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HMS Centaur


Ship arrived from Trieste, Italy.

06 February 1955

80mph winds prevented Centaur and Albion from entering harbor. (See also 50 years ago/Naval visits page.

The February 1955 issue of "Shell Aviation News" depicted some Sea Hawks of No. 806 Sqdn. operating from HMS Centaur off Malta. They were described as being “in standard colouring”.

H. Sea Hawk FB.3 WM9l6/163/C 806 d/d 19.05.54, w/o 13.07.56
H. Sea Hawk FB.3 WM9l7/l67/C 806 d/d 19.05.54, w/o 25.06.56.
H. Sea Hawk FB.5 WM93l/171/C 806 d/d 09.06.54, sold as scrap 20.06.63 at Abbotsinch to Star Metal Co Ltd, Ascot.
H. Sea Hawk FB.5 WM937/l73/C 806 d/d 11.06.54, to Arbroath 29.06.60 for G.I. as A2494, since scrapped.

15 November 1961

Centaur arrived for a ten-day visit.
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