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MCM Ltd.

Biz jets maintained by MCM Ltd., which have now been listed by order of registration, not by aircraft type.

This page was added on 15.05.12.

185 DA Falcon 10MER French Navy 15.03.12 23.03.12 Aircraft had arrived on the 14th. Dep as FNY55A2, but had to return with a cracked windshield. Departed on the 23rd after repairs were carried out by MCM Ltd. Parts brought over by Falcon 10 No. 32 on the 16th.
2-GJSB ATR-42-500 Flair Aviation 16.04.19 13.05.19 c/n 576. Visited both ACM and MCM for maintenance. Departed in an all-white livery to Kam-Air.
4O-MNE Bo. Learjet 45 Montenegro Govt 24.01.19 03.02.19 c/n 45-044. Seen again between 23.01.23 - 11.02.23.
5A-DCN DA Falcon 900EX   11.08.14   Departure date unknown, but again seen in Malta on the 16th.
5A-DFN Ce. C.680A “Citation Latitude”   27.05.21   c/n 680A-0248.
5N-IZZ Cessna Citation 550 Izy Air 03.09.13   Rr G-SPRE on 29.01.13.
5Y-BYD Cessna C550   24.11.14   Re-registered as 9H-PAL on the 26th.
5A-UAA Bo. BD-100-1A10 Challenger United Aviation 02.05.13 11.05.13  
5A-UAB Bo. BD-700-1A11     15.06.13 Noted outside MCM hangar on 07.05.13 and 01.06.13.
9H-BOB BAe.125-800B Orion (Malta) Ltd.     Seen in hangar on 07.07.10. Aircraft has since been cancelled from Maltese register.
9H-FED Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global Express XRS Hyperion Aviation Ltd. 09.04.12 10.04.12 Aircraft entered MCM on the 9th. Test flight before departing.
9H-ILB Bo. Challenger 850 Vista Jet 23.08.18   Arrived as OE-ILB. c/n 8107.
9H-INV Bo. Challenger CL-604       Noted outside MCM hangar on 04.08.15. Previously TS-INV.
9H-MAJ Bo. Challenger 605       c/n 5508, arrived as A7-MHA. Departed MCM on 06.09.16.
9H-MCM Ce. S550 Citation SII Orion (Malta) Ltd.     Test flight on 22.03.14.
9H-OJJ Bo. Challenger CL-650 Elitavia 09.06.19 13.06.19 c/n 6076. Previously C-FTND, N650ZJ.
9H-OPE Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global Express Vista Jet 08.10.12 13.10.12  
9H-VCC Bo. Challenger 350 Vistajet (Malta)     Noted at MCM on 03.04.15
9H-VJD Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 VistaJet 12.10.13 17.10.13 Performed circuits on the 12th.
9H-VJF Bo. Global 6000 VistaJet 16.09.13 27.09.13  
9H-VJJ Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 VistaJet 17.12.14   c/s VJT822R. c/n 9604.
9H-VTA Bombardier BD-700-1A11 Global 5000 VistaJet     At MCM on 28.03.14.
9H-ZAT Hawker 900XP Hanger 8     Towed out of MCM on 10.01.12 with 9H- reg.
D-BEEP Ce. 750     18.09.169  
D-BSMI Bo. BD-100-1A10 Challenger CL-300   15.10.13   Re-registered to Europ-Star as 9H-SMI.
D-CHSA Cessna 550 Citation II       Noted outside MCM hangar on 01.06.13.
D-CIRJ Dornier Do.328-100 Prime Air (Cirrus Aviation) 16.01.12 05.02.12  
G-FPLD Be. 200   12.04.16 16.04.16 c/s CAL104. Arrived from Cyprus in the afternoon. Entered MCM facilities on the 14th.
G-SRNE EC-145 Starspeed Ltd.     Arrived on yacht Serene, flew to the airport on the 23rd. Remained at MIA, with some maintenance work carried out by MCM on 17.01.16, with helo still at MIA up to 28.01.16.
G-YAGT Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605 Ocean Sky Aircraft Management Ltd. 18.09.12    
I-SKYB Emb 120 Brasilia       Towed from MCM hangar to Park 4 on 10.06.11. Carried United Nations Humanitarian Services titles.
M-AHAA Bo. Global 6000-BD-700-1A10   08.02.19 14.02.19  
M-OLOT Bo. CL-60   08.08.15 10.08.15 Observed in new livery on the 9th.
M-YUNI Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger   28.01.15   Noted at MCM facilities on 26.02.16. c/n 5751.
N100XV Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 11.05.23 c/n 5320. Towed to MCM for unknown reasons.
N145DB Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600   11.02.22   Previously EC-KOK, G-CFJA, PK-RJE, PK-RNI, A6-ANK. Arrived from Cairo.
N333WC Beech 30       Noted at MCM on 13.01.17.
N807MC Bae 125-800A Golden Falcon Aviation 28.12.15 26.04.16 Re-sprayed in new colours, engine runs on 26.02.16, test flight on 18th April. Carried “Golden Falcon” titles on fin. c/n NA0411.
OE-ILZ Bo. CL-600-2B19 Vista Jet 13.04.13 18.04.13  
OE-INS Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605       Noted in hangar on 31.12.10. c/n 5707, ex-N605BA.
OE-LGX Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global Express Vista Jet 06.10.12 11.10.12  
OY-INV Bo. Challenger CL-604   09.12.18   c/n 5628. Arrived as FXT609. Noted on the compass bay on the 18th. Previously 9H-INV.
SP-CEZ Gates Learjet 60 FastJet 05.05.14 15.05.14 Performed test flight before departure, c/s FYJ40.
T7-ARG Gu V   12.09.16 17.09.16 Taxied over to Park 8 from MCM on the 16th.
TC-AEK Ga. Learjet 60 Ministry of Health 01.11.16    
TC-ICK Bo. CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604       Noted at MCM on 18.12.18.
ZS-CRJ CRJ       Noted at MCM between 29-30.08.16 with UN titles.
ZS-ELJ Ga. Learjet   18.10.13    
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