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A - C

Some of the known passenger-carrying aircraft that passed through Malta on delivery to their customers. Although in the case of the Air Malta B.720s, these flights originated in Malta.

This section also includes aircraft which transited through Maltese air space, without actually landing at MIA.

A. 319 Air Mauritius 3B-NBH Arr on 18.03.03, dep on the 19th.  
A. 319-111 Atlantic Airways OY-RCH pi 9H-AEJ. Departed on 22.05.13 in full Air Malta livery for re-spray in Atlantic colours and the commencement of a long lease.  
A. 319 Libyan Wings 5A-WLA Arrived on delivery to Libya on 12.12.14. Departed Malta for Libya on/around 17.09.15.  
A. 319 Libyan Wings D-AAAN Arrived on 21.12.14. To be re-registered as 5A-WLB. Departed for Libya on 11.01.16.  
A. 319 Air Malta 9H-AEL End of lease with Air Malta. Flown to Shannon for delivery to Volotea A/Ls on 27.09.16. c/n 2332
A. 320-214 Senegal A/Ls 6V-AIH Arrived on 07.10.12, departure date unknown.  
A. 320 Air Malta 9H-AEI Returned to Malta 07.04.14 in full Interjet livery after a 4-year dry lease. Currently (January 2015) flying in a retro Air Malta scheme.  
A. 320 JetBlue N537JT Callsign JBU6400. On delivery to the US, arrived on 09.10.10, departing after refuelling.  
A. 320 Aerostar Asset Management N859AC Being ferried back to Shannon after the end of lease with Vietnam Airlines on 02.08.14. ex VN-A308.
A.320-232 (TAM A/Ls) PR-MBJ Overall white w/o titles, night stop between 12-13.03.12  
A.320 TAM PR-MYW Night stop between 25-26.06.16, c/s JJ9950/JJ9700. Being ferried Sao Paulo-Congonhas Airport-Tancredo Neves Int Airport-Amical Cabral Int Airprot-Malta-Abu Dhabi Int.  
A. 320 Hellas Jet SX-BVK Being returned after end of lease. Seen at MIA, early morning of 24.02.10  
A. 320 Air Malta XA-SOB Departed on lease as E2501 on 25.11.10. Aircraft in full Air Malta livery/titles but with Mexican flag next to registration. Previously 9H-AEI.  
A. 340-313 Sri Lankan Airlines 4R-ADE arr at LTM as ALK1205 on 22.01.16 to be re-registered as 9H-SUN with HiFly. 4R- reg was a sticker, immediately removed after landing. Departed Malta on 12.02.16. c/n 367.
BAC 1-11 B. Caledonian G-AWWZ Delivered to Air Malta on 04.05.75 at 16:00 as a temporary replacement for G-AYOP. Returned to Gatwick on the 6th.  
BAC 1-11 B. Caledonian G-AXJM Another three-day lease to Air Malta between 30.06.75-02.07.75.  
BAC 1-11 B. Caledonian G-AYOP Arrived from Gatwick on 30.04.75 at 15:20 for summer lease to Air Malta. This aircraft would be out of service twice. Between 03-06.05.75 and from 30th June (departing for Amsterdam, returning from Gatwick on 3rd July. Last flight on behalf of Air Malta was KM109 from Rome, landing at 14:45 on 31.10.75. Departed for Gatwick the same day at 17:15.  
B. 720   9H-AAK Departed on 10.04.88. Last revenue flight was on the 8th. After take-off, captain returned for a high-speed fly-by over runway 32, before setting course for Keflavik, Iceland (night stop), Bangor in Maine, and Tucson in Arizona, final destination being Marana Air Park. All four B.720 had the ‘Air Malta’ titles and white eight-pointed cross on the fin over-painted before departure. c/n 18063.
B. 720   9H-AAL Departed on 08.11.87 for AAR Allen Aircraft Corp. in Tucson, Arizona as KM999. Re-registered N210DS. Last revenue flight was on the 1st.  
B. 720   9H-AAN Departed on 19.09.84 for Tucson, Arizona. c/n 18380.
B. 720-047B   9H-AAO Last revenue flight on 28.11.89. c/n 18829.
B. 720 P.I.A. AP-AMG Arrived on 29.03.74 at 15:45 on long term lease to Air Malta. First commercial flight to London on 01.04.74 at 14:30. c/n 18378/257, rr 9H-AAM.
