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Aviation Cosmetics

A company specializing in the spraying of aircraft. It is located in a specially built hangar at Safi Aviation Park.

Page added on 31.03.17.


A.319-112 Air Mauritius 3B-NBH 22.03.18 01.04.18 Maintenance at Lufthansa Technic prior to visiting ACM for a re-spray.
ACJ320 Royal Omani Air Force 555 01.04.18   Arrived as MJN525 for maintenance work at Ltm, and re-spray at ACM.
A.320-211 Fly One EK-32002 29.10.17 01.11.17 c/s LUR7777.
A.320-214 Smartlynx ES-SAQ 15.12.17 18.12.17 Aircraft had been leased by Air Malta until the 23rd. Spent three days at ACM. c/n 984.
A. 320-214 Aigle Azur F-HBAP     Arrived for maintenance at Lufthansa Tecnic on 31.01.17, then to ACM for a re-spray. Departed Malta on 24.02.17 as AAF016t.
A.320-214 Air France F-GKXL 29.10.17 08.11.17 Arrived as AFR367V, c/n 2705. To ACM, then towed to Ltm on the 7th.
A. 320-214 Easyjet G-EZUC     Noted 29.11.16 in new EasyJet livery.
A320-214 EasyJet G-EZUJ 16.11.16   First aircraft for spraying by Aviation Cosmetics.
A.320-214 Veuling EC-HGZ 05.10.17 25.02.18 Arrived for maintenance at SR Technics, then to Aviation Cosmetics for re-spraying in Allegiant A/Ls colours. Noted in primer colours in mid-December 2017. In Allegiant A/Ls colours by mid-January 2018. Re-registered N240NV.
A. 320-232 West Air LZ-CMA 03.11.17 22.12.17 c/n 7487, ex F-WWIY. Entered ACM after maintenance at SR Technic. Emerged in Tiajin A/Ls colours. Two test flights on 17th and 20th December, departing with reg B-1052.
A. 320-232 Jetstar Pacific LZ-CMB 16.11.17   c/n7922, CMIG Aviation Capital, pi F-WWIM, VN-A575 ntu. Late evening arrival, being towed to Safi Park shortly afterwards.
A. 320-232 Jetstar Pacific LZ-CMC 22.11.17   To be delivered to Tiajin A/Ls.
A.321-211 BH Air LZ-BHK 02.04.18 16.04.18 Late night arrival as BGH6001 in all white colours. Rolled out of hangar on the 12th in Redwings livery, departing Malta as BGH6002.
A.321-231 Monarch OE-IGB 07.03.18 27.03.18 Night-time arrival from Shannon in Monarch colours, re-sprayed in Thomas Cook livery. Towed to the ACM on the 8th. pi G-OZBI. c/n 2234.
A.321-211 Aeroflot VP-BUM 21.03.18 03.04.18 Arrived as AFL7611. Departed in Thomas Cook colours as ALF7610. c/n 3267.
A.330-223 Aercap Ireland EI-GFD 24.03.18 24.04.18 Arrived in Air Berlin colours. Re-sprayed in Aigle Azur livery. Will be r.r. as F-HTIC when delivered. c/n 444
A.330-223 Aercap Ireland EI-GFG 05.03.18 27.03.18 Arrived in Air Berlin colours. First A.330 for Aigle Azur, to be r.r. F-HTAC. c/n 493
A.330-343 Orbest CS-TRH 02.03.17 13.03.17 Towed to Aviation Cosmetics to be re-sprayed into new colours after arriving from Madrid as OBS02M. Departed as OBS013M.
A.330-200 Edelweiss HB-IQI     Arrived for maintenance at Ltm, then towed to ACM on 08.01.17 for re-spraying and re-registering to Brussels A/Ls as OO-SFT.
A.340-312 Air Mauritius 3B-NAU 02.11.17 15.11.17 Early morning arrival as MK001. Late evening departure. c/n 0076.
A.340-313 Lufthansa D-AIGY 04.07.17 07.10.17 Entered Aviation Cosmetic on 19th September.
A.380-861 Air France F-HPJC 24.01.18 18.02.18 c/s AF370V. Entered Aviation Cosmetics the same day. Second A.380 to visit Malta. (see under Training Flights page.


B.737-5Q8 Belavia EW-290PA 07.11.17 18.11.17 Arrived as BRU2089 from Minsk, departing as BRU2090 in a new livery.
B.737-31S Belavia EW-366PA 19.11.17 29.11.17 Arrived/departed as BRU2089/90.
B.737-34S(F) ASL Airlines (Belgium) OO-TNL 21.02.18 14.03.18 Arrived from Brussels in TNT colours for maintenance and re-spray. c/n 29109, previously N132MN. Re-sprayed in Longhao A/Ls livery (first noted out of hangar on 1st March), and to be re-registered B-1109. Departed with Belgian reg OO-TNL.
Bae 146-RJ-100 Starbow 9G-SBE 15.01.18   Arrived for maintenance at Med-Avia on 30.11.17. Towed outside the hangar without titles and registration on 04.01.18. Towed to ACM on 22.02.18, re-registered as M-NONA on unknown date. Re-registered EP-FQZ on 13.03.18, departing Malta on the 16th.
Canadair CRJ-100ER   ZS-CRJ 20.07.17 26.07.17 Entered Aviation Cosmetics on the 22nd. All-white, with United Nations titles on fuselage, and ‘UN’ on fin and aft of the entry door.
Embraer EMB-135 Air X 9H-JPC 15.04.17   Noted on the 17th after re-spraying.
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