0500.
An-2 Aeropol SP-TBH 23.08.92/01.10.92 At NCA between 24 Aug-30 Sept.  
An-12 Motor Sich UR-11316 25.10.97/28.10.97 Entered to pick up L39 N92JJ mentioned above.  
An-12BK Ukraine Air Alliance UR-CAJ 21.02.19/26.02.19 Towed to Safi for parking purposes only.  
An-12 Ukraine Air Alliance UR-CAK 21.04.19/24.04.19 Entered Safi for parking purposes only.  
An-12 Ukraine Air Alliance UR-CGV 03.05.19/05.05.19 Entered Safi for parking purposes only.  
An-12   UR-GCW 03.03.19/05.03.19 Late afternoon arrival, later towed over to Safi for parking.  
An-12BP Volare Aviation Enterprise UR-LTG 15.04.02 One day visit. c/n 00347201, mfd 1970 ex RA-12986, CCCP-12986
An-26 Raf Avia YL-RAC __.__.__/03.03.08 Departed Malta a few hours after exiting Safi.  
An-26 Scorpion Air LZ-MNL 30.08.01 Possibly the first An-26 to enter Safi. c/n 1309, mfd 1972, p.i. PWL-1309
An-26 Trans Attico EK-13399 09.07.02 One day visit. Aircraft had the titles of a Sudanese company but it is owned by Avia Urartu of Armenia. Performing a Tibesti Air Libya flight. c/n 2606, p.i.’s RA-13399, CCCP-13399.
An-28 Aviation UR-28765 02.03.95/14.07.95 Test flights on 17 Mar. First An-28 to visit Malta.  
AT-802       Aircraft was on a delivery flight. Entered Safi for unknown reasons on 13.12.13. Departed Malta on the 14th, but returned with an oil leak. Eventually left for good on the 19th.  
AT-8   T7-SAW 03.11.14/04.11.14 Entered Safi for unknown reasons after landing. Departed Safi/Malta early the following day. Returned on the 8th, again going to Safi after landing, departing Safi and Malta in the morning of the 12th. Another visit was between 10-11 December, again taxying to Med-Avia for the night.  
ATR 42-500 Blue Islands G-ISLF 03.10.18 Arrived in Flybe livery. Engine runs on the 5th. Noted in all-white livery on 18.09.19, on 10.10.19 w/o engines. Noted on 11.10.21 being scrapped without main undercarriage unit and nose wheels, passenger doors and tail cone. Aircraft moved into Air Cosmetics hangar on 03.02.22. c/n 546.
ATR-72-212A Zimex Aviation HB-ABS 28.12.20/29.12.20 Aircraft night stopped at Med-Avia whilst on delivery. Also carried “Afrijet” titles. Re-registered TR-ABF.
ATR-72-500   M-ABKN 24.09.18/06.10.18    
ATR-72-500 Afrijet TR-ATR 11.07.20/31.03.22 c/s ABR900 c/n 833. Departed for Toulouse for conversion to freighter configuration.
Avion Robin HR100-210   9H-CAM   Flown to Malta on unknown date, but photographed at Safi on 09.10.17. Still there as of mid-January 2018. Previously F-BUSC.



Beech Baron   F-GEPO __.__.__/02.07.01 All white.  
Beech 58 Baron   G-VCML     c/n TH-1346, pi N2289R. No further details yet.
Beech Baron 95-C55 Sam Agro Aviation Inc. Trustee N55AE 16.12.92/ Arr as OY-EBF, N55AE by 18.03.93. This aircraft has been seen on a number of occasions. 02.04.93, 07.03.98, dep Safi 13.03.98. Last seen on 29 Dec 02. Observed at Med-Avia hangar on 03.08.05. It is not known if the aircraft had departed and returned, or had been inside the hangar all this time. Taken out of old NCA hangar on 05.02.07, and taxied under its own power to Med-Avia hangar on the same day. c/n TE-84 mfd 1966 ex OY-BBF, SE-EUT, OY-EBF. RR
Beech Baron 58 Tesla Airborne Geo Science VH-DHS 27.02.01/09.03.01 Fitted with a boom for electro magnetic surveys. Left Safi on the 5 Mar and re-entered on the 8th. Dep the following day. c/n TH-1386
Beech 100   N327BA   Noted at Safi on 06.02.18, observed w/o cowlings on port engine, taxing out of Safi to another part of the airport on 12.02.18. Still at Safi as of 23.06.18.  
Beech 100   N3539   Noted at Safi in mid-December 2015. Still at Safi on 27.02.16. Test flights on 26 & 29.02.16. Still at Safi as of 20th March. c/n BE-124.
Beech 200 Super Kingair   2-WKTK 11.10.21 Entered Safi shortly after landing. Had already landed at Malta on previous occasions, but this is the first known visit to Safi.  
Beech 200C Super King Air Libyan Department of Health 5A-DDT 29.10.91/__.__.__ Arrived for maintenance when Med-Avia was still located inside the airport. Rolled out on 09.01.92 with “Air Ambulance” titles. Again seen between 11.04.00 – 28.02.01 for maintenance which included a new colour scheme and new interior. Five test flights on 15, 19, 20, 22, and 23 Feb. Returned on 17.03.08. Noted waiting for gate in airport perimeter fence to be opened to enter Safi on 04.07.09. Landed on 22.12.09 c/n BL-1 ex F-GBLT, N24138 mfd 1979.
Beech 200C Super King Air Libyan Department of Health 5A-DDY __.__.__/__.__.__ c/n BL-6. Observed outside Med-Avia hangar on 09.01.92. Engine runs on 03.05.12. Exited Safi on 16.06.14, departed Malta the following day. Seen again in 2016, exact arrival date unknown, but around June/July. Noted at Safi by web master on 16.08.16. Left shortly afterwards. Again seen on 16.08.21, but arrival/departure dates unknown.  
Beech 200 King Air   5A-DUA   Arrived on 09.06.09, but entry into Safi not known. Noted at Safi on 21.09.10, 12.02.11 and 19.01.12. Engine runs at Medavia on 02.08.13. Again arrived around 09/10.02.15, but departure date unknown. Again at Safi on 12.12.15, and still there as of 24.03.16. Departure date unknown, but again noted at Safi on 11.07.17. Test flight on 8th December, departing later in the day. Arrived in Aspen Medical livery, at Safi between 02-08.10.19.  
Beech 200 Super King Air   5B-CKJ   Entered Safi on 27 Jan 04, dep date unknown. c/n BB-1729 ex N728AM
Beech 200GT King Air Air CM Global 9H-RWM 08.12.20 Arrived as RJR003, and was parked at MCM, before moving to Safi on 03.08.21. c/n BY-102.
Beech 200   9H-JBC 23.08.21 * Arrived with ‘JOBEC’ titles on the fin. Aircraft had arrived on the 21st. *Date when towed to Med-Avia. c/n BB-194.
Beech 200   N13CZ   Noted at Safi on 13.12.15, but not the prevous day. One or more flights in September 2017, departed on 28.04.18.  
Beeech 200 S/Kingair   N509MV   At Safi from at least 04-05.05.16. c/n bb-877.
Beech 200 King Air   N857GA   Noted at park 2 on 28.01.08, date of entry into Safi unknown, but seen leaving late evening of 30th Jan.  
Beech 200 King Air   ZS-DJA   With United Nations titles. Operated by NAC. Entered Safi for a few hours on 15.09.04. c/n BB-1607 ex N724TA
Beech 200 King Air Air Express Algeria ZS-LTE 24.06.03/28.06.03   c/n BB-607 ex N6725L mfd 1979. Last registered owner was Sparg Aviation Services.
Beech 200T Super King Air Air Express ZS-OEB 04.11.03/11.11.03 Air Express titles on left side only. c/n BT-7 mfd 1980 ex N853GA, JA8812, N2071X. Registered owner is Improvement CC, operated by Barenza Air Service This aircraft was converted from a Beech 200 Super King Air c/n BB-510 and delivered to the Japan Maritime Safety Agency for survey and maritime patrol duties. The external differences from a Beech 200 are the fuel tip tanks and a light on both wing tips used to search. A total of 38 were converted and operated by the following organizations Algeria Ministerie De La Defense Nationale, Aviacon Naval Uruguaya, France Institut Geographique National, Royal Malaysian Air Force, Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation, University of Wyoming, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and different private companies.
Beech 200 King Air Air Express Algeria ZS-PEA   Operated by NAC, and registered under N500PH Aviation (PTY) Ltd. Seen between 29.06.04/01.07.04, and between 03-07 Dec 04. c/n BL-29 mfd 1981 ex N500PH, N3847H
Beech 200 Aerocare Flying Ambulance ZS-PLJ 29.04.16/__.__.__ Arrived from Heraklion.  
