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HMS Illustrious R06

4 May 1993

No details available.

16 February 1996

No details available.

18 August 1997

BAe Sea Harrier F/A 2 ZD579/005/L, ZD610/000/L, ZD611/100, ZD613/002/L, ZE692/003/L, ZH810/004/L, ZH812/006/L 801  
Sea King AEW 2 XV649/184/L, XV650/185/L, ZE420/183/L 849 “B(ee)” flight.
Sea King HAS.6 XV674/015**, XV706/011/L, XZ571/016, ZA128/010**, ZA133/013 814 ** Operated several flights to Luqa using call-sign Navy 17118.

10 April 2000

No details available.

01 September 2001

No details available.

21-26 November 2005

Entered Grand Harbour, accompanied by HMS Exeter, in ceremonial support of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Malta for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. HMS Illustrious revived a naval tradition of firing a 21-gun salute, thereby signalling the ships’ peaceful intentions by entering host country’s port with unloaded guns. The salute was returned from shore by a group of Maltese re-enactors. Despite the tight security, Illustrious was open to visitors on the 23rd for a visit by the Malta Aviation Society, and on the 25th to the general public.

The following are some of the aircraft on board the Illustrious visit. It is not necessarily a complete list.

BAe Sea Harrier F/A 2 XZ440/002, ZE690/003, ZH796/001 ZH813/006    
Sea King ASaC7 XV714, ZE418/186    
A/W Merlin HM.1 ZH863/270    


19-23 November 2012

HMS Illustrious was part of a deployment known as Cougar 12, involving some 3,000 Royal Navy and Commando personnel and air power making up the Response Force Task Group.

Departing the south-west of the UK in the beginning of October, joining forces with French and Albanian naval forces in the Mediterranean later in the same month.

The ship was open to the public between the 21-22.

W. Apache AH.1 ZJ233 656 AAC  
W. Apache AH.1 ZJ191, ZJ218 673 AAC  
W. Merlin HM.1 ZH827 814  
W. Merlin HM.1 ZH840/67 814 Made two flights from/to Illustrious, probably ferrying Maltese media, c/s Tiger 1. Later overflew ship as carrier was entering Grand Harbour, engaged in air-surface photography.
W. Merlin HM.1 ZH860/68 814 Tiger colour scheme.
Sea King HC.4 ZA310/B, ZE427/K, ZG820/I 845  
Sea King HC.4 ZD626/S 845 Previously mistakenly listed as ZD636, which is an ASaC7 variant of the Sea King, not an HC.4. Squadron previously listed as 849.

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