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DH Mosquito

New Zealand

HR339 FB.VI __.10.47   Aircraft on delivery to New Zealand Air Force. Aircraft history: DH Mosquito NZ2382 The aircraft was built by Standard Motors of Coventry as an FB.VI for the RAF. Serialled HR339, the aircraft is a combat veteran, having served with 487 (New Zealand) SQN at Thorney Island and later with 16 SQN. Sold to the RNZAF, it left RAF Pershore on October 16, 1947 flown by F/L F.J Adams and F/O M.J. Fry. Delayed at Luqa, Malta while an unserviceable engine was replaced, it did not reach Ohakea until March 24, 1948 (flown by F/L Bailey RAF and W/O R.M. Cattermole). A taxying accident (due to ground subsidence) while on the way to Taieri for storage saw the aircraft grounded at Wigram. Sold by Government Stores Board tender No.4980 in May 1953, it was recovered from a farm at Pigeon Bay, Banks Peninsula by the Ferrymead Aeronautical Society. The aircraft remains with the Society and is being utilised with NZ2328 for a composite rebuild to static display. Information courtesy of


401   12.01.47 12.01.47 Departed Manchester on the 11th at 10:55GMT, Marignane 12th at 08:25 GMT, landing at Luqa at 12:50, then Izmir, Turkey. Same day departure at 13:58.
402   12.01.47 12.01.47 Departed Manchester on the 11th at 11.00GMT, Marignane on the 12th at 07.00GMT, landing at Malta at 11:30. Same day departure at 14:02.
403   22.01.47 23.01.47 Same day trip from Manchester, departing at 11:59, via Marseilles, landing at Luqa at 20:05. Departed at 10:10.
404   22.01.47 23.01.47 As 403 above, but landing at 20:00, departing at 10:10.
405   14.02.47 21.02.47 Landed at 17:10, departed at 09:48. Departed Manchester on the 13th, Marseilles, Ajaccio and Malta on the 14th, then Athens and Smyrna, Turkey. Previously NT146 with the RAF.
407   14.02.47 21.02.47 Landed at 17:12, departed at 09:50. Same routing as 405 above. Previously HR360 with the RAF.
NOTE: This aircraft’s departure was given as the 16th at 14:15, but some official had crossed over the date and time and wrote “put back” in pencil. Nothing to explain the 7-day lay-over in Malta.
406   21.02.47 22.02.47 Landed at 13:05, took-off at 08:20. Departed Ringway on the 20th, Marignane and Malta on the 21st. On delivery to Ismir.
408   26.02.47 27.02.47 Landed at 14:00 Departed at 10:45. Routed Ringway and Elmas on the 25th, Malta.
412   21.02.47 22.02.47 Landed at 13:20, departed at 08:25. Routed as 406 above.
416   10.04.47 11.04.47 Landed at 14:25, leaving Luqa at 10:00. Departed Ringway on the 9th, Ajaccio and Malta on the 10th.
417   10.04.47 11.04.47 Landed at 14:27, leaving Luqa at 10:02. Routed as 416 above.
415   12.04.47 15.04.47 Landed at 15:15, departing Luqa at 08:05. Routed as 416 & 417 above.
435   02.07.47 06.07.47 Landed at 20:00, departing at 05:45. No reason given for 4-day lay-over. Carried “718” in pencil after serial number.
503   18.12.47   Landed at 13:40. Routed via Ringway (16th), Blackbushe & Bordeaux (17th) and Rome (18th). Previously NT120 with Royal AF. Carried out of sequence reg G-CAAR.
506 VI 31.12.47 01.01.48 Delivered to Fairey aircraft company by 27 MU on 29.09.47. Routed via Ringway (19th), Blackbshe and Villaloublay (28th), Orly (30th) and Rome (31st). Landed at Luqa at 14:15, departed at 10:45.
HR190   11.04.48 13.04.48 Owner listed as “Air Ministry”. Landed at 12:47, departing Malta at 07:12. Routed via Blackbbushe, Jersey, Borsdeaux and Rome. Also carried out of sequence registration G-CAAD. Note in Custom file 12 states the aircraft arrived without a log book.
PZ306   28.02.47   Landed at 11:25. Departed Ringway on the 27th, Marseilles and Malta on the 28th.
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