Be.300 Petro Air 5A-GHV 03.06.18/04.06.18 c/s PEO1714. Returned, using the same c/s on 01.03.19 for an engine change. Seen again between 06-09.05.19 as PEO 1715.  
Beech 350 Libyan Govt. 5A-MIS 04.05.20/23.05.20 Aircraft had arrived as N209BB on 30.04.20, and remained at Luqa airport until towed to Safi.  
Beech 350 N209BB 04.05.20/23.05.20 See under 5A-MIS.
ZS-AEA Med-Avia 27.06.19/ Replacment for 9H-AFI which was undergoing maintenance. Re-registered as 9H-MDM.  
ZS-MKE   __.__.__/05.06.06    
ZS-NAC   11.11.03/15.11.03 At Safi between the 12-14 Nov test flight on the 14th. Again seen between 31 Jan-07 Feb 04. c/n UE-28 mfd 1992 ex N28YV of National Airways Corporation. During the previous months this aircraft was being operated in Afghanistan for the Afghan Wireless Communication Company.
ZS-OCX   13.08.15/15.08.15 Entered Safi after landing. Departed Safi on the 15th.  
ZS-OLW Rossair 28.09.02/03.10.02 Entered Safi on 29 Sept, test flight on 03 Oct. Again seen between 20-23 Nov 02, 25-28 Aug 03, 4-6 Dec 03, March and 29 Apr 04. At Safi again, w/o titles, between 05-11 Dec 04. Arr on __.__.__?, departed for Luxor, Egypt on 15.05.06 in all white livery. c/n UE-33 mfd 1992 ex N33YV.
ZS-OLY Solenta Aviation 19.04.13/__.__.__ Had ICRC titles.  
ZS-OMC Rossair 09.10.03/10.10.03 Visited Safi for a couple of hours on the 10th, departing on the same day. c/n UE-18 ex N18YV mfd 1992
ZS-ONH Air Express Algeria 27.01.04/__.__.__ Entered Safi on 28.01, dep on 03.02. Back in Malta on 08.03, entered Safi on 09, departing on 12.03. Left Safi on 29.06.04, performed a test flight, departed Malta later in the day. Arr/entered Safi on __.__.05, departed Safi on 04.11, taxied out to runway 24, and took off. c/n UE-310 mfd 1998 ex TR-LFE, N22873. Owner Rossair.
ZS-OOW Rossair __.__.__/06.12.00 arr on 05.12.00, visited Safi again on 03 Dec 02 to pick up engine removed from ZS-OLW. c/n UE-57 ex N57ZV.
ZS-ORV Air Express Algeria 19.02.03/24.02.03 Leased from National Airways Corporation. Again seen between 17-22 Jun (test flight on 22), 9-12 Sept, in Malta between 03–08 Nov, & 19-23 Jan 04. c/n UE-42, ex ZS-OPK, N42YV. Del to Mesa Airlines on the 23.04.93. Last known operator was Rossair. Registered as ZS-ORV on 12.02.01.
ZS-OSF Air Express Algeria 11.01.04/16.01.04 Entered on 12 Jan, departing on 15 Jan for a test flight. c/n UE35 mfd 1993 ex N35YV.
ZS-OWN Rossair 05.05.04/16.07.04 Arr w/o titles. Red Cross markings and ICRC titles added. Dep Safi on 15.07. Dep for Oman. c/n UE-4, pi N47V, N304YV.
ZS-OYC Air Express Algeria   Arr on 25.07.04 in all white c/s w/o titles, operated by NAC. Dep on 27.08.04 w/Air Express Algeria titles. Back again between 13-18 Dec 04. Entered Safi on 14 Aug 05. c/n UE-117 mfd 1994 ex VH-NTL, VH-IPB, N15527
ZS-OYD Air Express Algeria   Landed at MIA on 07.05.05. Departure date unknown, but again at Safi during 2006, departing Malta on 13.04.06. c/n UE-191.
ZS-OYE Air Express Algeria   Entered Safi on the 27.01.04, departed on 30.01.04.  
ZS-OYF Air Express Algeria 15.04.03/19.04.03 Also between 25 May-4 Jun (test flight on 03), between 8 – 12 Oct (left Malta) with a test flight on the 11th, & 18-19 Feb 04. Leased from National Airways Corporation. c/n UE-230 mfd 1996 ex VH-IMH, N3252M
ZS-OYH National Airways Corporation 02.12.03/07.12.03 At Safi between 03-06 Dec, test flt on 06.12, and 14–19 Mar 04. Test flt on the 18th. c/n UE-250 mfd 1996 ex VH-IAY, VH-TRW, N10898. Registered owner is Skyeinvest Admin Pty. This is the 500th Beech 1900. Re-registered 5Y-VVQ, and operated by Blue Bird Aviation, the aircraft was destroyed when it crashed on approach to Nairobi-Wilson Airport Kenya on 09.11.09. The airplane had departed Wilson Airport for Quarrel airport in Mogadishu, Somalia when an in-flight problem forced the crew to return to Kenya. The aircraft struck the perimeter fence on landing, crashed and broke up. Two fatalities.
ZS-PIR Rossair 27.08.04/28.08.04 Arr w/o titles as ROS 999. Entered Safi for a few hours on the 28, and departed Malta to Luxor on the same day. Used registration as callsign. c/n UE-29 mfd 1993 ex PH-RAG, OY-GMP, N29YV.
ZS-PWY Solenta Aviation 08.04.13/13.04.13 Had ICRC titles.  

Aircraft types: C - D

Casa 212   9Q-CSR   Towed out of Med Avia facilities to compass bay on 05.02.14.  
Casa 212   F-HBMP   Arr as LXJ87, Entered Safi on 13.12.13, towed out of hangar on the 22.01.14, test flt on the 29th, departing on the 30th as LXC87. Returned using same c/s on 27.07.18, departing on 11.08.18.  
Casa 212 ex Spanish Air Force T12B-53/46-36   Aircraft arrived by sea, and transported by road to Med-Avia facilities at Safi by road on 26.04.11. Scrapped on 13.04.18.  
Casa 212-200 Air Libya 5A-DMJ 28.03.91/__.__.__ Arrived and proceeded to Med-Avia hangar at Park 2. In Med-Avia livery, minus titles. Also seen at Safi as –DMJ on 20.02.95 and 04.07.97. pi 9H-AAT. Believed stored at Tripoli.
Casa 212-100   HB-LKX 14.12.90/29.04.92 Seen outside Med-Avia hangar, at park 2 on 03.05.91, test flt on 20.04.92. Came to Med-Avia, before company moved to Safi. The Luqa Airport Movements, pubished by the Malta Aviation Society, list this aircraft as being seen (arriving?) on 10.01.90 with EC-139 next to it. Temporary ferry reg? c/n 151. Crashed on 19.06.10 as TN-AFA.
Casa 212-300 Dolphin Air Express I-DZPO 13.06.05/24.06.05 Landed in the morning and entered Safi on the same day. Briefly exited Safi for re-fuelling on the 22nd. Exited from Safi on the 24th, and left Malta on the same day. c/n 387, pi F-ZVMR, F-GIQQ
Casa 212-200 EP Aviation N602AR   Test flt on the 27th. Departed Malta on 30.04.12 Previously 9H-AAR.
Casa 212-200 EP Aviation N603AR   Departed Malta on 30.04.12. Previously 9H-AAS. Returned to Malta and entered Safi on 28.04.14. Still at Safi on 05 July.
Casa 212-200 EP Aviation N604AR 02.03.12/04.03.12 Landed on 02.01.16, entering Safi shortly afterwards. Not seen at Safi after 18.02.16, probably inside hangar. One flight in January 2017. Test flights on 29.06.19, first flight since 2017. Additional test flight in July on the 07th, 12th, 13th & the 16th. Departed Malta on 19.07.19  
Casa 212   N605AR 12.05.16/22.05.16 Engine runs on 21st. at Safi.  
Casa 212-300   N620AR 22.12.17/06.08.18    
Casa 212-DF (EP Aviation) N6369C 17.03.12/ To Safi on the 19th. Dep from Safi? Malta? on 20.03.12.  
Casa 212-CD Air Bosna/Cargo & Mail T9-ABA See notes. Seen on 04 Jul 97, and at least between 26 Jun–14 Oct 00 (w/o titles), 23 Sept–04 Oct 01 with titles, 27-28 May 02, and 22 Sept 02–04 Jun 03. Test flight on 04 Jun. Dep after test flt.  
Cessna 152 Malta Flying School N49412   Aircraft arrived in a container during Dec 04. Assembled and taxied to Safi on 30.12.04. Re-registered 9H-AES. c/n 15283455, mfd 1979.
