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Cleveland Air Show 31 Aug - 2 Sept

Car licence plates proclaim Ohio “The Birth Place of Aviation”.

Apart from the seemingly obligatory T-2s, T-34s, F-16s and A-10s, there was also the T.W.A. L.1049H Constellation N6937C, and a Stinson Tri-Motor NC11153 with American Airways titles. The advertised DC-3 and Martin 4-0-4 were no shows, at least until Sunday morning. Other aircraft included an RAF Nimrod XV240 (different one) Canadian AF F/A-18 in special anniversary markings, US Navy E-2, F-14 and P-3 aircraft, KC-135 and C-130 from ANG units, a Continental B.737, as well as various warbirds, both piston-engined and jets. Apart from military helicopters, there were also choppers used by medical units and television stations.

Also interesting was a Wright Flyer replica, including two NASA gentlemen dressed in period clothing, explaining that momentous event to the public. Nearby was a NASA stand were the public could view and ask questions about space exploration and the Space Shuttle.

Next to it was a tent dedicated to the Tuskegee Airmen, that group of American black pilots who fought against the racist attitude of the times to be allowed to fight for their country as well the opportunity to meet the pilots themselves.

Unlike the two previous shows, Cleveland enjoyed excellent weather over the three days it was held (31/08-02/09, did I bring the Maltese sunshine with me?) although I didn’t attend on Monday. I especially appreciated seeing the Stinson Tri-motor display. Other performers included B-25, TBM, P-51, F4U Corsair (with pyrotechnics), F-14, Saeta, DH Venom, Nimrod, Canadian AF F/A-18 and the US AF Thunderbirds.

There is one setback, which photographers should be aware of. If choosing a “box seat”, these are all on the same level, so unless you’re in the front row, photographing aircraft landing/taking off is practically impossible.

Once in the front row, you are confronted with another problem. Banners were placed in the ground some distance from the crowd line, and flags were placed on each side of the banners. Again, these very neatly interfered with photographing aircraft landing/taking off, but not when the aircraft are in the air.

The organisers may very well argue that this is a minor point –- and to a certain extent, it is -- that what the public wants to see are the aircraft being displayed in the air. But given the money spent travelling to America, one would like to get the most value for money. An F-14 or Vampire staying 15 feet above the runway after take-off is not likely to be seen regularly this side of the Atlantic.

This point aside, it was a very good show, with a lot to see. The sun starts well behind you, and doesn’t come abeam to your left until around 3.30pm.

L. 1049H Save-A-Connie N6937C 4830 T.W.A.    
Boeing Stearman   NC6496   U.S. Mail    
Stinson SM-60000-B Tri-Motor   NC11153   American Airlines   Display. Originally delivered to Century Airlines 10.03.31, Chicago Il.
Aero L-39   N139LS        
Boeing PT-17   N828JW   US Navy 754995  
CCF Harvard IV   NX60DJ CCF-4-264     Converted as “Mitsibushi Zero”.
CV F4U-4 Corsair   NX72378     97388  
DH Chipmunk T.10   N643WK   Royal AF WK643  
DH115 Vampire   N70877       Previously XD538, Royal AF.
DH112 Sea Venom Venom Jet Enterprises N202DM       Previously J-1616, Swiss AF.
Gr. TBM-3 Avenger   NL293E     53892  
Hispano-Aviacon HA-200 Saeta Saetaco Inc N5486J       Screaming Arrow titles.
NA P-51C Commemorative Air Force N61429       “Tuskegee Airmen” colours.
NA B-25   N5548N        
NA SNJ-5 Henley Aviation Inc. N3267G   Aero Shell 51971 Fin no. 1, with Aero Shell titles.
NA T-6G Henley Aviation Inc. N8044H     5114791 Fin no. 2, with Aero Shell titles.
NA T-6C McAviation Inc. N991GM       Fin no. 5, with Aero Shell titles.
NA SNJ-4 Commemorative Air Force N224X        
Stinson L-5E VT-200 Ltd N2745C   USAAF 44-18025 “Patton’s Pup” Used by General Patton during WWII.
Beech T-34C US Navy 160268/48F        
Beech T-34C US Navy 164160/39F        
B. C-135 Ohio ANG 71427       121 ARW
Ce. T-1A US AF 95-056/CB        
Ce. T-37 US AF 58-961/VN        
Ce. T-37 US AF 60-071/VN        
Gr. E-2 US Navy 165293       VAW-123 USS Enterprise
Gr. F-14D US Navy 161279/33       VF-101
Gr. F-14D US Navy 161280/35       VF-101
Gr. F-14D US Navy 161163       105 AJ/ES
Gr. F-14D US Navy 163901       102 AJ/ES
HS Nimrod Royal AF XV240       Display.
L. C-130 Mansfield ANG 01795       179th AW
L. C-130 Youngtown AFRC 09107       910 AW
L. F-16 US AF 86-221        
L. F-16 US AF 85-494        
L. P-3 US Navy ___776        
L. S-3 US Navy 160582       VS-41
McD F/A-18   188906/410        
McD F/A-18 Canadian Armed Forces 188702       Display. Special “Hornet” colours.
McD T-45 US Navy 163626       TW-2
McD T-45 US Navy 165602        
McD T-45 US Navy 165607/6       VT-7
R. A-10 US AF 80-246/DM        
R. A-10 US AF 80-662/DM        
R. A-10 US AF 80-263       MI Battle Creek
R. A-10 US AF 80-265       MI Battle Creek
R. A-10 Pennsylvania ANG 80-230       111 FW
R. A-10 Pennsylvania ANG 82-647       111 FW
R.A.C. Texan II US AF 99-3550       12 FTW/558 FTS Randolph AFB Texas.
R.I. T-2 Buckeye US Navy 158581/998       VT-9
R.I. T-2 Buckeye US Navy 158321/985       VT-9
R.I. T-2 Buckeye US Navy 159722/943       VT-9
R.I. T-2 Buckeye US Navy 159151/963       VT-9
Aeromot AMT-200 US AF N136XS/OI-136       Training Glider.
TS-11 Iskra US Navy VF-222       All black with US Navy titles. No visible civil identity.
A.310-203 FedEx N407FE 254      
Ce. 208B FedEx N725FX 208B0460      
B.737-724 Continental N29717 28936      
Ce. 172 Cleveland Police N766CP        
MD500E Cleveland Police N915CP        
Su-31 East Hampton Aerobatics Ltd. N31SU       Carried FedEx titles.
Gates Learjet 23 NASA N933NA 23-049      
Aerospatiale AS.350BA Sky Fox N218TV 1606      
S. S-76A Metro Health System N3122G        
Bell 206 Action News Chopper N82F        
Bell 206 III Precision Helicopters Services Inc. N96BH        
Enstrom F.28F   N213BL 803      
Bell CH-146 Canadian Armed Forces 146402        
Bell OH-58 US Army 0-15336        
Bell TH-57C US Navy 62021/57/E       TAW-5
Bell TH-57C US Navy 62671/109/E       TAW-5
Bell UH-1 Ohio Army NG 0-20319        
S. CH-53 US Navy 164773       HM-14/BJ

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