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Training flights

Although pilot training programmes came to the Maltese public’s attention in late 1977, when an Alitalia and Swissair B.747s made use of the newly-inaugurated runway 32/14, such flights weren’t new.

Back in the sixties, BEA would send Viscounts and Vanguards for such training sessions. And even that wasn’t the first time Luqa Airport (today’s MIA) was being used for such purposes, with Avro Lancastrians, Handley Page Yorks and Halifaxes being used way back in 1946.

Below is a list of airlines/aircraft known to have used Malta as part of their training schedule. It is in alphabetical order by aircraft type, not in chronological order, but as stated on other pages on this site, must be taken as being the last word on the subject.

Certain aircraft or registrations are marked with an asterisk (*), indicating when the aircraft was spotted/photographed at MIA, but the arrival/departure dates are unknown.

A number of Maltese registered aircraft are also listed, but these were a one-day session.

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OE-LAA A.310-300 Austrian Airlines Aircraft arrived on 02.01.89 for a five-day training programme. Used callsign Austrian LAA during training.  
OE-LAB A.310 Austrian Airlines Pilot training between 06-08.02.89  
D-AICS A.310-200 Lufthansa Aircraft arrived on 28.02.89, training until 2nd March.  
HB-IPB A.310 Swissair Arrived on 08.12.85, starting training session on the same day.  
HB-IPC A.310-221 Swissair First training session between 19-20.11.84.* Aircraft arrived on 09.03.86, training session between 10-13th, departing on the 14th.  
HB-IPD A.310 Swissair Aircraft arrived on 31.01.87, training starting on the same day, until 3rd February.  
D-AIBE A. 319-112 Lufthansa At MIA between 25-26.03.16. c/s DLH9916, c/n 4511.
D-AIBG A.319-112 Lufthansa Arrived for a two-day training session on 05.11.16, c/s DLH1.  
D-AILE A.319 * Lufthansa 27.04.02  
HS-TYL A.319 Thailand A/Ws White/grey fuselage, 60221 on fin. Training flight occurred in August 2004.  
9H-ABP A.320 * A.M. Training session on 02.09.90 and 26.09.90.  
9H-ABQ A.320 * A.M. On two separate occasions, 06.12.93 & 20.04.00.  
9H-AEI A. 320 Air Malta 2-hour training session on 30.01.16, c/s Training One.  
D-AIPA A.320 * Lufthansa Between 07-11.11.89.  
D-AIPC A.320 Lufthansa Arrived as LH9622 on 22.03.90. May have departed on the 24th.  
D-AIPL A.320 * Lufthansa 08-11.03.90  
D-AIPS A.320 * Lufthansa 01.12.90  
D-AIPT A.320 * Lufthansa 15-16.10.90  
G-BUSC A.320 B.A. Training session between 27-28.02.90.  
G-EUUC A.320-232 B.A. Arrived on 03.03.18 from Heathrow, c/s BAW1, starting the session the same day. Departed on the 4th as BAW9169 after another training session.  
9H-BIG A.340 AirX Was in Malta between 24-29.11.16, c/s axy2401. Again seen on 04.12.16, one day training session the following day one the 5th, c/s Legacy One. Returned as AXY3110 on 02.11.17, pilot training on the 3rd between 06:00-08:30 lt, departing at 09:30. c/n 374.
F-WMIL A.350-1041 Airbus Arrived as AIB241L on 21.12.17 for a one-day training session.  
D-AIMA 380-841 Lufthansa Arrived for a brief stop-over on 19.03.11. Aircraft was on an extended training flight, starting at Frankfurt, to Warsaw and Istanbul, Malta, before returning to Frankfurt. c/n 038.