Cessna 172M Custom Aerial Photos N73318 14.08.03 This is a Maltese company specialising in aerial photography. c/n 17267369 mfd 1976
Reims/Cessna F182Q Skylane   OE-DOT 12.06.02/13.06.02   c/n F18200143
Cessna 185A Skywagon   HB-CRX   At NCA on 16.10.86  
Ce. U206B Bonair LN-DBF 15.08.01 Entered Safi on 16 Aug, dep Safi on 29 Jan 02. Re-registered as 9H-ADW. Current, but suffered damaged during high winds on 01.02.14. c/n U206-0779 mfd 1967 ex N3479L.
Ce. 206   SE-KPZ   Dep Safi on 15.05.06.  
Cessna 208   C-FZLK   Entered Safi on 22.09.09, ob at luqa on 08.10.09. Arr & entered Safi on 06.04.10.  
Ce.208B Thalilow Sarl F-GHGZ 06.12.15 Test flights on the 9th & 10th. Exact departure date unknown.  
Ce. 208   ZS-ABN 15.12.15/__.__.__ Exact arrival date unknown. Local flight on the 17th, departure date unknown.  
Cessna 210L   5Y-AYB 18.10.01/22.10.01 En route to the US. Was at Safi between 19-20 Oct, and again on 22 Oct. Departure date unknown, may be 22 or 23. c/n 21060547 mfd 1974 ex N94222
Cessna T.210 Turbo Centurian   D-EBZM   At NCA on 14.04.91  
Cessna P210N   N4585K See notes. At Safi between 02 Aug-01 Sept and 22 Oct-20 Nov 01, on 8 Feb and between 11-12 Feb 02, and again noted inside Medavia hangar on 1 May. Left on 30 May. c/n P21000318 mfd 1979
Cessna T303 Crusader   G-BPZN   lsd to Excelair, Stored at NCA from 10.04.92, rr N65NC.  
Cessna T303 Crusader   N65NC   See under G-BPZN.  
Cessna C337   N6318F   Entered Safi on 15.05.06. Departure date unknown.  
Cessna 340A II Intera 5B-CGR   At Safi on 26.11.90 & 23.04.91 & entering NCA on 11.04.92.  
Cessna 340A II Intera Aviation 5B-CGS   Noted between 12-13.04.90. At NCA on 23.04.91, and entering NCA on 11.04.92.  
Cessna 340A II Intera 5B-CGV   Noted between 13-14.04.90. Noted in hangar on 28.04.91, severely damaged. Probably shipped from abroad.  
Cessna 340A II   5B-CGW   Aircraft made a wheels-up landing at Larissa AFB in Greece. Spilled fuel lit, damaging wings and fuselage. Ob at NCA Jun 1991, current status unknown. c/n 0088, pi C-GDWN, N1389G
Cessna 340A II Intera 5B-CGX   Ob. at NCA on 06.04.90, entering NCA on 11.04.90, and again ob at Safi on 26.11.90, 11 & 23.04.91 & 18.10.91.  
Cessna 340A II   G-SAMM See notes. Few hours’ visit on 11 May 02. c/n 340A-0742, ex N37TJ, N2671A
Cessna 402 Cloud Seeding 5A-DJA 07.01.04 Entered Safi on the 08.01. Dep on 19.05, and seen again between 29.06.04 – 14.09.04. c/n 402B1206, mfd 1976 ex N4159G.
Cessna 402C   5H-ELC See notes. Was with Ce.210 5Y-AYB. Brief visit to Safi on 22 Oct. c/n 402C0465 mfd 1981 ex N4282L
Cessna 404 Titan Geoterrex ltd. C-GGTA   At NCA on 09.12.87. Was in Malta again between 08.08.90-17.09.90.  
Cessna 404 Titan   D-IEOS   Arr 07 Apr, dep 27 Jun 92. See also under ST-AME. c/n 0645, pi YV-448CP, N4465M, rr ST-AME, with Transattico titles.
Cessna 404 Titan II/Courier CGG F-GDMK Logged at Miaco on 30.04.84    
Cessna 404 Titan Aero Service N80DS   05.01.87  
Cessna 404 Titan Transattico ST-AME   At Safi on 23.06.92, and entering Safi on 01.04.94. Later rr 9H-ACQ, op by Med-Avia.  
Cessna 404 Titan Fugro Airborne Surveys ZS-KRG 19.12.01/21.12.01 Arr w/undercarriage problems. Test flights on 20 & 21 Dec. c/n 404-0676 mfd 1980 ex N6761Y
Reims/Cessna F406 Caravan II Excelair PH-ALZ   Dep Safi on unknown date, but between 13-27.02.93. Later rr 9H-ACI. c/n 0041
Reims/Cessna F406 Caravan II   5A-DKW 05.02.07/ Aircraft entered Safi on same day after customs clearance. Again in Malta on 11.03.08. c/n F406-0058 mfd 1990 ex PH-GPX, F-OGPX, F-WZDJ
Reims/Cessna F406 Caravan II Rossair ZS-OXE 23.06.03/09.07.03 Aircraft entered Safi on 30 Jun, dep on 9 Jul. c/n F406-0058 mfd 1990 ex PH-GPX, F-OGPX, F-WZDJ
Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Air Libya Tibesti 5A-DBM 15.01.02/17.01.02   c/n 421C0142, ex 5A-DAM & N3916C
Cessna 421 Burindi Air Surveys 5A-DKW   Exited Safi in the morning for a test flight and crossed back to Med Avia early afternoon.  
Cessna 421 Golden Eagle   G-DEDE   At NCA on 28.04.91  
Cessna 421C Golden Eagle II   HB-LRW 27.03.04/08.04.04 Arrived in Malta on a ferry flight to Perth Australia. Entered Safi on 29 Mar due to a technical problem. Departed Safi on 8 Apr for Larnaca on the same day. A/c crashed after takeoff from El Questro Station Airport, Station Township, Kimberly Region, Australia, on 30.08.04, two fatalities. c/n 421C0633 mfd1979 ex N421KK, N47WK, N511HB, N88651.
Cessna 441 Conquest II Intera Tech C-GRJL   Seen at Safi on 11.04.91.  
Cessna 441 Conquest II Intera Tech C-GRSL   Seen at Luqa Airport’s Park 1 on 17.03.90, entered Safi on 11.04.90 (aircraft movements between these two dates unknown), departed on the 14th. Again entered Safi on the 19th. Seen at Safi between 06-25.10.90.  
Cessna 441 Conquest   C-GRWS   At NCA between 11-23.04.91  
Cessna 441 Conquest   C-GSRL   Dep NCA on 14.04.90, again ob on 25.10.90.  
DC-3   3C-JJN   See under N48ME. Test flown as 3C-JJN on 01 & 02 Apr 95, departed on 09.03.95, but was forced to return w/engine problems.  
DC-3 *   N47SJ 17.07.01/18.07.01 Arrived on 16 July 2001 with technical problems, whilst on delivery from Israel to the US. entered NCA on the 17th, dep on 18 Jul 01 * Actual aircraft type C-47B-5-DK, c/n 14424/25869. 43-48608 D04Sep44 - ATC Europe - 9 AF - 302 ATW - K-11 Belgian AF 'L-CW'/OTCWF 18Jul46 - MAAG 18Sep52 - 348608 French AF (MDAP) 08May53 - GT1/61 FRAMB 1953 - GT2/64 - GT1/61 Jul54 - CIET 340 Jul54 - GT2/61 FRA00 Oct56 - GT2/64 FRAOL- GT1/64 Jun59 - ELA47 Apr60 - GLA 45 Jan62 - GSRA 78 Jun62 - GLA 45 Jan63 - EPAS 325 Mar64 - Israel DF/AF Jan671416/4X-FNN/016- Std at Lad by Aug93- N47SJ Global Acft Ind. of Arizona Inc, Phoenix, AZ. R26Aug99 - At Edmonton-Villeneuve Feb02-0ct05 for sale.
DC-3 *   N48ME 17.02.95/27.03.06 Arrived on 17.02.95 for NCA. Test flown as 3C-JJN on 01 & 02 Apr 95, dep 09 Mar 95 returned w/engine problems. Plans to restore aircraft to airworthy status abandoned. Transported to Malta Aviation Museum during the night of 27/28 March 2006. * Actual aircraft type C-47B-30-DK, c/n 16187/ 32935. 44-76603 D24Mar45 - KN462 RAF Nassau 02Apr45-ACSEA 22Apr45 - 436 Sq - 215 Sq - 48 Sq - 12 MU/UK 280ct47 - 240 OCU 05Aug48 - 27 Sq 02Mar50 - 22 MU 09Nov50 - G-AMPT Eagle Avn Ltd "Reliance" R04Mar52 - VP-YKM CAAC "Bemba" later "Angoni" B14May53 - Air Malawi 1964 - 7Q-YKM Rr 1966 - ZS-EYO Air Cape Ltd R May70 - F-ODQL Hemet Exploration, "Ville de Villandrie", Maputo, R27Sep84 ntu - D-CDST Reise-und¬Rundflug GmbH, Monchengladbach, Germany, 18Mar87 - F-GILV Gilbert Villa, Nimes, France, 18Jul90 - Impounded in Algeria - N48ME Medavia-Warmair Inc, Dover, DE, R09Feb95 - 3C-JJN Mar95 - T9-ABC noted at Luqa 1995 for Bosnia? - Sold by auction 12Nov99 to Newcal Avn Inc. – transported to Aviation Museum 27/28Mar06.
