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Lufthansa Technik – Malta

The following is an (incomplete) list of aircraft that have visited Lufthansa Technik (Malta) for maintenance. The company, a joint venture between Air Malta and Lufthansa, commenced operations on 1 January 2003, initially performing C checks on Airbus A.319/320/321 and B.737 type of aircraft.

However, the company has since expanded, and a decision was taken to build three hangars capable of accepting A.330/380 and B.747 types. And with one of these hangars ready, Lufthansa inaugurated it by sending an A.330 on 22nd December 2008.

Lufthansa Technik has also taken to holding an open day, organized tours allowing the public to view the workings of the company. For the aircraft spotter a golden opportunity to view the aircraft from close quarters.

Apart from offering job opportunities in the aviation sector, the company has helped the local aviation scene by bringing a number of airlines not usually seen in Malta, including a couple of exotic visitors from Africa.

There are separate tables for each aircraft type. Within each table, the aircraft have been listed in alphabetical order according to airline/operator name, then registration. The following list is compiled from my own records, as well as from information supplied by fellow enthusiasts. It is by no means complete, and any additions/ corrections are more than welcome.

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