Lancastrian Skyways Ltd G-AGLV Landed on 19.04.47 at 14:50, Heathrow to Cairo. Returned on the 20th at 13:10.  
Lancastrian 1 BOAC G-AGLW Departed Lyyda (British Palestine) at 06:58 GMT, landing at Luqa at 13:45 on 03.12.46, destination UK. c/n 1177, pi VF164, registered on 01.12.44. WFU at Hurn on 01.09.50, scraped Jan 1951, Canx 22.01.51.
Lancastrian 1 BOAC G-AGMB Arrived from Heathrow on 04.03.47 at 17:43. Continued to Cairo. c/n 1182, pi (PD182) VF154, registered on 01.12.44. Crashed on landing Tengah, Singapore on 27.08.48.
Lancastrian 1 BOAC G-AGME Departed Hurn on a passenger/training flt for Rome on 29.03.46, landing in Malta on the 31st. Departed for RAF Castel Benito without passengers. Arrived from Elmas on 30.01.47, then direct to the UK. c/n 1185, PI (PD164) VF156, registered on 01.12.44 scraped at Hurn during 02/1950, Canx 21.12.49.
Lancastrian BOAC G-AGMJ Arrived directly from Hurn on 22.03.46. Again seen on 16.04.47 between 03:44-05:35. Listed as Trail Flight from Karachi to the UK. c/n 1189, pi (PD169) VF145, registered on 01.12.44, scraped at Hurn on 15.01.51, Canx 22.01.51
Lancastrian BOAC G-AGML Arrived from Karachi with 10 crew on 27.09.46. Again arrived from Karachi & Lydda on 18.12.46 at 05:09, carrying eight crew and four passengers.  
Lancastrian BOAC G-AGMM Arrived from Basra on 15.01.47 with ten crew only, no passengers. Listed as training flight.  
York C.1 BOAC G-AGJD Departed Heathrow on 29.11.46, apparently direct to Castel Benito, Libya, arriving from Libya the same day. According to Customs records, the aircraft made daily flights between Malta and Libya between the 30th November and 5th December. Again seen on training flights on 20.12.46 (Hurn to Johannesburg), on 05.01.47 (UK to Karachi) and 24.01.47 to Cairo and the return flight on the 28th, both listed as a Supplies/Training flight both ways. c/n 1210, pi MW121, registered on 05.07.44. Crashed at Tripoli’s Castel Benito airport on 01.02.49.
York BOAC G-AGNO Arrived from Heathrow on 16.06.47 at 18:46, onto Cairo & Karachi. Returned on the 20th between 11:27-13:50. Another Heathrow-Karachi flight on the 24th, between 14:50-16:06.  
York BOAC G-AGNR Departed Karachi on 27.06.47 at 01:29 GMT, via Basrah, Egypt and Malta at 10:59, the latter two on the 28th. Took off from Malta at 12:15  
York BOAC G-AGSM Arrived from Hurn to Johannesburg on 03.05.47 at 15:30, departing at 16:40. Aircraft returned on 12.05.47, between 02:50-05:03.  
York BOAC MM167 Arrived on 26.06.47 at 17:50 on a Heathrow-Malta-Heathrow flight.  
York BOAC MW181 Departed Heathrow on 01.07.47 at 12:35GMT, Gibraltar at 20:30GMT, landed at Malta on 03:10 on the 2nd. Left Malta at 07:00 for Gibraltar & London.  
Avro RJ-70 * A.M. 9H-ACM 21.02.89  

