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Aircraft, on delivery to their customer/s, that are known to have flown through the Maltese FIR (Flight Information Region) without actually landing here.


A.319-112 Air Namibia V5-ANK From Cairo to Castellon, Spain on 11.10.22. Aircraft had departed South Africa on the 10th. Previously registered D-AVYF, D-ABGL. c/n 3586.
A.320-214 Tunisair TS-IMV Aircraft had remained grounded at Jeddah since 24.11.22, apparently as a result of being hit by an airport vehicle. Ferried to Tunis via Cairo on 12.01.23, flying no higher than 10,000 ft. c/n 5610.
A. 320-212 Strategic A/Ls VH-YQC From Portugal to Australia on 02.05.10. c/n 395.
A.400M-180 R. Malaysian AF M54-02 c/s REMF135. Being ferried to Seville, Spain, on 31.01.23  
ATR 72-500 KalStar Aviation PK-KSC c/s KD931 flying westwards at 21:00 on 25.10.17, final destination Kemble, UK for scrapping. c/n 638.
ATR 72-600 Wings Air PK-WJM 27.11.18  
ATR 72-201(F) Solenta Aviation ZS-XCJ Overflying from Djerba, Tunis to Budapest, Hungary on 04.11.22. c/n 381.
An-26B Ivory Coast AF TU-VMA From Sofia to Sfax on 19.07.18. c/n 10103, p.i. LZ-ABJ.
An-26B Ivory Coast AF TU-VMB From Sofia to Sfax on 23.07.18. c/n 13095, p.i. LZ-ABR. Again noted on FR24 from Sfax to Sofia on 17.09.20.
B.737-7M2 Cabo Verde Airlines D4-CCI Being ferried from Angola to Faro airport for maintenance in basic TAAG Angola livery on 10.11.22. Received a new livery of white overall, with what appears to be a two-tone dark/light blue fin. c/n 34559.
B.737-8AL Jeju Air HL8033 Travelled through the Malta FIR as JJA519D on 19.05.15. c/n 35071/2138, pi 5Y-KYC, F-WTDT.
B.747-4H6 AerSale Inc. N897AS On delivery from Jakarta to Wamos Air in Madrid on 17.06.17. To be re-registered EC-MQK.
Beriev Be-200   RA-20393 From Marsa Matruh Egypt, to Monastir, Tunis on 22.05.23 on delivery to Algerian AF as 7T-VPV.
BAe RJ100 L.A.A. 5A-FLG Departed from Bari, Italy to Libya on 22.07.18.  
Bo. Challenger 850 CRJ2   5A-UAD Departed from Berlin to Libya on 27.03.19. c/n 8087.
Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 7000   C-GLBX c/s BBA703. Departed from Basel-Mulhouse on 09.02.18.  
DHC-6-300 Trans Maldivian Airways C-GVLA Passed trhough the Malta FIR on 14.11.22 from Tunisia on delivery from Canada to the Maldives. This is the company’s 60th Twin Otter . c/n 600. First registered as PZ-TCF in November 1980, then P2-TCF, J6-SLP, N456RE, N933LC, DQ-FIE
Fokker100   EP-CFL Overflying Malta on delivery as SXA607 on 09.03.06.  
MD-11F   N618TF Overflew Malta on 07.04.18, on delivery from Jeddah to Shannon, then US for scrapping. ex Saudi Arabian, HZ-AND.
MD-11F   N775BC Overflew Malta on 08.02.18, on delivery from Jeddah to Shannon, then US for scrapping. ex Saudi Arabian, pi HZ-ANB, c/n 48775.
Mitsubishi CRJ-200ER United Nations C-GIXR Overflew Malta on 30.05.23 after concluding an assignment in Jordan. It had departed Heraklion for Tunis. c/n 7434.
Mitsubishi CRJ-900LR Iraqi Airways YI-AQA Overflew Malta during ferry flight to Spain on 23.04.23 as flight number IA505. c/n 15189.
P. PA-44-180T Seminole Jordanian Flying School JY-RJM Over flew Malta on 27.04.17. Aircraft had arrived from the direction of Tunisia. c/n 44-8107013.
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