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HMS Victorious

December 1958

Helicopters from the carrier visited Ta Qali airfield. Type and length of visit unknown. It isn’t known if the carrier actually entered harbour.


27 November 1959

Ship arrived for a brief visit.

15 August 1961

No further details available.

9 December 1961

HMS Victorious enters Grand Harbour with HMS Ark Royal.

20-__ July 1966

According to The Times’ coloumn Fifty Years Ago the carrier had been engaged in exercises with the US Navy in the Mediterranean, and entered port for a four-day visit, prior to continuing for the Far East.

The following helicopters/aircraft were logged at RAF Luqa, exact date unknown.

W. Wessex XM843/271, XM845/274 814  
DH Sea Vixen FAW.2 XN683/210 893  
Gannet COD4 XA466    
Gannet AEW.3 XL494/261 “A” Flt/849  

05-12 June 1967

Victorious was returning to the UK from Aden when the Six-Day War erupted, causing the carrier to remain in the Mediterranean in case evacuation of civilians became a necessity.

As there was no fleet tanker to top up from, Victorious entered Grand Harbour, staying for the duration.

B. Buccaneer S2 XV155/233/V   Landed at Luqa on 25.05.67 trailing re-fuelling hose. See Buccaneer Diversion report in the 1960 Accidents page. D/D 26/5/66 to RN and passed to RAF charge as one of the aircraft to equip No 12 Sqn in 1969 remaining with the unit until 5/73. Transferred to No 237 OCU between 7/3 and 5/74 and then following update to S2B standard re-issued to No 12 Sqn in 6/75 with which it stayed until being placed in store at St Athan in 8/81. Declared surplus and the fuselage allocated maintenance serial 8716M for issue to BAe Brough on static tests on 29/10/81.
B. Buccaneer S2 XV162/232   Noted on 25.05.67. Delivered 21.09.66 to RN, and with No 12 Sqn at its formation but lost off Bridlington on 13/6/72.
B. Buccaneer S2 _____/234   Noted on 25.05.67.
DH Sea Vixen FAW.2 XJ578/243   Noted on 25.05.67.
DH Sea Vixen FAW.2 XJ580   Noted on 25.05.67.
DH Sea Vixen FAW.2 XJ584/246   Noted on 25.05.67.
Fa. Gannet COD.4 XA466/3   Noted on 26.05.67.
W. Wessex __270/70 814 Noted on 25.05.67.

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