DC-3   T9-ABC   See under N48ME.  
DC-3 *   ZS-OBU   In Malta between 14 February and 6 March 2001. Spent a few days inside the NCA compound at Safi. * Actual aircraft type C-47B-20-DK, c/n 15602/ 27047. 43-49786 CAF Baer 806 BU 01Jan45 - ATC Morrison 1103 BU 25Jan45 -ATC Italy 27Jan45 -ATS Greenville 4197 BU 15Sep45 - Brookley 4119 BU 20Nov45 - C-4 7D 25Mar46 - PGC Orlando 902 BU 04Apr46 - Eglin 610 BU 30Jun46 - 611 BU 01Jan47 - APG Eglin 3200 PTG 09Jul48 - 3201 ABG 20Apr49 - 3201 ABW 01Apr51 - ARD Eglin PGC 01Dec57 - SYS Eglin 3201 MG 31Jul62 - PGC 20Feb64 - LOG D Monthan [CB243] 10Apr67 to (Mar83) - Reel 17Feb76 - N376AS Air Sales Inc, Miami, FL B18Dec85 - Jack L Rhoades Acft Sales Inc, Seymour, IN 26Sep89 - Aero Modifications lnt'I, Ft Worth, TX B26Jul90 - Conv by Schafer Acft Mods Inc, to DC-3-65-TP 05Mar91 - Sold to Venezuela 100ct91 but not deld. - Greenwich Acft Corp, Sausalito, CA, B24Jun93 - Joda Partnership, Chesterfield, MO R Jan97 - ZS-OBU Rossair Contracts P/L, Lanseria, R02May97 - 5Y-BNK Sember Avn AG, Vaduz, sublease to Rossair (K) Ltd Aug98 - ZS-OBU Rossair Contracts Ply, Ltd R 110cto0 - N376AS Rhoades Partners LLC, Columbus, OH R25Apr01, used by US Forestry Svce, Redding, CA 2001 -Involved in accident on 12 Aug 2001. Aircraft was returning to Redding Airport, Nr. CA when it got caught in a sudden downdraught. One crew member hit the cabin roof, another reported breaking his leg! Pilot diverted to Alturas, Ca. - ZS-OBU Rossair Executive Air Charter, Lanseria R07Dec01 - Noted at Lanseria Nov 2001, in all white c/s with large red crosses, and “International Committee of the Red Cross” titles. Titles removed by 27 Dec 01. - N376AS Rhoades Partners LLC R20Jun02, used by US Forestry Svce, Redding, CA, summer 2002 & 2004.
Convair 340   N327UW 16.06.91/22.06.91 Returning to US from assignment of collecting air samples over Kuwait. Suffered engine problems, and entered NCA, most probably on the 17th. Dep NCA on the 21st. Test flt in the morning on 22nd, departed Malta same day, around mid-day.  

DH Canada

DHC-2 Turbo Beaver Project Air Inc N6102Y 07.05.01/08.05.01 Arrived from Iraklion on its way to the States. It crossed to NCA for a very short visit due to a minor technical problem. Departed for Jersey. c/n 1687-TB55, pi 5Y-BNO, ET-AKK, C-FOEZ, CF-OEZ
DHC-3 Harbour Air C-FHAH 24.05.07 Being used in Malta-Gozo air service. Aircraft landed at MIA. To Safi on 14.06.07 to have wings removed, then towed to Kalafrana during the night of 23-24.06.07, for assembly of wings and fitting of floats. Re-registered as 9H-AFA on 19.07.07.
DHC-3   N18NC   Crated and shipped to New Jersey, October 1993. c/n 132 ex EA51 Ethiopian AF.
DHC-3   N28NC   Crated and shipped to New Jersey, October 1993. c/n 349, pi 59-2211 EA52 Ethiopian AF.
DHC-3   N24NC   Crated and shipped to New Jersey, October 1993. c/n 350, pi US ?, EA53 Ethiopian AF.
DHC-3   44NC   Crated and shipped to New Jersey, October 1993. c/n 347, 58-7019, EA50 Ethiopian AF.
DHC-6-300 Petro Air 5A-DAT 14.03.17/15.03.17 Arrived on as POE1714.  
DHC-6-300   5A-DAU   Seen in full Med-Avia livery on 06.01.92. Seen with Waha Oil Company titles between 02.08 – 05.10.04. Departed with a new colour scheme. c/n 570.
DHC-6-300   5A-DJI March/April 1992 Suffered an engine failure during take-off on a test flight. Pilot landed the aircraft again without any mishaps.  
DHC-6-300 Air Libya 5A-DHN 03.04.12/ To Safi after landing. All white, with black titles/reg.  
DHC-6-300 Air Jamahariya 5A-DCX 16.02.01 One day visit. c/n 641
DHC-6-300 Air Jamahariya 5A-DHY 12.01.01 One day visit. c/n 661, pi’s C-GELZ, 9H-AAR (ntu)
DHC-6-300 Libyan Civil Aviation 5A-DCA 18.07.02/28.11.04 Left Safi on 27.11.04, performed touch & go’s, dep Malta on 28.11.04 c/n 599 mfd 1979
DHC-6-300 Libya Light Air Transport 5A-DDE     c/n 677
DHC-6-300 Oasis Oil 5A-DAS 06.02.92/__.__.__ Straight to Med-Avia hangar after landing. Departure date unknown. Again arrived on 12.11.03 for re-spray with Waha Oil Company titles. Compass swing and a test flight on 08.01.04, returned to Safi. Probably departed for Tripoli on 9 Jan. Returned as Petro Air Co. on 22.01.12, c/s PEO828. Test flt on 24.02.12. Seen again between 31.01.15 - 01.02.15 and 06-08.05.19 as PEO1716. c/n 567 mfd 1977
DHC-6-300 Petro Air Co. 5A-DAT 13.02.12 c/s PEO828. Had previously landed at MIA on 20.06.07 with Waha Oil Company titles but entry into Safi not confirmed. Again seen at Park 8 on 20.03.12 (arrival date?), departing on 30.05.12.  
DHC-6-300 Petro Air Co. 5A-DBH 14.03.12/ c/s PEO828. Noted again on 26.01.15, departure date unknown. Another visit on on 24.06.19 as PEO1714.  
DHC-6-300 Petro Air Co. 5A-DCJ 05.03.12 Entered safi on 22.04.09, test flight on 03rd May. To compass bay/park 8 on 03.05.12 for engine runs? Instrument check?, towed back to Safi. Test flt on 06.05.12. Seen again between 14-17.01.13.  
DHC-6-300 Petro Air Co. 5A-DDC 21.01.12/__.__.__ c/s PEO828. Returned on unknown date, engine runs at Safi on 09.05.13, test flight on the 15th.  
DHC-6-300 Veba Oil Company 5A-DBF 15.10.03/17.01.04 Arrived for an avionics upgrade. Test flights on 14, 15 and 16 Jan 04, returning to Safi after landing. c/n 705 mfd 1980
DHC-6-300 Zwetina Oil Compamy 5A-DBJ 01.04.04/ Performed a test flight on the 16.09.04, dep Malta 26.09.04. Last visit to Malta was on 08.07.99. c/n 444
DHC-6-300 Air Tanzania 5H-MRB 25.09.10/ Noted on Park 9 on 10.05.91 with a test flight on 16.09.91. Dep NCA on 21.06.91.  
DHC-6-300 Trans Maldivian Airways 8Q-TMH 10.01.01/11.01.01 In the colours of Aerotaca of Columbia, registration hand painted on the rear of the fuselage. Previous identity HK-4194X still visible under the wing. This, and 5A-DHY, were originally ordered by Med-avia, but never take up. c/n 668 ex HK-4194X, HK-2439, 9H-AAS mfd 1980
DHC-6-300   HB-LQV __.__.08/14.07.08 Entered Safi on same day of arrival.  
DHC-6-300 Benavia HB-LSP      
DHC-6-300 Benavia HB-LSU __.__.__/27.02.99 Observed inside hangar on 19.02 with new Tassilli Airlines titles in red. Taxied out to Airport on 24.02, dep for Hassi Mesaoud on 27.02.  
