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Demonstrators - Jets
Airbus A.320 Cyprus Airways F-WWDX Arrived on 13.03.89. Aircraft used on a demonstration flight to Mount Etna.  
Avro RJ70   G-AOXX    
B.737-33A(QC) Titan Airways G-POWS c/s AWC726, landing on 10.02.18, departing the following day. Aircraft finished in red/white/black trim, FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour titles and Coca-Cola logo. Doing a World Tour before the start of the 2018 World Cup. c/n 25402, pi N853AT.
Bo. Global GLEX 6000 Bombardier Inc. N543GL Arrived on 20.11.17, departing on the 21st.  
BAC 1-11 B.U.A. G-ASJI Arrived with 13 crew on 22.01.65, between 21:40-23:30. Flight listed as BR PROVING. Departed with 11 crew. Also seen on the 29th, between 23:00-23:55. Had “Test Flight” as aircraft name, c/s BR9104. Arrived/departed with 12 crew.  
BAC 111-500 B.A.C. G-ASYD Seen on 15.01.70, no other details.  
Dassault Falcon 8X Dassault Aviation SA F-WWQA Arrived for tests at MIA on 16.07.19, departing later the same day.  
Dassault Falcon 8X   F-WWQC A two hour stop over on 31.03.16.  
DH Comet   G-ALZK Arrived on a UK-Malta-UK flight on 21.06.51 between 11:33-14:30. 10 crew, plus 15 passengers described as technical crew. c/s CDL 005. Second prototype. Used by the BOAC Comet Unit to conduct 500 hours of pilot training and route proving.
DH 121 Trident 1C De Havilland Aircraft Corp. G-ARPB Arrived on 08.02.63 from Hatfield with four crew. Returned to Hatfield on the 15th at 10:00 with 4 crew and 17 passengers. c/n 2102, to B.E.A. Dec 67. Merged with British A/Ws Apr 74. Purchased by British Airport Authorities in Jan 78 for use as a fire trainer.
Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy Embraer PT-SIB Noted at MIA on 29.07.04. c/n 145770. Rr N3005, N53NA, N882AC.
Embraer E190-E2 Embraer 2-RLET With “Shark mouth” art work. Landed for a re-fuelling stop on 10.02.22 on its way to the Singapore air show. Seen again on 08.04.22 on its way to Dubai, returning on 17th for a refuelling stop. c/n 19020015.
Embraer E190   PP-XMB Arr late evening on 19.09.06, departed the following morning.  
Embraer E190-300STD Embraer PR-ZFU Same day arrival/departure on 16.02.18, on the return flight back to Brazil after participating in the Singapore Airshow. Prototype no. 2, c/n 190-20002.
Embraer E195-E2 Embraer PR-ZIQ Seen on three different dates, on each occasion departing after refuelling - 05.07.19, 08.12.19 and 06.02.20.

Seen again on 09 and 29.11.21, 17 and 31.03.22, and a night-stop between 27/28.09.22 from Esparagos to Muscat.

Seen on 20 and 29.05.23, and again on a night stop between 07-08.07.23.
c/n 19020041.
Embraer E190-E2 Embraer PR-ZGQ Arrived on 29.03.19 from Abu Dhabi, departing on the 30th. c/n 19020004.
Embraer E550 Praetor 600 Embraer Executive Aircraft N602EE Aircraft arrived from Madrid in the morning of 27.09.22, departing later for Palermo. Returned to Malta on the 30th, departing for Cairo afterwards. Returned from London on 10.10.22 for a one-hour stop over, departing for Palermo, from it returned on the 12th. c/n 550-20002.
F.100 Palair Macedonian PH-KXL Noted at Luqa on 28.01.93, for evaluation by Air Malta. Arrival & departure dates unknown. c/n 11393.
HS Trident 2E   G-AVFC Brought as demonstrator for Malta Airlines on 14.05.68.  
HS.125 Hawker Siddeley Aviation. G-ARYA Arrived from Nice on 07.01.64 at 16:50, departing at 08:00 on the 9th, destination Entebbe. Carried 4 crew. c/n 25001. First prototype, withdrawn from use in October 1965. Preserved at the Mosquito Museum, 1968.
DH.125 Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd. G-ARYC Arrived on 04.12.65, between 17:10-18:00. From/to Nice. c/n 25003. Later registered to Hawker Siddeley Aviation and Rolls-Royce. PWFU 31.03.76.
HS-125 Hawker Siddeley G-ASEC Departed the UK at 12:20 (GMT?) on 08.04.65, arrived from Naples for a night stop the same day at 18:00, departing for Cairo the following day at 07:15.

It returned from Khartoum for a fuel stop on 02.05.65 between 12:30-14:20, departing for a night stop at Nice, landing back at Hatfield at 12:38 on the 3rd.
G-ASEC was the first full production 125 (longer fuselage) and retained by DH/HS for trials and company demonstrator up to 1973 by which time it had been fitted with Viper 521 engines. Aircraft information and departure from/return to, the UK courtesy of Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies.
HS 125 Hawker-Siddeley Aviation Ltd G-AYOK Carrying executives from three British companies and Hawker Siddeley company, to encourage the sale of the British biz-jet. See report below. c/n 25250.
HS.125-600 H.S.A. G-BCUX First noted between 16-17.02.75, arriving from Hatfield, departing for Cairo. Another night stop between 26-27.09.75 between Hatfield to Heraklion, arriving from/returning to Cairo between 07-08.10.75, again arriving from Gatwick to Cairo on the 19th, returning on the 28th heading back to the UK. c/n 256043.

How it was reported’Joint jet into Europe’ drive

Times of Malta, Wednesday June 30, 1971

Top executives of three British companies, flying in a Hawker Siddeley 125 jet aircraft, stopped in Malta yesterday for two and a half hours before leaving for the next leg of in their 16,000-mile trip which will take them to 18 European cities in seven days.

They are launching what Hawker Siddeley has called “Joint jet into Europe”, a campaign aimed at encouraging companies to buy the executive aircraft. The 10-seater 125 jet, which costs £490,000 can be described as a “flying boardroom”.

The executives helping Hawker Siddeley to push up sales of the aircraft were from Armstrong Patents Limited, manufacturers of vehicle shock absorbers, R.B. Massey group of companies, with interests in machine components, particularly refrigerated bodies, hydraulic fittings and vehicle distribution, and Humbrol, which manufactures enamels, adhesives, do-it-yourself products and artists materials.

During their brief stop at Luqa Airport, the executives met the local agents of their respective companies. The group was accompanied by sales executives of Hawker Siddeley.

Hawker Siddeley says that companies with widely different interests can form a consortium to buy a jet. It points out that there is nothing to stop the consortium to operate the jet on a charter basis when the member companies do not want it themselves. The executive jet is the 250th of its type built by Hawker Siddeley.
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