B. 720 P.I.A. AP-AMJ Arrived on 29.03.74 at 18:00 on long term lease to Air Malta. First commercial flight to London on 01.04.74 at 09:20. c/n 18380/321, rr 9H-AAN.
B. 720 P.I.A. AP-ATQ Arrived on 03.06.74 from London, temporarily replacing AP-AMG. Departed on the 8th for London. This aircraft would be frequently seen as replacement for a few days for Air Malta’s B.720s ‘G’ or ‘J’.  
B.727 World A/Ws N692WA Arrived for summer lease on 30.03.76 at 06:30. First flight to Rome 01.04 at 09:30. Last flight on 01.11.76 from London at 01:40 as KM103. Departed for Gatwick at 04:15.  
B.737-200 Air Malta 9H-ABA Arrived on 19.03.83.  
B.737-200 Air Malta 9H-ABB Arrived on 31.03.83.  
B.737-200 Air Malta 9H-ABC Arrived on 01.04.83.  
B.737-200 Air Malta 9H-ABE Arrived on 22.06.87 via Goose Bay & Heathrow. c/s KM999.  
B.737-200 Air Malta 9H-ABF Arrived on 28.07.87.  
B.737-200 Air Malta 9H-ABG Arrived on 18.03.88, c/s KM999 c/n 24031.
B.737-300   N568AU In basic US Air livery, but without titles. Dep 02.02.06.  
B. 737-33V Air Nigeria 5N-VNF Re-fuelling stop on 05.05.11 on delivery from Israel to Lagos, Nigeria. c/s VGN904, c/n 29341.
B. 737-300 Precision Air N638CS In Precision Air c/s being ferried by GECAS to USA. Landed on 13.02.13, departed on the 15th.  
Boeing 737-8KN(WL) Fly Dubai A6-FDP Departed on 22.04.16  
B737-8 Fly Dubai A6-FDR Arrived on 03.05.16 as FDB9145, going straight to Lufthansa Tecnic. Departure date unknown.  
B737-8 Fly Dubai A6-FEI Arrived as FDB9141 on 23.04.16  
B.737-8KN Fly Dubai A6-FGA Noted at Ltm on 28.05.16. Aircraft on delivery. c/n 60954/5887.  
B.737-8KN Fly Dubai AG-FGB Arrived at 08:20 local on 22.06.16, c/s FDB9737.  
B.737-8KN Fly Dubai AG-FGC Arrived on 29.07.16, c/s FDB9737.  
BAe 146-200   N66LN Late night arrival & departure on 17.12.09. On delivery to the Phillipines.  
Bo. BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 ULC Aviation 9H-FCA Arrived on delivery on 10.06.16 from CYUL. pi C-FDVO
Bo. Challenger 350 Vista Jets Malta Ltd. 9H-VCL 05.02.16  
Challenger 350 VistaJet Ltd 9H-VCN Delivered from EGGW to Malta on 30.09.16. 20628
CL600 Challenger 605 VistaJet 9H-VFA c/s VJT584G. Arrived on 20.12.14 from Luton, UK, on delivery to VistaJet. Departed on the 26th. c/n 5970, pi C-GYLY.
CL600 Challenger 605 VistaJet 9H-VFB c/s VJT529J. Arrived on 20.12.14 from Luton, UK, on delivery to VistaJet. Departed on teh 22nd. c/n 5971, pi C-GYLZ.
CL600 Challenger 605 VistaJet 9H-VFC c/s VJT585J. Arrived on 20.12.14 from Luton, UK, on delivery to VistaJet. Departed on the 30th. c/n 5972, pi C-GZJK.
CL600 Challenger 605 VistaJet 9H-VFD c/s VJT570W Arrived on 20.12.14 from Luton, UK, on delivery to VistaJet. Departed on teh 24th. c/n 5973, pi C-GZJQ.
CL600 Challenger 605 VistaJet 9H-VFE c/s VJT565V. Arrived on 20.12.14 from Luton, UK, on delivery to VistaJet. Departed on 24th. c/n 5974. pi C-GYJR.
Bo. BD-700 VistaJet 9H-VJN Arrived on 30.05.15 as VJT869V on delivery to owner.  
Bo. Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd. 9H-VJU Arrived on 14.05.16.  
Bo. Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd 9H-VJV Arrived on 06.06.16 c/s VJT867 on delivery from Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Canada. Previously C-FYJB, c/n 9725.
Bombardier Global 6000 VistaJet Ltd. 9H-VJZ Arrived on delivery from Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl. Airport (CYUL) on 22.12.16 with c/s Vista Malta 981.  
Cessna 525A   N999WE At Luqa on 11.05.08.  
Cessna 560XL Gov of Maharashtra N783XL Arrived from Prestwick on 25.08.08, piloted by an Indian AF crew. To be re-reg VT-VVD.  