DHC-6-300 Benavia HB-LSV __.__.__/16.02.99 Taxied out on 15.02.99 without any titles. Dep for Calviste Catherine in Corsica. Returned on the 23.02, entering NCA on the 24th. 281 Ex. VH-TGH, N8336
DHC-6-300 Benavia HB-LSY 26.06.98/27.06.98 Performs flights in Algeria on behalf of Tassilli Airlines and Air Algerie. Left/re-entered Safi on 25.01.99. Left Safi on 02.02, did couple of circuits, and remained at airport. More circuits on 03, re-entered Safi. “Air Algerie” titles in red added on both sides of the fuselage on 04. Taxied out of NCA, performed some aerial work and returned to NCA. Out of Safi on 05, and remained at Luqa Airport until 10.02, performed some circuits, returned to Safi on the 12th. Left Safi on the 19th, and departed for Algeria on the 20th. c/n 283
DHC-6-300 Benavia HI-685CA 20.05.98/13.06.98 Test flight on 12 Jun. Returned on 07.03.99, into Safi on 08. Benavia titles were replaced by “Air Algerie” and small “owned and operated by Benavia” added on both its engine cowlings. c/n 600. First Twin Otter to be owned by Benavia.
DHC-6-300 Benavia N17GL     c/n 372 lsd Air Algerie?
DHC-6   N162DE 23.11.17/30.11.17 Late evening arrival, entering Safi on the 24th.  
DHC-6-300 Arkex N181CS 01.04.10/27.05.10 Test flts on at least 03 & 06 May. Seen again on 30.04.12. Aircraft has up-rated engines, four-bladed props, rather than the usual three-bladed units. Equipped with a nose-mounted probe.
DHC-6-300 Carson Helicopters N239Z   Equipped with tail magnetometer. c/n 239.
DHC-6-300 Benaviation N612BA     c/n 600
DHC-6-300   N615AR 03.03.22/06.03.22   c/n 615. Seen again as N934MU. See further down.
DHC-6   N692AR 16.09.19 Mid-morning arrival, departed later in the evening. Four-bladed props.
DHC-6-300   N920R      
DHC-6-300 N934MU __.__.__/11.08.22 c/n 615. Previously seen as N615AR. (Information courtesy of John Visanich.)
DHC-6-300 Agricultural Research Corporation? ST-AHV 25.04.02/20.07.02 Entered Safi on 26 Apr. c/n 765
DHC-6-300 Tunisavia TS-LIB 12.12.00/09.01.01* * Dates when a/c was at Safi. Departed in new Tunisavia colour scheme. c/n 716 ex TS-DIB, C-GDLD mfd 1981
DHC-6-300 Tunisavia TS-LSF   Departed on 19.06.95. Arrival date unknown, but out of Safi and departed Malta on 22.02.08. Again at Safi between 11-15.02.13. c/n 575.
DHC-6-300 Roassair ZS-OEF 29.06.03/23.07.03 No titles visible on aircraft. Also seen at Safi between 29-30 Jan 04, and from 21.05 till __.__? c/n 838 mfd 1988 ex N6371X, ZS-OEF, 7P-LAQ, C-GDIU.
DHC-6-300 Tassilli Airlines ZS-OUJ 03.12.02/11.12.02 At Safi between 04-11 Dec. c/n 334, mfd 1971, ex F-GUTH, C-FTVO, CF-TVO.
DHC-6-300   ZS-OVI 14.12.02/28.12.02 At Safi between 15-28 Dec, between 08-19 Feb 03 (at Safi between 10-19 Feb), between 03-30 Apr (entered Safi on 4 Apr, dep on the 30th. Departure from Malta on this, or the following day. Seen again between 24 Jul – 08 Oct 03 (entered Safi on 25 Jul, dep on 07 Oct). Leased to Tassilli A/Ls, sprayed in their colours. c/n 582, mfd 1978 ex 5H-MUG, 5Y-BIK, 5H-MRE
Dash-7-102 Tassilli Airlines HB-IVW See notes At Safi between 24-25 May, last known visit on 26 Jul 01. A/c had Tassilli Airlines titles, green cheat lines along its fuselage, but w/o red tail. c/n 039 mfd 1981 ex C-GLOL, N87RM, N724GW
Dash-7 Tassili A/Ls HB-IVX 25.01.01/ Entered Safi on 09 Feb. No. 1 engine removed. Aircraft transferred onto private property just outside park 4, November 2011.  
Dash-7 Tassili A/Ls HB-IVY 09.02.01/? Brief visit on this day, so it may have departed Malta on this date. Other visits were on 26 Jun (at Safi on 27 Jun) and between 24 May-19 Jun 01.  
Dash-7   N566CC 15.06.09/16.10.09 Test flights on at least 5th and 15th Oct.  
Dash-7   N176RA __.09.10/12.01.11 Entered Safi on 16.09.10, test flt on 10.01.11.  
Dash-8-102A Silverstone Air Services 2-XBIO 25.05.17/03.12.17 Had arrived as SX-BIO in Olympic A/Ls livery, c/s OAL3002, entering Safi the same day. To ACM for spraying on unknown dates, briefly carrying Kenyan reg 5Y-SMP, before re-registration to 2-XBIO.  
Dash-8 Petro Air 5A-AGR __.__.__/05.09.16 Night arrival on 04.10.17 as PEO1714, departing on the 7th. Returned on 30.01.18, departing on 03.02.18. Returned as PEO1714 on 31.07.18, departing on 02.08.18. another visit between 10-22.07.19. Returned on 11.10.21, entering Safi shortly after landing. Noted in a new livery on 09.01.22, departing on 11.03.22.  
Dash-8 Petro Air 5A-DLX 26.01.15/30.01.15 Entered Safi shortly after landing, departed Malta as PEO1919 after exiting from Safi. Pi PH-SDK, c/n 254.
Dash-8-311 Air Tanzania 5H-MWF 15.11.20/ c/s ATC200 c/n 474.
Dash-8 748 Aviation 5Y-DHC 29.11.18/30.01.19 Engine runs on 25 & 26.01, and a test flight on the 29th.  
Dash-8-Q100 748 Air Service 5Y-IHO 12.03.18/ 13.05.18   c/n 268
Dash 8-102A 748 Aviation 5Y-JGM 09.03.19/18.07.19 Test flight on 07.07.19 c/n 287 pi N828PH
Dash-8-102A JamboJet 5Y-QHW 19.07.17/22.07.17 Aircraft was on delivery to Kenya. Entered Med-Avia for unknown reasons.  
Dash-8   08.05.17/ All white. Re-registered 9H-AGL. Noted at Aviation Cosmetic Malta on 15.12.17. Aircraft appears to be leased from the AMRA Leasing company.  
Dash-8-402Q 748 Air Services 5Y-SMJ 20.01.18/18.03.18 Arrived in all white clours, entering Safi shortly afterwards.  
Dash-8-102A   5Y-SMP 25.05.17/03.12.17 Had arrived as SX-BIO in Olympic A/Ls livery, c/s OAL3002, entering Safi the same day. To ACM for spraying on unknown dates, briefly carrying this (5Y-SMP) reg. Re-registered as 2-XBIO to Silverstone Air Services.  
Dash-8-Q400 Bluebird 5Y-VVI 05.05.18/23.06.18 To Safi after arrival. Towed out of Safi on the 22nd.  
Dash-8-Q200 Sky Unlimited 5Y-WJF 18.07.18/04.12.18 To ACM for re-spraying on 09.11.18. First noted with new reg. N997MG on 20.11.18. Ferry registration 2-GEWQ taped over US reg, departing Malta on 4th December. c/n 456.
Dash-8 Air 9G-ACA 22.12.18/18.01.19 Night stop at MIA, towed to Safi on the 23rd.  
DHC-8-402Q Passionair 9G-DIA 27.06.19/25.09.19 c/s DIA500, engine runs on 17.09.19. c/n 4052.
Dash-8-102 Med-Avia Co. Ltd 9H-AEW 14.10.05 Arrived on 25.10.05. Departed on lease to Danish Air Transport, 24.02.12. c/n 222, pi PH-SDH. Re-registered 9H-CTG to Air CM Global.
Dash-8 Med-Avia Co. Ltd 9H-AFD   On lease to Athens Airways, but retained 9H- reg. Departed in Athens colours on 11.05.09. Returned for maintenance on 26.07.09. Seen outside hangar on 02.08.09, 01.10.09 & 15.02.10. Noted being towed inside premises on 18.02.16 in all-white colours. Still at Safi on 24.03.16.  
Dash-8-100 Air CM Global 9H-ALM   Aircraft had arrived as C-FTKH on 16.07.21. Departure from Safi unknown, but engaged in pilot training on 11 September. c/n 472.
DHC-8-400   9H-BEL 23.05.21/15.06.21 Aircraft had arrived as G-ECOK in colours. c/n 4230.