D-ABKD B.727 Lufthansa Arrived on 29.02.88, training starting on 1 March. Damaged wing tip during touch & go’s in heavy winds, training resumed on the 3rd till the 6th, departing on the 7th. c/n 20902
G-BPNS B.727-227 A.M. Training session between 23-25.04.90. Aircraft was on summer lease to Air Malta.  
9H-ABC B.737 * A.M. 08.02.90 and 25.03.92  
9H-ABR B.737 * A.M. 28.04.02  
9H-ABT B.737 * A.M. Training sessions on at least two different dates, 13.03.98 & 21.08.01.  
9H-ADI B.737 * A.M. 28.04.02  
D-ABFD B.737-200 Lufthansa In Malta between 08-17.02.91.  
D-ABHE B.737 * German Cargo Noted on 26 Nov & 09 Dec 1990.  
D-ABXE B.737-300 Lufthansa Arrived on 22.01.91, departed on the 26th as LH9621.  
D-ABXI B.737-300 Lufthansa Arrived on 24.02.91, departure date may have been on 3rd March.  
I-DEMA B.747 Alitalia 11.12.78  
I-DEMO B.747 Alitalia 17.01.79  
I-DEMU B.747 Alitalia 10.01.79 again seen on 17.02.79.  
D-ABYN B.747-230B Lufthansa Arrived on 20.11.88 as LH6702, training starting the same day. c/s during training sessions was LH47. Departed on the 24th as LH1201.  
D-ABZC B.747-230B Lufthansa 27-30.12.88  
HB-IGA B.747 Swissair 11.12.78  
HB-IGG B.747-300 Swissair Arrived as SR2030 on 04.11.91, departing on the 6th as SR2031.  
N221GF B.747 * Swissair 29.12.90  
G-BIKO B.757 B.A. Arrived on 12.01.90, departure may have been on the 16th.  
G-BIKS B.757-236 B.A. Arrived as BA9678T on 30.03.90, departing on 02.04.90 as BA9680T. One-day session on 22.09.90? Again seen between 20-24.10.90.  
G-BMRD B.757 * B.A. Arrived as BA971ST on 29.01.90 due to bad weather over UK, departing on 02.02.90. Seen again on 17.02.90.  

G-AGFY DC-3 BOAC Arrived on 11.07.47 at 17:18, departed Heathrow via Marignane.  
G-AGKC DC-3 BOAC Arrived on 28.10.46. Departed from London Heathrow on 27th at 06.44GMT, Marignane on the 28th at 6.40GMT, Malta 11.41 to Cairo. Returned directly from Cairo on the 30th.  
3B-ADV DC-8-73 African Int’l Training session on 15.06.90.  
HB-IDZ DC-8 * Balair Noted on two separate sessions, 08.01.84 & between 28-31.01.85.  
HB-IDL DC-8 * Swissair Pilot training at least between 23-24.10.83.  
HB-IDO DC-8 * Swissair 23.11.82  
HB-IFI DC-9 Swissair 25.03.79  
HB-IFH DC-9 * Swissair 29.11.84  
HB-IFK DC-9 * Swissair 06.02.82  
HB-IFP DC-9 Swissair 18.03.79  
HB-IFV DC-9 Swissair 01.02.79,  
HB-IFV DC-9 Swissair 22-27.03.87  
HB-IFY DC-9 Swisair 23.03.79  
HB-IDP DC-9-32 Swissair Training session between 25-29.11.85, departing on the 30th.  
HB-___ DC-9-32 Swissair 07-11.01.86  
HB-___ DC-9-32 Swissair Arrived during first week of March 1986.  
I-DYNA DC-10 Alitalia 23.02.79, again arriving on 03.03.79  
I-DYNB DC-10 Alitalia 24.01.79  
I-DYNC DC-10 Alitalia 11.01.79, 17.01.79  
I-DYND DC-10 Alitalia 21.12.78, again on 12.03.79  
I-DYNO DC-10 Alitalia 09.02.79  
I-DYNU DC-10 Alitalia 17.11.78, 02.12.78, 26.12.78???  
D-ADDO DC-10 Lufthansa Training between 05-06.03.91.  
D-ADGO DC-10 * Lufthansa Arrived on 04.03.90, departed on the 7th.  
D-ADHO DC-10 Lufthansa Arrived on 01.04.90, departed on the 4th.  
HB-IHB DC-10 Swissair 05.12.78  
HB-IHD DC-10 Swissair 02.11.78  
HB-IHI DC-10 Swissair 25.03.79. Was seen again on 23.12.87, conducting pilot training the following day.  
HB-IHK DC-10 Swissair 20.03.79  

