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AS532 Cougar S-442     c/s Wildcat 1, seen on 04.09.17.
AS532 Cougar S-447     c/s Wildcat 1, same day arrival departure on 20.04.18 and again on the 22nd.
NH-90     Eversten This was the second visit by this ship, which berthed outside Grand Harbour on 04.02.14. Helicopter performed flights using c/s NAF234.
NF-90NFH N-319 Tromp (F803)   Ship departed on 29.07.16.
SH-14D Lynx 261   Zuiderkruis (A 832) In harbour between 03-08.12.11.
SH-14C Lynx 267 860 De Ruyter (F-806) Seen on 02.07.93
SH-14C Lynx 271 860 Abraham Crijnssen Entered Grand Harbour on 16.04.93.
SH-14D Lynx 277     Landed at Luqa Airport on 27.02.11, but departure date unknown.
SH-14D Lynx 283   Evertsen (F805) Port visit between 10-12.08.12.
Si. MH-60 37   HNLMS De Ruyter Ship entered harbour on 09.02.20.
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