Dash-8-102 Air CM Global 9H-CTG 20.12.22   c/n 222. Previously 9H-AEW with Med-Avia. To Air CM Global by April 2021.
Dash 8-102 Universal Air 9H-UNI   Aircraft had arrived from Southend, via Alghero as C-GVDO on 22.11.21. Towed over to the Med-Avia hangar on the 23rd. Noted with 9H- reg on 14.02.22. c/n 318.
Dash 8 Lineas Aereas Mozambique C9-AUZ 13.11.19/18.12.19 See under TF-FXB.  
Dash-8-100   C-FTKH 16.07.21/ Aircraft later re-registered as 9H-ALM to Air CM Global. c/n 472.
Dash 8-102 Avmax C-GVDO 22.11.21 Aircraft had arrived from Southend, via Alghero. Towed over to the Med-Avia hangar on the 23rd. Noted in all-white livery on 14.02.22, bearing registration 9H-UNI. c/n 318.
Dash-8-311 Med-Avia G-BRYU 29.11.07 Arrived in basic BA livery on delivery to Med-Avia. Entered Safi on the 30th. First noted as 9H-AFD on 24.02.08 c/n 458
Dash-8   G-BRYX 10.02.07/__.__.07 Basic British Airways livery. Entered Safi shortly after landing at MIA.  
Dash-8-400 Flybe G-ECOE 15.04.22/26.04.22 Seen again between 01.01.23/18.01.23. c/n 4212, c/s BEE31M.
DHC-8-400 Chorus Aviation G-ECOK 23.05.21/15.06.21 Arrived in colours. Re-registered, and departed as, 9H-BEL. c/n 4230.
Dash-8-400 Chorus Aviation G-ECOO 28.05.21/ Arrived in colours. To be re-registered 9H-EVA. c/n 4237.
Dash-8-400 Flybe G-EXTA __.__.__/06.12.22 Aircraft had arrived as SP-EQH. c/n 4424.
Dash-8-402 Flybe G-FLBA 04.07.22/11.07.22   c/n 4253. Seen again on 23.01.23.
Dash-8-Q400 FlyBe G-JECP 30.07.18/07.09.18 c/s BEE031Z. Was meant to arrive on the 28th, but had to divert to Rome. Engine runs on 2nd Aug, and towed to ACM on 25.08.18. Test flights on 04 & 07.09.18 departed later for Exeter airport. Returned again on 06.10.22. c/n 4136.
Dash-8   HB-IVK   At Safi on 08.05.91  
Dash-8-400 Luxair LX-LGE 07.11.21-20.12.21   c/n 4284.
Dash-8-400 Luxair LX-LGF 24.11.19/24.12.19 c/s LGL13/14. Seen again between 09.01.23-13.02.23. (See accidents page.) c/n 4349.
Dash 8-Q400 Luxair LX-LGN 14.03.19/15.04.19 c/s LG011. Seen again between 03.01.22-22.02.22. c/n 4426.
Dash-8-400 Luxair LX-LQA 05.01.20/03.02.20 c/s LGL13. Returned on 08.11.22. Test flights on 6th, 7th and 10th December. Departed on the 16th. c/n 4468.
Dash-8-400 Luxair LX-LQB 03.02.20/02.03.20 Returned on 11.02.23. c/n 4512.
Dash-8-400 Luxair LX-LQC 02.03.20/14.04.20    
Dash-8-400 Luxair LX-LQD 14.04.20/26.05.20   c/n 4525.
Dash-8-400 Luxair LX-LQJ 03.11.19/24.11.19 c/n 4562. Arrived as LGL11, departed as LGL14. Seen again between 02-30.10.21 and 27.11.21-02.12.21.  
Dash-8 Luxair LX-LQI 09.11.20/04.12.20    
Dash-8   N567WK   Need confirmation that this arcraft actually entered Safi on/around 01.09.11.  
DHC-8-315Q US Department of State N568AW 29.09.22 21.10.22 c/n 568. Seen on other occasions, but may not necessarily have entered Safi.
Dash-8-100 AAR Airlift Group N634AR 22.05.15/ Local flight on 21.05.16. Being scrapped as of June 2020.  
Dash-8 AAR Airlift Group N635AR 02.12.15 Entered Safi after landing. Had grey fuselage with a darker grey fin. Not visible at Safi after 18th March, possibly inside hangar. Dash-8 in all metal finish briefly noted outside on the 24th. Being scrapped as of June 2020.  
Dash-8-100 AAR Airlift Group N636AR 03.11.15/31.01.17    
Dash-8-100 AAR Airlift Group N637AR 30.07.15/31.07.15    
Dash-8 EP Aviation N637AR 02.08.15/31.01.17 Returned on 05.03.16, entering Safi the same day.  
Dash-8-100 AAR Airlift Group N638AR 07.04.15/14.04.15    
Dash-8-315   N706XT 02.09.21/18.09.21 Another multi-day visit between 04-10.10.21. c/n 505.
Dash-8-202 N989HA 01.07.20/19.09.20 Arrived as JTN 213, entering afi on the 2nd. c/n 427.
Dash-8 EP Aviation N990AV 04.12.15/07.12.15 Entered Safi same day.  
Dash-8-402Q   OY-YFH __.__.__/23.12.22 Test flights each day between 28-30.11.22. c/n 4289. Arrived as YL-BAE in Air Baltic livery.
Dash 8-Q402 LAM OY-YFI 02.08.22/23.08.22 Aircraft had arrived as YL-BBT. Departed for Poland, returning on 5th Sept. Test flight on the 13th. Departed for Mozambique on 12.10.22. c/n 4438.
Dash-8-400   OY-YFJ 15.11.22 Noted with “Nexus” titles on 13.03.23. To be re-registered as VH-8XS. c/n 4324. Previously YL-BAX with Air Baltic.
Dash-8-402Q Nordic Aviation Capital OY-YFK __.__.__/03.01.23 Arrived as YL-BAJ with Air Baltic. Noted with OY- reg on 23.10.22. Departed for Toulouse. c/n 4309.
Dash-8-402Q   OY-YFL __.__.__/10.10.22 Departed for Maastricht for re-spray. c/n 4448. Arrived as YL-BBW (see below).
Dash-8-402 Nordic Aviation Capital OY-YFP     c/n 4444. Arrived as YL-BBV on 21.12.22 (listed below).
Dash-8-402   OY-YFR     c/n 4302. Arrived as YL-BAI on 29.12.22.
Dash 8 Schreiner Air PH-DSK 26.02.91/19.10.91 Test flight on 21.06.91. Observed on Park 9 on the 22nd, and in Park 2 on 24.08.91 and 18.10.91.  
Dash 8-311Q Swedish Coast Guard SE-MAA 08.10.18/16.01.19 c/s KBV501. Engine runs on 08.01.19 and the 11th. Departed on 15.01.19 but returned after 75 minutes. Departed on the 16th. c/n 622.
Dash 8-Q402 LOT SP-EQH 26.09.22/__.__.__ Aircraft came for end of lease checks. To be re-registered as G-EXTA with Flybe. (See G-EXTA further up. c/n 4424.
Dash-8-102A Olympic Air SX-BIO 25.05.17/03.12.17 c/s OAL3002, entered Safi the same day. To ACM for spraying on unknown dates. Briefly registered as 5Y-SMP, before being re-registered as 2-XBIO.  
Dash-8-102 Olympic SX-BIP 22.11.19/29.01.20 Returned on 26.11.20, with engine runs on 13.04.21, and test flights on 21st and 31st May. Departed on 02.06.21. c/n 347.
Dash-8 Olympic Air SX-BIQ 10.04.17/29.06.17 c/s OAL3002. Engine runs on 20.06.17.  
Dash-8-100 Olympic SX-BIR 21.09.20 c/s OAL3002. Departure date unknown, but somewhere around 26-29.11.20.
Dash-8 Olympic SX-OBB 15.10.19/    
Dash-8-400 Olympic Air SX-OBD 06.01.20/26.02.20   c/n 4311.
Dash 8-Q400 Olympic Air SX-OBE 19.11.18    
Dash-8-Q400 Olympic SX-OBF 31.01.19/13.03.19 c/s OAL3002. c/n 4318.
Dash 8-Q400 Olympic Air SX-OBG 13.03.19 c/s OAL3002. Seen again between 19.02.20-23.04.20. c/n 4321.
Dash-8-402Q Icelandair TF-FXA 28.03.22/08.06.22 c/s ICE6004. c/n 4022.
Dash 8-402 Air Iceland Connect TF-FXB 13.11.19/18.12.19 Engine runs 20.11.19. Re-registered as C9-AUZ, and departed on delivery to Lineas Aereas Mozambique.  
Dash-8-200 Icelandair TF-FXH 09.06.22/15.07.22 Departed on the 14th, but returned for unknown reasons, remaining for another 24 hours. c/n 450.