5A-DBS F.27 * L.A.A. 11.04.91. Also on the 13th. Not sure if it was two separate sorties, or a three-day event.  
5A-DBT F.27 L.A.A. 24.03.90, possibly one-day session. Again seen as LN1940 between 06-07.08.90.  
5A-DDU F.27 L.A.A. Pilot training between 10-11.11.88  
5A-DLN F.27 L.A.A. arr/dep on 17.03.90, possibly one-day session.  
5A-DLQ F.27 L.A.A. arr/dep on 14.05.90, possibly one-day session.  
HB-AAS F-28 Sirte Oil Company One day training sortie on 13.03.89  
HB-IVA F.100 Swissair Aircraft arrived on 14.02.88, remaining until 28.03.88. It carried 53 passengers, including flight instructors, trainee pilots and technicians from Swissair, Fokker and Rolls Royce. Inbound c/s was SR8418, and c/s SR10 was used during training. Again seen between 18-20.04.88 & 20-23.03.89. Again seen between 02-05.03.91 and 03-06.05.91  
HB-IVB F.100 Swissair Training programme between 05-08.12.88. Exact arrival/departure dates not known. Another session between 06-09.02.90.  
HB-IVC F.100 Swissair Training session between 20-21.06.88 and 18-19.07.88.  
HB-IVD F.100 * Swissair 04-09.06.90. Inbound/outbound callsign was SR8418/9.  
HB-IVE F.100 Swissair 11-14.03.91 and 22-25.09.91.  
HB-IVF F.100 Swissair Training between 05-06.10.88, departed on the 07th. Another session between 08-11.07.91.  
HB-IVG F.100 * Swissair 29-30.08.90. Another session between 11-13.11.91.  
HB-IVH F.100 * Swissair 30.08.89. Other sorties between 23-28.06.91 and 02-07.09.91.  
HB-IVI F.100 * Swissair 17.04.93  
Handley Page

Halifax C Mk. VIII BOAC G-AHYI/PP331 Landed on 23.10.46 direct from Heathrow, then on to Cairo. Again seen on 11.12.46, on a direct flight from Heathrow, then to Cairo. Aircraft carried no log book. Returned on the 15th. c/n 1373, registered on 24.09.46, wfu Bovington 10/49. Canx as wfu 20.03.50.
Halifax C.VIII BOAC G-AIAN/PP271 Arrived on a direct flight from Heathrow on 11.01.47 at 16.00, onto to Cairo. Returned on the 13th. c/n 1344. Registered on 02.09.46, restored to the RAF as PP271 in April 1947. Canx 25.04.47. NOTE: This aircraft was listed as being G-AIAP on the 11th. However, G-AIAP was serial number PP281 with the Royal AF.
Halifax BOAC PP272 Arrived on 18.03.47 at 14:20 on a direct flight from Almaza, Egypt, onto the UK. Again seen between the 21st-22nd, landing at 20:29, departing for Cairo at 10:25, with 12 crew. Returned on the 24th at 12:05, departing on the 25th, but returned for unknown reasons at 12:20. Left Malta on the 27th at around 06:25.  
Halifax BOAC PP317 Arrived on 18.03.47 at 14:45 direct from Heathrow, onto to Cairo. Returned on the 24th stopping between 04:10-10:20.  
Halifax BOAC PP326 Landed on 21.03.47 at 23.55 on a Heathrow to Cairo flight. Returned on the 24th at 16:50, departing on the 25th at 09:25.  
Halifax C Mk. VIII BOAC PP327 Arrived on 07.11.46 on a training flight from Cairo to the UK. On loan to BOAC.
McDonnell Douglas

Additional unidentified Swissair aircraft seen on training sessions were in December 85, February & November 87 and January 88.

