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This page lists the helicopters worked on at Safi.

A helipad circle was drawn inside the Med-Avia complex, complete with wind sock, sometime in August 2007. This is located close to the NCA hangar on the east side of the complex.

Since the above was written, the old NCA hangar was pulled down, starting mid-February 2010, to be replaced by a newer state of the art one.

As additional hangars have been built, helicopters now land on the old taxiway used by aircraft to enter MIACO/NCA and are then towed to their parking slot.

?       This helicopter was noted wrapped in plastic on 03.08.21. No further information available.  
A/W 109SP   HB-ZVJ 17.01.18/18.01.18 c/n 22292. Arrived in Vista Jets’ grey livery, but actual operator may have been Swiss Helicopter AG. Entered Safi, to be re-registered 9H-ZVJ.  
A/W 139 Gulf Helicopters A7-GHH 17.05.18   c/n 41225.
A/W 139 Gulf Helicopters A7-GHP 10.05.18   c/n 31527.
A/W 139 Cyprus Police CP-6 09.08.19/08.02.20 Test flight on 04.02.20.  
A/W 139 Cyprus Police CP-8 19.04.19/07.10.19 Test flight on 02.10.19.  
A/W 139 CHC G-LLOV 16.03.14 Arrived as ATA1848. Used Med-Avia as a base, using c/s NOBLE 1, flying to an oil rig, south of Malta. Departed Malta for good on 15.07.14. c/n 31474.
A/W 189 Gulf Helicopters A7-GAA 19.10.14 To Safi after landing. Flying to/from oil rig. c/n 49009, pi I-RAIL.
A/W 189 Gulf Helicopters A7-GAB 30.10.14 Flying to/from oil rig. c/n 49010, pi I-PTFJ.
A/W 139 Gulf Helicopters A7-GAC Noted on 30.06.16. c/n 49015.
A/W 139 Gulf Helicopters A7-GAD 02.09.17/29.12.18   c/n 49016.
A/W 189 Gulf Helicopters A7-GHP 10.05.18/__.__.__ Departure date unknown, but returned on 03.09.18. Returned again on 10.10.18, departing for Libya on 22.01.19. Noted again on 14.09.19, and again between 06-10.02.22. Another 24-hour visit between 25-26.10.22. Departed for Tripoli. c/n 31527.
Bell 206 Jetranger Delfino Maritime Ltd. G-BPBC   Landed at Luqa airport on 04.04.92 from the yacht Delfino II. Entered Safi 10.04.92 for a spray job. Performed a test flight from Safi on the 28.05. c/n 3364, pi N144TV, N44TV, N2062N
Bell 412 Gulf Helicopters A7-HBC   Arrived by ship and fully assembled by 22.11.18. Engine runs on 26.11.18. C/n 36276, pi C-GFNL, N9154J
Bell 412EP Gulf Helicopters A7-HBD 02.01.13 One day visit. Again seen on 13.11.14, latest sighting on 26.12.14, flying to an oil rig. c/n 36088, ZS-HMA, 7P-LES, rr 7P-HAB, LDF44 Lesotho Defence Air Force, N4324X Pacific Aeromotive
Bell 412EP Gulf Helicopters A7-HBH 04.12.14/__.__.__ Landed in the morning at MIA, then to Med-Avia. Departure date unknown, but returned on 23.07.18. c/n 36323.
Bell 412EP Gulf Helicopters A7-HBQ 06.12.17 Arrived by truck. Noted out of the hangar on the 23rd. c/n 36412.
Bell 412   5A-WMA 19.11.18 19.11.18 Same day arrival/departure. Entered Safi. Returned on unknown date, test flight on 09.07.19.
AB 412 Elilario Italia I-AGSF 28.11.05/04.12.05 Few hours after lifting off from a SAIPEM rig near Djerba, pilot noted a red light, indicating problems on the metal deflector. Diverted to Malta in the afternoon, later to Safi on the same day. An examination indicated problems with the gearbox, which needed to be changed. Test flight on 03.12. c/n 25542. I-AGSF Elilario Italia, I-AGSF Helisureste, EC-KRU Inaer.
Bell 412   N37GR 12.11.18/06.03.19 Brought on board B.747 TF-AMI, c/s ABD787. Test flight on 14.11.18. Again noted undergoing engine runs on 01.03.19. Returned on 06.04.19 at 01:25 on a medevac mission from Misurata, Libya, c/s BRICK 03. Remained in Malta, entering the Safi premises on the 8th. Local flight on 29.04.19 and 30th. Flight to Sigonella on 04.06.19 as c/s BRICK 37. Departed Malta on 19.07.19. c/n 36209.
Bell 429 GlobalRanger   VP-CAH 29.09.14/25.11.14 Returned to yacht. c/n 57054. Pi’s C-FOEP, C-GLTV, N453UB.
