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Indianapolis Air Show/Gathering of Corsairs 6-8 September

The “Gathering of Corsairs” was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Corsair’s first flight. This also included a dinner with WWII Corsair pilots as guests.

Although a couple of Corsairs failed to make an appearance, there was a decent turn out. Sadly, one of the Corsairs that took part, N731JT, crashed on Sunday, 10 November 2002, killing the pilot.

I personally found the turn out of warbirds very interesting and varied, which included jets such an A-37 Dragonfly, an F-86 and a TS-11 Iskra, N415J, in Polish AF markings. Piston-engined warbirds included an A-26, A-1s, F8 Bearcat, a P-47, P-51s, T-28 Trojan, the afore-mentioned Corsairs and Harvards, as well as a number of Stinson L-3/5s and Cessna L-19s/OE-1s.

“Heavy metal” warbirds were represented by two B-25s, a B-17 (N9323Z) and a much appreciated C-123K N22968, (which was used in the film Con Air) and a L. PV-2, N7256C.

I also purchased a seat at a table in the box area. As with the Cleveland show, the best seats are the ones next to the crowd line, but thankfully, this show didn’t have any obstructions, in the form of banners or flags.

As for the sun position, you’re basically shooting into the sun all day long. Shooting static aircraft should be less problematic, depending on time of day.

F.27-500 FedEx N728FE 10657      
Beech T-34   N10319   US Navy   Beech D-45
Beech T-34B   N4084   US Navy   Beech D-45
Beech T-34   N790JW   US AF   Beech A-45
Beech T-34   N434RM   US Navy    
B. B-17G American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum N9323Z     44-83514 ”Sentimental Journey”
Boeing PT-17   N49711       Boeing A75NL
Boeing PT-17   N67454        
Boeing Stearman   N50739        
Boeing 75   N67196        
Boeing PT-17 Red Baron N801RB        
Boeing Stearman Red Baron N802RB        
Boeing Stearman Red Baron N805RB        
Boeing Stearman Red Baron N806RB        
Boeing E.75   N99266   US Navy    
Boeing PT-17         555  
B. PT-17   N469RH 75-2252      
B. 75   N67196 4641      
Cessna 305   N140R   US Army   22834
Cessna 337D Skycaravan   N202AF   US AF 68-10862 Military designation O-2
Cessna Skycaravan   N2697S       “Twigger Happy”
Cessna 337D Skycaravan   N85898   US AF 1016 “Huff N Puff”
Ce. 305   N5190G   US Marines 22452  
Ce. T-37A JMRC Inc. N91RW   US AF 67-14510 69th BW SOG
CV F4U-5   N179PT   US Marines 122719 VMF-312
CV F4U-4   NX240CA     97359 VMFT-20
CV F4U   N22179   US Navy    
CV F4U-5NL   NX4901W     124560 VC-3 NP/5
CV F4F   NX49068       “Flying Nightmares”
CV F-4U   N713JT   US Navy 97143 VF-653 USS Valley Forge. Destroyed in crash on 10 November 2002. Pilot killed.
CV F4U   NX72378   US Navy   VF-42 “310”
CV F4-FG1D   NX773RD   US Marines   “19”
CV F4U         124486 VMF(N)-513 Can anyone supply details about this aircraft?
DH 82 Tiger Moth   N8879   Royal AF    
DHC-1 Chipmunk Royal AF N430WG C1-0504 Royal AF WG430  
DHC-1B   N18EF 154 192 R.C.A.F.    
Douglas AD-1   NX2AD     09257 ”Sincerely Sandy”
Douglas AD-4N   NX2088G   US MC 126935  
Douglas A-26   N6804D     29190
F. C-123 Air Heritage Inc. N22968     54-664  
Gr. F8F-1B Bearcat Quality Leasing Co. Inc. N2209 122095      
Gr. S2F-1   N4225F   US Navy 136464  
Grumman TBM-3E Avenger   N4170A   US Marines    
Grumman TBM Avenger   NL9548Z   US Navy    
L. PV-2 American Military Heritage Foundation N7265C     37396 “Hot Stuff”
NA T-28   NX119RT   US Navy 138119 VT-2
NA T-28   NX221LH   South Viet Nam AF AK 50-221  
NA T-28   NX6263T   US Navy 140018 ”Twetty Bird” nose art
NA B-25   N5548N        
NA B-25   N5672V        
NA B–25   N9856C     43-28204 “Breitling Flyers” titles on nose, “Air Classics” titles on fin.
NA P-51   N51BS        
NA P-51   NL51VF     472934/T-VF “Shangrila”
NA P-51   N6306T     44-74878  
NA P-51   NL1451D       Overall metal finish.
NA SNJ-5   N600MF   US Navy 43963  
NA SNJ-5   N7055C   US Navy 369  
NA T-6   N240CA        
NA SNJ-5   N3JC       “Badoeng Strait” titles.
NA SNJ-5   N3259C   Royal AF    
NA AT-6D   N373N        
NA AT-6D   N4996M     42-86142 “Fly Girl”
NA T-6   N587CB   R.C.A.F.    
NA T-6   N7980C   US Navy 43938  
NA T-6   N934JT        
Nanchang China CJ-6A   N218CJ     3532021  
P. L-17A   N80V     46-122389  
P. L-17A ?   N4179A     48-1628  
R. P-47   NX9246B       “Hun Hunter XVI”
SA Bulldog   N701AB BH120-350 Royal AF XX701  
Stinson OY-2 American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum N5138B     04013  
Stinson L-2M   N622M        
Stinson 108-3   NC6303M        
Stinson L-5   N6430C     42-98562  
Stinson L-5B   N6707C     44-16897  
V. BT-13   N67789   US Navy 01325 Fin no. 89
V. BT-13   N93       “Last Bawls Oott” Can anyone confirm this nose title?
WACO UPF-7   N29927   US Navy   “Felix the Cat” image on the fuselage.
NA F-86   NX86F   US AF   “Batman” badge on nose.
TS-11 Iskra   N145J   Polish AF   1415
R.I. T-2C US MC 159151/963       VT-9
McD AV-8B US Marines 164515/31        
McD AV-8B US Marines 164153/14       VMA-214
McD AV-8B US Marines 164154/15       VMA-214
R. A-10 US AF 80-228       FT 23FG “Shark-mouth” art work.
R. A-10 US AF          
S. CH-53 US Navy 163052       HM-15
A.320 UA N430UA        
A. Turbo Trush   N2394R        
A. Trush   N4873Y        
B. 206 News 13 N113TV        
P-W Exec 90   N812GW        

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