HB-INA MD-81 Swissair Training session during late April, departed on 01.05.87. Again seen between 18-19.03.91.  
HB-INE MD-81 * Swissair 17.11.94  
HB-ING MD-81 Swissair Pilot training between 25-27.01.89, departing on the 28th. Another sortie between 25-29.03.91.  
HB-INH MD-81 * Swissair 01.03.85  
HB-INI MD-81 Swissair Arrived on 24.10.91, departing after training sortie on the 26th. Seen again between 31.10.91–01.11.91.  
HB-INL MD-81 Swissair 28-29.11.88. Arrived on 01.01.91, may have departed on the 3rd.  
HB-INM MD-81 * Swissair On two different occasions between 06-10.03.90 & between 20-21.02.85. Another lengthy sortie between 05-13.03.90.  
HB-INN MD-81 Swissair Seen between 09-14.09.91, departing after training sortie.  
HB-INO MD-81 Swissair Arrived as SR8458 on 22.01.90, training c/s SR01 until 24th, probably departure date. Another sortie between 16-21.09.91.  
HB-INP MD-81 * Swissair Noted on 05.12.85, 07-10.02.91 and 30.12.92.  
HB-INS MD-81 Swissair Arrived on 07.12.86, using c/s SR8548, started training the same day, stayed for about 3 days.  
HB-INT MD-81 Swissair 30.12.86  
HB-INU MD-81 Swissair Training session between 22.02.88-03.03.88.  
HB-INV MD-81 Swissair 13-15.04.88, 26-27.09.90, and between 22-25.03.92. *  
HB-INX MD-81 Swissair 28.02.89-04.03.89  
HB-INZ MD-81 Swissair 27-30.12.88. No flying took place on the 29th. Another session on 20.02.93. *  
HB-IUB MD-87 CTA Training sessions between 10-11.11.88 & 11-14.12.88.  
HB-IUC MD-87 CTA 13-17.01.89. Another session on 09.05.89.  
Misc. types

G-ALZW Ai. Ambassador BEA Arrived on 26.09.54 as BE142/2609 at 15:37. Departed for Catania at 16:30, using c/s Trng 68, returning at 17:17. Departed Malta on the 27th at 10:30 as BE143/2709.  
N627GB Beech 200 Potomac Flight Training Arrived on 03.02.18. Pilot training session 07.02.18, a session on 6th having been cancelled.  
HB-XNB Bell 412 * Heliswiss 20.06.82 In Malta from at least 26 Jan – 03 Jul 82.
9H-VCD Bo. Challenger 350 VistaJet Pilot training on 09.06.15. c/n 20535.
9H-VFI Bo. Challenger CL-600-2B16 VistaJet Pilot training on 29.04.15. c/n 5984.
M-OLOT Bo. Challenger   Circuits on 19.07.14, c/s VMP967.  
VP-COP Bo. CL604   Arrived on 29.04.14, training the same day.  
5A-UAC Bo. BD-700-1A11 Global 5000   Performed several touch & go’s on 07.01.15.  
9H-GVA Bo. BD-700-1A11 ElitAvia Malta Ltd. Training session in the afternoon of 29.03.16. c/n 9458
9H-VJF Bo. BD-700-1A10 Vistajet Conducted several touch & go’s on 12.09.14.  
G-BFVI BAe 125-700 Bristow helicopters Training session between 10-12.03.90, departing on the 12th. Arrival was probably on the 10th.  
9H-AAP Casa 212 Med-Avia Training sessions on the following dates - 19-20.06.90, 01.01.91, 26.11.91, 29.11.91.  
9H-AAQ Casa 212 * Med-Avia Noted pilot training on 13.12.90, 30.01.91, 04.11.91, 25.11.91 & 18.09.00.  
9H-AAR Casa 212 * Med-Avia 16.11.89  
HB-LXK Casa 212 *   20.04.92  
9H-MCM Ce. S550 Citation SII M.C.M. ILS circuits on 20.06.14, c/s HYP006. S550-0028, pi’s S5-BAX, HB-VHH, N1260L
G-APMC DH Comet 4B B.E.A. Arrived on 18.02.60, between 14:15-16:00, c/s TRNG 306. From/to the UK. c/n 6423.
9H-RAF DH 82 Tiger Moth Malta Aviation Museum Foundation Circuits on 08.02.18 and 23.06.18.  
5A-PAA Emb. ERJ-170LR Petro Air Arrived as PEO1710 on 20.07.18 for a training session. c/n 17000275
F-GYSH Eurocopter AS332L S/Puma Heli Union First seen during the Libyan uprising of 2011, landing on 21st Feb., departing on 16th April.