Dash-8-402Q Air Iceland Connect TF-FXI 06.01.22/02.04.22 Arrived late evening on the 5th. c/n 4033.
Dash-8 Med-Avia TF-JMA   Entered Safi on 18.10.06. Again towed out of/back into Safi on 20.10.06. Leased to Med-Avia. Lease ended by early May 2007. Noted at Glasgow Airport 05.05.07.
Dash-8 Icelandic Coast Guard TF-SIF 15.03.18/15.03.18 One day job, with an early morning arrival, and late evening departure. Visited again between 03.01.19-03.02.19, and 25-27.02.19. Arrived again on unknown date, test flight on 04.03.21, departing on the 9th. Returned again on 10.04.21, departing on the 20th.  
Dash 8-Q400 Yakutia A/Ls VP-BKD 29.10.17 Late night arrival, being towed to Med-Avia on the 30th. c/n 4162.
Dash 8-Q400 Yakutia A/Ls VP-BOS 15.11.17/ 02.10.18 Re-registred to Parc Aviation.  
Dash-8-311 Yakutia A/Ls VQ-BVI 15.05.17/15.11.17    
Dash-8-402Q Air Baltic YL-BAE 20.07.22 c/n 4289. Re-registered OY-YFH.
Dash-8-402Q Air Baltic YL-BAF 25.08.22 c/s BT9081. c/n 4293. Re-registered OY-YFM.
Dash-8 Air Baltic YL-BAI 29.12.22   c/n 4302. Re-registered OY-YFR.
Dash-8-402Q Air Baltic YL-BAJ 19.08.22   c/n 4309. Re-registered OY-YFK.
Dash 8-400 Air Baltic YL-BBT 02.08.22 See under OY-YFI. c/n 4438.
Dash-8-402 Air Baltic YL-BBV 21.12.22   c/n 4444. pi C-GUJL. Re-registered OY-YFP.
Dash-8-402Q Air Baltic YL-BBW 16.08.22/ c/s BTI9801 c/n 4448. Re-registered OY-YFL.

Aircraft types : D – L

Do.328-100 Awaig Ltd D-COMM 21.12.04/03.01.05 First visit. Performed three touch and go’s, departing for Tripoli later in the afternoon. Since registered in Malta as 9H-AET, replacing King Air 9H-ADV.  
Do.328-100 Med-Avia 9H-AET 21.12.04/03.01.05 First visit. Performed three touch and go’s, departing for Tripoli later in the afternoon. Since registered in Malta as 9H-AET, replacing King Air 9H-ADV.  
E. Bandeirante ENCAL PT-GKJ 26.01.87/20.02.87 A/c seen at NCA on the 29th, test flight on 19.02.  
Fokker F-27J Guinea Afrijet 3C-ZZE   Overall blue colour scheme with star on fin. Re-registered 5N-FRJ in Malta, operated by 'Afrijet'. c/n 126 N517T & F-GDXT.
Fly Synthesis Storch   9H-UMK   Arr dismantled from Sicily. At Safi since 19.09.04, but has now been flying regularly.  
HP Jetstream Buraq Airlines 5A-DGR 28.12.06/29.04.08 Entered Safi after landing. Entered park 9 to refuel, then back to Safi for engine runs on 15.04.08. Buraq Airlines titles removed from both sides but still had Buraq Airlines motif on the right hand side of the vertical stabiliser.  
HS Andover CC.2   D2-MAF   Arr on 27 Apr 95, in RAF colours. c/n 1566, pi XS794
HS Andover CC.2   D2-MAG See notes. Arr on 27 Apr 95, in RAF colours. Dep NCA on 15 May 95, returned as 9L-LBG on 17 Apr 96.'African Commuter Services Ltd' added during Feb 97. Dep Malta on 06 Mar 97. c/n 1561, pi XS789
HS.748-232 France Air St.Pierre S.A. F-OSPM 19.10.95/26.11.95 Re-registered 9L-LBH. Returned to Malta on 29 Apr 96, left Safi on 25 Apr 97, performed a brief flight consisting of a touch & go, then landed. Dep Malta the following day. Rr TR-LFW, Gabon Express. Crashed 8 Jun 04. c/n 1611 pi CF-INE, A2-ABA, CF-INE, VP-BCL
HP Jetstream 31 Norway Coast Air LN-FAJ   At Safi between 24-28 Apr 00. Carried Air Algerie titles. c/n 621
Lake Seawolf   N1402J   Landed at Luqa on 25 Sept. Noted at NCA at least between 23 Oct – 03 Nov 85. Demonstrated to Armed Forces of Malta.  
L. L-100-30   N2679C   Arrived for parking at Safi on 31.08.19, departing on 08.09.19. Again seen between 08-09.11.19.  
L. L-100-30 Tepper Aviation N3796B 05.11.19/06.11.19 Entered Safi for parking.  


LET 410

LET 410UVP   3C-QRH 19.01.02/17.02.02 Arr still wearing Russian Air Force colours, big 28 on its nose, and red star on its tail. All white colour scheme applied. Left Safi on 15 Feb for a test flight and spent the night on Park 2. Performed one circuit on runway 06 on the 16th, and returned to Safi. Departed on 17 Feb on delivery to new owner in Indonesia. c/n 871934 ex Red 28
LET 410UVP   3D-ALC 18.09.03/25.09.03 Landed at Luqa due to tech. problems on delivery to Nairobi. At Safi between 19-24 Sept. c/n 831036 mfd 1983, ex 9L-LCI, C5-LET, UR67408, CCCP-67408
LET 410   5Y-BRU 23.11.14/26.11.14 Aircraft performed test flight prior to departing. Had also arrived earlier that year on a night stop between 27/28 July. Again seen on 25.11.15, departure date unknown. Landed, and entered Safi on 18.03.16, test flight on the 26th. Again returned on 21.08.16, test flight and departure on the 30th.  
LET 410UVP   9L-LBO   See UR-67060 c/n 810636.
LET 410UVP   9L-LBL   See UR-67061 c/n 810637
LET 410UVP   UR-67060 27.11.97/? Entered Safi on the same day. Left Safi on 14.08.98. Dep date unsure, probably the following day. Rr 9L-LBO. c/n 810636. 9XR-RB
LET 410UVP   UR-67061 26.11.97/18.12.97 Entered Safi on 27.11.97, titles & reg removed on 28.11.97. Left Safi on 17.12.97 as 9L-LBL. c/n 810637
LET 410UVP-E13 Vera Air Transport OK-UDS   Visited Safi for a couple of hours on 28.10.04. Brought an engine for ZS-OSE. c/n 892321 mfd 1989
LET 410   ZS-ATJ 27.11.14/07.12.14 Aircraft landed on the 26th. Departed Safi on 2nd December, test flight on the 4th, re-entered Safi on the 6th. Departed from Safi & Malta on the 7th, but returned, entering Safi after landing. Left for good on the 12th.  
Let 410 UVP-E20 A/C Systems South Africa ZS-OOF   In Malta between 01-05.09.04. c/n 871920 mfd 1987 ex 5H-PAJ, ZS-OOF, 5H-HSB, ZS-OOF, OK-SDB, 1920/44.
LET 410-UVP-E20   ZS-OXR 09.12.03 At Safi between the 10-14 Dec 03. Also noted on 18.06.04 & 14.12.04, but not known if it entered Med-Avia. c/n 972730 mfd 1993 ex OK-CDB of Aircraft System South Africa and operated by Orsmond Aviation.
LET 420 Orsmond Aerial Spray ZS-OSE 13.04.04 Leased to Air Express Algeria. Entered Safi on the 14th. Left on 18th April. Again seen between 18-29.10.04. c/n 922729A, mfd 1992.
LET 420 Air Express Algeria ZS-OUE 04.02.04/09.02.04 At Safi between 05-08 Feb. Landed MIA on 10.08, entered Safi on the 11th. c/n 012735A mfd 2001 ex OK-GDM
Let L-610G   OK-CZD   Entered Safi on 07.03.00, having participated in the Singapore Air Show. Carried small “City of Connection” and AYRES 7000 in bold blue lettering on the fin and nose. c/n 970301.


