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A most welcome visit was by the Spanish Navy’s Principe De Austurias in March 2007.

The fixed-wing element was composed of the AV-8B Harrier, whilst the rotary-wing component were a mixture of Bell UH-1, SH-3 and Hughes MD-500 types.

This is not a complete list.

B. UH-1   01-316 Carried UN letters.
Hughes MD-500   01-611  
Hughes MD-500   HS.13-11  
S. SH-3   01-511  
S. SH-3   01-501  
S. SH-3   __-___/11 AEW?
S. SH-3   __-___/16  
S. SH-3   __-512  
McD AV-8B   VA.1B-30/20  
McD AV-8B   VA.1B-28/18  
McD AV-8B   01-320 Or 01-920?
McD AV-8B   01-514  
McD AV-8B   VA.1B-39/27  


Individual aircraft


HS.23-01/01-101 S. SH-60B   ESPS Canarias Arrived on 17.10.15 for a few hours' visit using c/s AME8312. Ship did not enter port.
18-7/01-311 AB.212   Numancia Noted on board ship on 22.04.16. Duration of ships’ stay unknown. Helicopter was noted on approach to r/w 05 on 01.05.16.
HA.18-12/01-136 AB.212   ESPS Cantabria A15 Noted on 15.08.17, 12.09.17 and 26.10.17.
HA.18-14/01-318 B. 212   ESPS Canarias Helicopter remained on ship, which was in harbour from at least between 03-05.01.16.
U20-1 Ce.550     Arrived as AME8401 between 04-05.01.18. The Santa Maria F81 with helicopter on board was in harbour on 31.12.17. Ships’ arrival/departure dates unknown.
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