Again arrived on 15.07.14 at the start of troubles in Libya, making flights to/from oil rigs. Left Safi for France on 28.12.14. Training session on 28th November.
N197PA Gulfstream III Phoenix Air Pilot training on 04.03.18. Aircraft in Malta since 28.08.17.  
9H-ZMB Gulfstream G650 Comlux Malta Pilot training on 31.03.15. Aircraft had been delivered on the 27th. c/n 6116.
G-AHDP Miles HDM 105 Halton   Arrived on 17.04.47 at 16:05. Listed as a training flight, departing Heathrow at 00:00 or 08:00Z (time not clear on Customs records), to Ceylon. Returned as flight 1XT4 on 25th at 02:45.  
9H-ABM P. Aztec * Excelair 30.12.90  
G-AGKX S. S25R Sandringham BOAC 14.07.48, landed at Marsaxlokk harbour. c/s 4XT20 Arrived from/ returned to Augusta, Italy. Original departure from Southampton. c/n ML788.

Vanguard B.E.A.   Pilot training began on 01.11.64.  
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APEB c/s MG228A. At Luqa between 06-12.05.67. Landed at 13:25, departed at 11:30. No passengers on either arrival or departure flights, but came with 7 crew, left with 4. Training flight status not confirmed.  
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APEC c/s BE/MG216. At Luqa between 27-30.04.67. Training flight status not confirmed.  
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APEI Pilot training on 13.01.68.  
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APEM c/s BE/MG 192. At Luqa between 16-20.03.67, landing at 07:35, departing at 11:45. Arrived w/o passengers, but left with 62. Training flight status not confirmed.  
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APEN c/s BE595. Landed at Luqa on 31.10.66-22:15, departing on 08.11.66 at 20:05. Training flight status not confirmed.  
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APEO Aircraft was being used on a pilot training programme. Photographed landing with engine feathered on 04.12.67.  
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APEP At Luqa between 22.01.67-04.02.67. Arrived as BE192 with 67 pax & 6 crew at 06:40, Departed at 07:45 for Rome with 6 crew and no passengers.

Returned the same day at 11:45 as MG228 with 63 pax and 6 crew. Dep on 12.02.67 at 19:30, with 65 pax & 7 crew.

Again seen at Luqa on 23.04.67 as MG243, landing at 18:00 with 19 passengers, departing on the 26th at 03:35 with 61. Training flight status for all three occasions not confirmed.
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APER Pilot training between 01-03.11.66, landing at 13:30, departure at 15:35. c/s VANTRG 632.

Again seen on 05.03.67 at 13:45, but no departure details available, c/s BE/TRNG 637.

Another four day visit between 04-08.04.67, c/s BE/MG 216, but pilot training status not confirmed.

It returned the following day the 9th, staying until the 23rd. c/s BE/MG717, arrived w/o passengers but left with 60. Again, training status not confirmed.
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APES According to Custom file 13/IA-32, this aircraft arrived from Palermo on 06.11.63 at 19:10 as BE230 with 87 passengers and 7 crew. Scheduled to leave on the 7th at 00:55, departure date was crossed out, replaced with 13th at 08:10. There were no passengers on departure for Catania, only 8 crew, Original destination (Brussels?) also crossed out. Training Flight?  
Vanguard B.E.A. G-APET Pilot training between 09-22.01.67. c/s BE633.  
Viking 1B B.O.A.C. G-AHPL Arrived from Tunis & Catania on 10.11.47 at 20:28, using flight number Training 634C. Five crew, no passengers. Departed for the UK on the 11th at 09:25.  
Viscount B.O.A.C. G-AMAV Arrived on 12.09.52 at 16:03, departing on the 14th at 15:00 c/s BE TRNG 1209. Another one-day training session held on 20.11.52 arriving at 11:30, c/s TRNG 34. No departure time given.  
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