Maule   N109RJ __.02.01/08.07.02 Arrived at Safi in a container during the second week of Feb 01 after NCA personnel dissembled it at Tunis Carthage during Jan. The Maule, which was Tunis-based used to visit NCA during the nineties for routine maintenance, but during the last years it was left stored outside i0n Tunis and was not certified to fly any more. It was reassembled again, and was noted outside the Medavia hangar on 22 Feb. After a new paint job, the Maule was taxied to the compass bay for a compass swing on the 23 May, and performed a test flight during June 01. Was to be fitted with a hook for glider towing operations. Dep for Ethiopia via Benghazi. c/n 11094C
Mooney Ranger Eagle Aviation G-BFXC   Later Rr 9H-ABD  
Partenavia P.68TC   I-AGSD See notes. At Safi between 20–22 May 02. This, and the following P.68s, were based in Malta during the annual tuna-spotting season. c/n 248-10-TC
Partenvia P.68 Observer   I-OBSR See notes. Couple of hours on 28 May 02. c/n 236-01-OB
Partenavia P68   I-PARJ See notes. Visited Safi on 10 May & 28 Jun 01. c/n 06
Partenavia P.68 Observer   I-OBSW See notes. Brief visit on 2 Jul 02. c/n 331-21-OB
P. PC-6 Zimex Aviation HB-FLB   Seen entering Safi on 18.08.08. Departure date unknown, but again seen on 20.05.09 entering Safi after landing and custom clearance. Departure date again unknown, but left Safi premises on 07.01.11, departing Malta on the 8th.  
P. PC-6 Zimex Aviation HB-FLE   Re-registered as 5A-FLE, departed Malta on 13.10.09.  
P. PC-6 Zimex Aviation HB-FHZ 18.05.09/22.05.09    
PC-6/C-H2   ST-AGR   Operated in the Sudan between 03.78-08.68. Re-registered N184L and shipped to Malta 10.89-05.95, then shipped to the US. c/n 557.
P. PC-6 Taxi N285L 17.09.89/05.07.91 Ob at NCA on 19.09.89. Delivered to clients but crashed at unknown location, Returned to NCA, and noted at Safi during Jan 93. c/n 565, PI HB-FBN, N285L, ST-AHE
P. PC-6   N340N   Operated, then stored, in Sudan between 11.75 – 08.89, then shipped to NCA, Malta. Again placed on the US register as N340N. Shipped to the US, March 94. c/n 340, pi HB-FAR, N340N, ST-AFR
PC-6/C-H2   N394R   Operated & stored in the Sudan as ST-AGW between 07.77-08.89. Re-registered N394R, shipped and stored at Safi, Malta between 08.89–08.92. Shipped to the US. c/n 599
P. PC-6/C-H2   ST-AGX   Operated, then stored, in Sudan between 07.77 – 08.89, then shipped to NCA, Malta. Again re-registered N9444 and shipped to USA in March 94 c/n 521. pi HB-FBD, N9444


PA-23 Aztec Fugro-BKS LTD G-BKVT   Aircraft landed in Malta on 26.08.11. Departure date from Safi unknown, but at Park 1, MIA, on 18.02.12.  
PA-23 Aztec   G-BDAV   See under N64NC.  
PA-23-250E Aztec Excelair G-BFII   Arr Malta 20 Aug. Entered nca on 01.09.88. Later re-registered 9H-ABM.  
PA-23 Aztec   N64NC 23.02.93/07.04.93 Arrived as G-BDAV, re-registered during March. Fitted with spraying gear, test flt on 6 April, departing for Saudi Arabia on the 7th. c/n 27-2763, pi G-BDAV, 5B-CAH, N5648Y,
PA-28-160 Cherokee   HB-OVK   At NCA on 28.03.90, dep on 30.03. Again seen at NCA on 06.04.90. Reg visible underneath wing only. Later rr 9H-ABW.  
PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow   HB-OVK   Seen at Safi on 28 Feb and 06 Apr 90. Later Rr 9H-ABW.  
PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow   HB-OYW   At Safi between 04-22.06.04. c/n 28R-30100 ex N3787T.
PA-28 Cherokee Arrow Silvair G-BCSZ 10.05.88/ Entered Safi to have reg changed to 9H-ABK. C/n 28R-7535006, pi N9584N.
PA-28 Cherokee Island Air International N180LK 03.04.97/23.02.03 Based in Malta, but never registered here. First visit to Safi on 04 Apr 97. At Safi before final departure, but dates unconfirmed. Left Malta for Coventry via Cannes, Troyes and East Midlands.  
Twin Comanche   I-FIAM   At Safi on 14 Jul 88. Departed on unknown date, but returned on 31.08.88  
PA-31-325 Navajo   5A-DKB See notes. Arr at Safi on 21 April 03. Used for cloud seeding, and has small modification under its aft part of its fuselage. It also had a small badge with titles of cloud seeding near the door. Two test flights on 5, 6 & 17 Aug. Departed for Tripoli a couple of days later. Entered Safi again on 18.07.06. Entered Safi on __.__.06. Exited Safi on 20.12.06 for a test flight. Additional test flights on 22.12. Departed on 23.12.06. c/n 31-8112054 ex N40930
Navajo Kenting C-GNID 27.02.80/__._.__ Arrived from Greece, then proceeded to Safi. Aircraft equipped with “stingtail" and blister cockpit side window. Either it departed and returned, or remained here until at least mid-May, when it was logged on the 16th. (Information courtesy John Visanich.)  
PA-32R-300 Lance   N38277   Landed at Luqa on 03 Nov 89. Entered NCA on the 21st, later rr 9H-ABU.  
PA-34-200T Seneca II Falcon Aviation Co Ltd HB-LKT 26.03.02/__.__.02 At Safi between 28 Mar-20 Apr. Left w/European Flight Academy logo on its tail. Re-registered 9H-AEA. c/n 34-7970193 mfd 1979 ex N2135Y
PA-34-200T Seneca II   D-GCVP 19.04.02/__.__02 At Safi between 19 Apr-25 May, Left w/European Flight Academy logo on its tail. Re-registered 9H-AEB. c/n 34-7870066, mfd 1977, ex SP-FPP, D-GARA, D-IARA, N2127M
PA-42-720 Cheyenne IIIA Cirrus Aviation D-ICGB   Seen between 11-13 Oct 03, but cannot confirm if this is when aircraft was in Malta or at Safi. c/n 42-5501007, mfd 1984 ex N834CM, N142TW, N142PC

Aircraft types: P - V

PZL-104 Wilga 35A European Flight Academy D-ETVS 02.06.01/ At Safi on 20 Jun. Participated during 2001 Malta Airshow towing banner. At Safi again from 07 Oct. First noted back at Luqa Airport on 23 May 02. Left Malta in a container during first week of August, 2004. c/n 74205 ex SP-FVW.
Robin DR.400/160 Major   F-GUXH See notes. Aborted take-off and proceeded to Safi on 30 May 02. Left on the same day. c/n 2483
Rockwell Commander 112B   N629CC   Privately owned, and based in Malta since 23.03.04. At Safi between the 29.12.04 and 05.01.05. c/n 544 mfd 1977
SA Bulldog   G-BHXA 30.04.91/17.09.94   c/n BH.120-407 ex. Botswana DF 0D1 (Botswana Defence Force).
SA Bulldog   G-BHXB 05.05.91/17.09.94   c/n BH.120-408 ex. Botswana DF 0D2, re-registered G-JWCM 19 Oct 99.
SA Bulldog   G-BHZR 24.10.91/   c/n BH.120-410, ex. Botswana DF OD4.
SA Bulldog   G-BHZT 24.10.91/   c/n BH.120-412 ex. Botswana DF OD6
SA.227 Metroliners Royal Airlines AP-BHK   Arr on 06.12.08 with AP-BHL. Re-registered N780AL. Departed on 17.01.09.  
SA.227 Metroliners Royal Airlines AP-BHL   Arr on 06.12.08 with AP-BHK. Crossed to Med-Avia on 17.12.08 using N773US as callsign. Re-registered as N773US at Safi. Departed Malta on 02.01.09, but had to return due to undercarriage malfunction. Departure from Safi/Malta unknown.  
Shorts SC7 Skyvan Fugro VH-WGT 26.07.06 Performed local flights the following day. Aircraft outfitted for aerial survey work.  
Socata TB.9 Leisure Flight Services G-BIZE 26.03.88/__.__.__. Entered Safi (date unknown) for reg 9H-ABJ to be applied. Left on 18 May. c/n 209
Socata TB.9   N123XX      
Socata TB.20 Trinidad   D-EGAG 28.10.05 Taxied to Safi without engine cowlings. Left Safi, and Malta, on the same day. c/n 1675
Socata TB.20 Trinidad   G-BPAS   At Safi between 27-29.10.04. c/n 283 mfd 1982 ex A2-ADR, F-GDBO
Socata TB.20 Trinidad   SX-ATG   Participating in 2001 Malta International Air Rally, discovered with a flat tire after landing. One day visit on 02 Jul. c/n 1799 ex F-OHUR
V. Viscount Srs 802   G-AOHM   Finished in red livery of Parcel Post. At Safi between 21 May-29 Aug 99 c/n 162, Re-registered as 3D-OHM on 28.08.99.
V. Viscount Srs 802   G-OPFI   Finished in red livery of Parcel Post. 170 ex. Parcel Force G-AOHV & G-BLNB, re-registered as 3D-PFI on 28.08.99
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