Aircraft types E - R

Emb. ERJ-135LR JetGo N836RP On delivery to JetGo. Night stop between 22-23.03.13.  
Emb. ERJ-135LR JetGo Australia VH-JTG Same day arrival/departure on 08.03.12 for refueling stop.  
Embraer ERJ-190LR Sky World VH-SXK Arrived on 16.03.09 at 15.30, followed by VH-SX0. Departure date unknown, probably the following day.  
Embraer ERJ-190LR Sky World VH-SX0 Arrived on 16.03.09 at 16.45. Departure day unknown, probably the following day.  
Fokker 28 L.A.A. 5A-DLU Landed to re-fuel on 01.11.83. Livery was a white and grey fuselage, with a gold band round the nose. Made first commercial flight to Malta on 18.11.83. In full L.A.A. livery by 08.09.84. c/n 11197.
Fokker 100   YR-CRY Aircraft arrived as SXI1430 on 10.10.14. Departure delayed by waiting for a different crew to continue ferry flight. Still in Malta as of 6th November. Operator should be Ghadames Air Transport  
HS.125 Mines Air 9J-RAN Arrived from Hatfield, UK on 08.07.66 at 15:35, departing for Cairo at 07:30 on the 9th. c/n 25067. Participated in R.Ae.S display at Cranfield on 19.06.66
HS.125 H.S.A. G-BDKF Arrived from Luton, UK, night-stopping between 11-12.12.75, landing at 19:15, departing for Cairo at 08:35. Re-registered 3D-ABZ on 16.12.75.
HS Trident Hawker Siddeley Aviation G-BABP Refuelling stop on 20.08.74 between 11:25-12:30. Registration cancelled on 30.10.74, registered in China as B-252.
MD-82 Lion Air N13891 Night stop between 04-05.05.03. Arr. with N35888 from Reykyavik (Iceland) as SXA158 under Southern Cross, dep. to OMAL-Muscat AL-Ain International. Re-registered as PK-LMP with Wings Air. Previously with Continental Airlines as N13891; mfd: 1982; c/n: 49102/1076.
MD-82 Lion Air N35888 Night stop between 04-05.05.03. Arr. with N13891 from Reykyavik (Iceland) as SXA157, Dep. the following day to OMAL-Muscat AL-Ain International. Ex Continental Airlines, c/n 49117/1063. Re-registered to Lion Airlines as PK-LMQ.
MD-82   N16887 Arrived on 19.05.03 in Continental Airlines as SXA159, ex. Continental, to Lion Air of Indonesia. Routed from Reykyavik-Malta-Al-Ain-International(Muscat). c/n 49116/1061.
MD-83 Dana Air 5N-SRI Same day arrival/departure on delivery to Nigeria on 05.12.12.  
MD-83 Dana Air 5N-SAI Same day arrival/departure on delivery to Nigeria on 13.12.12.  
MD-90-30 Fly Hello HB-JIB Operated it's last flight on behalf of Air Malta to Amsterdam Schipol as KM398 on 30.04.08. Later departed as KM9482 to Zurich Kloten after end of lease to Air Malta. Aircraft had been operating from Malta as a base for the last three years from March 2005 first as British Jet and lately under Air Malta.  
MD-90   HB-JIC Arrived from Lordes, France, and entered Med-Avia on 08.05.06. Left Med-Avia in Iceland Express livery in the evening of the 10th. Departed Malta early morning of the 11th for Basle, Switzerland.  
Rockwell Sabreliner Eurocereal Co. Ltd 9H-ABO Arrived on 08.02.89.  

Aircraft types: (Alitalia) MD-80s

Starting on mid-December 2008, Alitalia's fleet of MD-82s started stopping at Malta, on their way to a new owner, reputed to be in South Africa.

Incoming aircraft use Alitalia flight numbers (AZ----) inbound to Malta, with the registration then being used on their departure from Malta.

I-DAVU Departed on 18.12.08.  
I-DAVL In Malta between 18-22.12.08.  
I-DAWE Noted on 20.12.08  
I-DAVX Arrived on 24.12.08 as AZ 8924.  
I-DAVZ Arrived on 24.12.08 as AZ 8921.  
I-DAWA Arrived on 24.12.08 as AZ 8920.  
I-DAWV Arrived on 24.12.08 as AZ 8922.  
I-____ Arrived and departed n 29.12.08.  
I-____ Arrived and departed n 29.12.08.  
I-____ Arrived and departed n 29.12.08.  
I-____ Arrived and departed n 29.12.08.  
I-DAWT Arrived on 30.12.08 as AZ8920. Departed later in the day.  
I-DACN Arrived on 30.12.08 as AZ8923. New Alitalia livery  
I-DAWM Arrived on 30.12.08 as AZ8922.  
I-DAWL Arrived on 30.12.08,departed on 06.01.09.  
I-DAWP Arrived on 30.12.08,departed on 06.01.09.Encountered problems during start up. Departure delayed by several minutes.  
I-____ Arrived/departed on 31.12.08.  
I-DAWQ Arrived on 08.01.09, departed on 09.01.09.  
I-DAVP Arrived on 15.01.09 at 22.000 hrs local, departed on the 16th.  
I-DAWI Arrived on 19.01.09, departed on the 20th.  
I-DAVS Arrived on 19.01.09, departed on the 20th.  
I-DAWG Arrived on 20.01.09.  
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