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Inauguration of Aero Sports Flying Club 700-foot strip – 12 March 1988

The following reported appeared in the March 1988 issue of the AAE Newsletter, written by John Visanich.

A 700-foot packed earth strip for microlight flying was inaugurated at the former Ghajn Tuffieha rifle ranges on Saturday, 12th March. The land has been made available to the Aero Sports Flying Club by the Government, free of rent. My long drive from Zurrieq was well worth, for not only did I get the opportunity of examining the first microlight on the Maltese civil aircraft register, but also got some excellent action shots of Eagle Aviation’s Seneca 9H-ABH, Task Force Bell 47G-2 9H-AAH and Rallye of the Luqa Flying Group, which gave short flying displays for the occasion. The helicopter was also on static display throughout the morning. The Hornet Dual Trainer Raven microlight 9H-ABI (c/n HRVA 0059/2000-0224, ex-G-MNZT) arrived at the site on a small trailer behind a Volkswagen van, with its disassembled wing on the back of a small pick-up van. It was brought England in this way, with the wing on the roof rack of the car towing the aircraft trailer. The Raven’s fuselage is finished in dark blue with white stripes and fuel tank. The wing has red and blue upper surfaces, and is white and blue underneath, with the registration and legend Hornet Raven in large lettering on the undersides. The vertical fin is blue with a white and black even motif. The aircraft made its first flight in Malta that lasted half-an-hour on Friday, 11th March, with British Richard Wolfenden at the controls. No flying took place on the inauguration day due to a strong crosswind. Raven 9H-ABI had a total time of five hours before coming to Malta. The other two microlights on the island are a CFM Shadow and a Vector 600.

AB-47G-2 Helicopter Flight 9H-AAH Took part in both flying display and static line-up.
Hornet Dual trainer Raven   9H-ABI Static line-up only.
Piper Seneca Eagle Aviation 9H-ABH Flying display only.
Socata Rallye Luqa Flying Group 9H-AAY Flying display only.


PORT PARACHUTING 4 – 14 July 1994

The following report appeared in the Luqa Aviation Yearbook 1995.

This is another branch of aviation sports that seems to be gathering momentum.

June 4 saw the start of a ten-day international competition organised by the aviation sports association together with the Dutch group Skydive Over Europe. A number of parachutists from Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as some local Maltese members, participated in the event which was held at Ta' Qali.

A special plane was brought over for the activity in the shape of LET L-41OUVP D-COXC. The aircraft was based at Luqa from June 1 to 10. Prior to the arrival of the Turbolet, local Piper Lance 9H-ABU was also used for some paradropping.

General Aviation Open Weekend, 10-11 November 2001

An event that was going to be organised by the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (Malta), it had to be cancelled due to the high insurance premiums, following the attacks of 9/11. It would have featured both a static and flying display.

Aero Grand Prix, 10 Sept 2006

The first ever Aero GP races to be held in Malta met with tragedy when two aircraft collided in mid-air, resulting in the death of one of the pilots. The aircraft had been practising several times daily since 6th September. Ex-Iron Maiden lead singer, Bruce Dickenson, himself a pilot, also arrived in Malta, and was scheduled to run a commentary during the races.

Below is Aero GP participant Andy Bickmore describing his Sukhoi Su-26.

The table below lists the eight participating aircraft.

Extra 200 EI-SAM 07.09 c/n 031, ex D-EDGE.
Extra 200 N22JW 07.09 c/n 07. Crashed into the sea after colliding with Yak-55 SE-KHD.
Extra 300S G-IIUI 03.09 c/n 004
Extra 300L S5-DPP 03.09
Su-26 RA-3327K/05 05.09 Carried both a red star and Swiss flag on the fin.
Su-29 RA-3423K 05.09 Red star on fin. Two-seater.
Yak-55 SE-KHD 05.09 c/n 870208. Greasy Goose, Also Fun Fly Aviation and cartoon on fin. Crashed into the sea after being hit by N22JW. One fatality.
Velox Rev1 N131SB 05.09 c/n 001


MIA 20th Anniversary – 08 February 2012

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Malta International Air Terminal were the following aircraft. The event was not open to the public.

