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Hal-Far Official opening, 16 January 1923.

Three F2.a’s became airborne over Calafrana at 15:00hrs, flying in an East-West direction at 700 feet. When passing the Governor, the crews fired a salute of 19 Very lights, returning in a single file at 300ft, descending to 200 feet, and dropping a bouquet to be presented to Lady Plummer by F/Lt. Elmhirst. The bouquet, bound with a ribbon in the colours of the RAF, was in a sack well-padded with straw, attached to parachute.

After the ceremony, guests drove to Calafrana, and proceeded to the Torpedo Pier to watch a display by an F.2A. The aircraft (one of three that over flew Hal-Far) landed and taxied as close as possible to the Pier. On being signalled by an Aldis lamp, the aircraft will commence its take-off run, getting airborne as close as possible to the Pier. Climbing to 700 feet, the pilot would drop two Cooper bombs, descend to 300 feet, and fire bursts of a Lewis gun at a target, followed by a flypast by the Pier at 20 feet. This was then followed by what today would be called a ‘touch-and-go’ before returning for a final water landing, an estimated 15-minute display.


27 May 1927.

An air display at Hal-Far attended by the Governor of Malta, 200 invited guests and the general public.

No aircraft details available.


25 May 1929.

An air display held over Kalafrana.

No aircraft details available, but flights 404, 407, 445, 446, 463 & 464 from HMS Courageous were on the island at the time, as well as 202 FB squadron and the base misc. flight at Hal-Far.

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