Eurocopter 350B4   VP-BLL   Based on yacht Lady Christine. Seen in Med-Avia hangar. c/n 3998, pi F-GSYE, rr M-BOAT. Believed written off.
A. AS-355F-1 Ecureuil 2 Aersud Elicotteri Srl I-VREM 20.07.09/ Landed at Rinella film facilities, to Safi the following day. Engine runs and test flight on 24.07.09, lifting off from Safi. Came in low over runway 31, landing at park 3. Departure date unknown. c/n 5297.
Eurocopter 365C1 Dauphin 2 Libyan Air Ambulance 5A-DHV   Noted on 14.09.91, in Med-Avia hangar on 18.10.91. c/n 5069. pi F-WTNE
Eurocopter AS365N-3 Dauphin 2 Heli Union OO-NHU   At MIA/Safi on 06.06.09. c/n 6665.
Eurocopter AS332L Super Puma Bristow Helicopters G-BMCX 03.07.08/ Brought to Malta on board Heavylift Shorts Belfast RP-C8020. Off-loaded on 04.07, and taken to Safi. Belfast departed on 05.07, with EC-225 Super Puma G-ZZSO on board. S/Puma was towed to Park 9 on 13.08.08 for refueling, then back to Safi. Departure date unknown, but returned on 14.11.08, departed on ?. Returned on 20.01.09. Test flights with some approaches to r/w 13 on 21.01 and 05.02. Departed, again returned on 23.07.09, test flights on at least 26.09, 03.10 & 07.10. Departure date unknown, but returned on 16.01.10. Engine runs on 19.04.10. Test flight on 10.11.10, departed Safi late evening of the 12th. Is believed to have been partly damaged during the Libyan uprising of 2011. c/n 2164.
Eurocopter EC225LP Bristow Helicopters G-ZZSO   Departed on board Heavylift Belfast on 05.07.08, destination Australia. c/n 2695, rr VH-ZFB Bristow Australia, 9M-STX MHS Aviation, VH-ZFB Bristow Australia.
Eurocopter AS322L Super Puma Bristow Helicopters G-TIGV 16.01.10/12.02.10 Arrived with G-BMCX. Again entered Safi on 08.01.11, and noted doing circuits between the 8th-9th. Another local flt on 11.02.11. c/n 2099. Leased (?) to Norske Helikopter as LN-OPF Jan 89-Jan 91, Aug-Nov 95 & Mar 96 - Jun 98. Returning to Bristow as G-TIGV each time. Vector Aerospace Ireland (as G-TIGV) Jul-Nov 2012, to Bristow again.
Eurocopter AS332L Super Puma Heli Union F-GHOY 21.02.11/16.04.11 Arrived from an off-shore oil rig in Libyan waters with F-GYSH. Helicopters carried a total of eight people between them, only one passenger carrying a passport. Hover-taxied to Med-Avia facility at Safi, late afternoon of the 24th. Left Safi in the evening of 15.04.11, departing Malta on the 16th. Has been seen on other dates at Safi/MIA, up to September 2014. c/n 9005.
Eurocopter AS332L S/Puma Heli Union F-GYSH 21.02.11/16.04.11 As above. Again arrived on 15.07.14 at the start of trouble in Libya. Making flights to/from oil rigs. Left Safi for France on 28.12.14. c/n 9006.
Eurcopter EC225LP Super Puma Heli Union F-HUFD 28.12.14/__.__.__ Arrived mid-morning. Flying to/from oil rigs. c/n 2897.
R.22   I-CROP 12.02.18/__.__.__ Malta-based, departure from Safi unknown.  
Sikorsky S-61N Bristow Helicopters G-BGWK   Entered Safi on 27.12.07, departing and taxing to GA area on 31.12.07. Returned 23.02.08. Seen making approaches to r/w 13 on 02.06.08. c/n 61-820, G-BGWK British Executive Air Service Nov 82 – Jul 00, G-BGKW Bristow Jul 00 – Jun 09, AD-1603.
Sikorsky S-76 Bristow Helicopter G-BJFL 20.02.08 Entered Safi after landing at MIA. Again seen entering Safi on trailer on 30.05.09, arrived by sea? Noted outside hangar on 20.08.09, test flight on unspecified date.  
Sikorsky S-76 Bristow Helicopter G-KAZA   Test flt 06.04.10  
Sikorsky S-76 Bristow Helicopter G-KAZB 13.03.10/ Test flts/pilot training between 24- 25.03.10. At park 9 on 01.04.10.  
Sikorsky S92A   N465VL 18.12.09/12.02.10 Entered Safi on same day. Landed at MIA (after test flight?) on the 21st. 30 minute flight on the 26th, then back to Safi. Departed sometime mid-January 2010.  
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