L. KC-130T USMC 165162/162/QH c/s Yankee 91. Sigonella-based, performed touch & go’s on r/w 31.
L. P-3C US Navy 159323 c/s WRD18. Sigonella-based, performed touch & go’s on r/w 31.
P. Tornado IDS Italian AF MM7071/6-12 c/s I-7050A. All four a/c made low-level passes over the r/w before landing. Departure was on 09.02.12.
P. Tornado ECR Italian AF MM7007/6-01 c/s I-7050B.
P. Tornado IDS Italian AF MM7083/6-72 c/s I-7050C
P. Tornado IDS Italian AF MM7083/6-72 c/s I-7050D


Mdina Grand Prix, 11-12 October 2014

Not, strictly speaking, done within the confines of Mdina, “the silent city”, but within its limits. In keeping with the tradition of the Grand Prix’s vintage theme, the Malta Aviation Museum was invited to participate through the use of its 1930’s-built DH 82 Tiger Moth bi-plane aircraft.

The aircraft departed from Ta Qali, where it is normally housed in the Museum’s hangar, for Malta International Airport on the 9th, where it would remain based until the 13th. It flew on the 10th (familiarisation flight?), and one display each on the 11th and 12th, between 12:30 & 13:00 local time over the adjoining Mtarfa valley.

After its display on the 11th, it also formatted with Tecnam P2002 JF 9H-SKY for some air-to-air photography. After its display the 12th, the aircraft also engaged in some touch and go’s at MIA.

DH 82A Tiger Moth Malta Aviation Museum Foundation9H-RAF Previously DE730, G-ANFW.
Tecnam P2002 JF Sky People Aviation Training Ltd 9H-SKY Used for air-to-air photographic sortie.

Safi Aviation Park Open Day - 07 October 2012

With the facilities having been completed earlier in the year, this open day was held primarily to showcase job opportunities.

At the time, there were only two tenants, Med-Avia and SR Technics. Aviation Cosmetics Malta was in the planning stages (now well established), with another operator being Gulf Helicopters.

Airbus 319-111 easyJet HB-JZK Inside SR Technic hangar.
Airbus 320-214 Orbest Arizonia EC-KYZ Arrived the same day for 2C check at the SR Technics.
Apollo Delta Jet 2 Buzz Flight Training 9H-UDJ  
Beech 1900D United Nations Humanitarian Air Service 9H-AFI  
Casa 212-100 Med Avia 9H-AAP  
Cessna U206B Super Skywagon Malta School of Flying 9H-ADW  
DHC-6-300 Air Libya 5A-DHN  
Dash 8-300 Med Avia 9H-AEY  
Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II European Pilot Academy 9H-AEZ  
Piper PA28-161 Warrior II Sky People 9H-FLY  
SA Bulldog Armed Forces of Malta AS0021  
Tecnam P2002JF Sky People 9H-SKY  
Tecnam P2006T Malta Wings Co. Ltd. 9H-PAT  


Displays – Misc


A.320-251N Air Malta 9H-NEC     Aircraft had “WE'RE BACK” titles applied on the upper mid fuselage on 01.07.20 following the government’s decision to open Malta’s airport. Aircraft performed a flypast along the airport’s main runway later that same evening.
Ce. C525B CitationJet CJ3 Fairweather Aviation N420CH 09.09.19 12.09.19 c/n 525B0151. The following aircraft were on a world tour.
Ce. C525B CitationJet CJ3 Cimarron Aviation N628CB 09.09.19 12.09.19 c/n 525B0049.
SOCATA TBM700 Rangers Trout Holdings N111BD 09.09.19 12.09.19 c/n 1099.
SOCATA TBM700 B407 LLC N924CJ 09.09.19 12.09.19 c/n 1024.
B.747-438ER QANTAS VH-OEE 06.10.19 08.10.19 The Aircraft had been chartered by Constellation Journeys on a round-the-world tour in twenty days.
DH-82 Malta Aviation Museum 9H-RAF     Flying display over Bingemma on 14.09.19.
Bo. Challenger 350 VistaJet 9H-VCC     c/n 20535. These four biz-jets were lined up on taxi-way Bravo from 3:00am till 09:00am for a photoshoot on 20.05.20.
Bo. Challenger 605 VistaJet 9H-VFB     c/n 5971.
Bo. Challenger 850 VistaJet 9H-ILI     c/n 8048.
Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 VistaJet 9H-VJF     c/n 9503.
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