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Sea Harrier FRS.1

Purchased by the Indian Navy to replace the aging Sea Hawk.

IN603 13 Dec 83  
IN604 13 Dec 83  
IN605 13 Dec 83  
IN651 27 Mar 84 T. Mk. 10, arrived with HS.125 G-BBCL
IN602 10 Jul 84 Aircraft departed on 11 July, but had to return due to oxygen trouble. It isn’t clear whether it was one or both aircraft, that had the trouble. Left later in the morning.
IN606 10 Jul 84 As above.
IN601 05 Oct 84 Arrived with 4 Hawks for the Abu Dhabi AF.
IN652 14 Apr 85 Arrived with HS.125 G-GAEL

Assorted Beaufighter Bonanza C-47 Canberra Casa Hawk Hunter LET 410 Meteor Mosquito Oxford/Consul Queen Air Sea Harrier Skymaster (Cessna O-2) Strikemaster Tornado Typhoon Vampire Demonstrators
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