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US air shows 2002

The following reports on the air shows described are being made from an aviation enthusiast’s point of view, and for the benefit of fellow photographers. They are intended as guidelines only, and the description given, and any criticism made may, or may not, apply for future events.

Patient is also needed to photograph static aircraft. These are parked without any barriers in front of them, and people are constantly walking in front of you or up to the aircraft itself, to examine some detail.

One last word of advice. When you hear the commentator say the words “Photo Pass”, be sure to have the camera ready. The aircraft makes a really low pass at angle, showing the upper surfaces beautifully.

After each report is a list of aircraft seen. No claim is being made that these lists are complete, as priority was given to the flying display. A number of light aircraft were to be seen, but these were ignored.
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